Free Marc Emery Boston Rally!

This Saturday, Nov. 14th, 2009, meet out in front of the MA State House, right next to Boston Common at 2pm-4:20 and march to Monument hill on Boston Common.

Bring signs, cameras, video, and all your friends. Park Street Station on the T.

Sponsored by,, KOP Productions, and Suffolk University NORML.

If your website or organization is looking to jump on this to co-sponsor, let me know.

Marc Emery was taken into custody on Monday, September 28th. Marc is being held in Canadian jail until the Justice Minister signs the extradition order to send him to the USA. Tell the Justice Minister to refuse the US extradition request for Marc Emery and charge Marc in Canada instead. Canadian Marc Emery has been fighting extradition to the USA and possible life imprisonment since July 2005. In March 2008, the Canadian Government decided to turn down a unique type of plea deal the USA and Marc Emery’s lawyer had arranged — one that required Canadian charges to be laid and the incarceration be in Canada. In July 2009, Marc’s co-accused, Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams, were sentenced to 2 years probation in Canada. In early September 2009, Marc Emery decided to sign a plea deal for a 5-year sentence in the US federal prison system.

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  1. Anonymous on

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  2. David on

    Protesting has not accomplished anything from what I’ve seen in my 24 years of life. To get anything done at the federal level requires political support from what I’ve seen. People act like multiple small groups of people protesting an injustice will change things, and it won’t. Hundreds of people have protested these pointless wars, and nothings changed. Were still in Iraq, and Afghanistan. I wasn’t being negative just realistic.

  3. Saidie on

    I was so excited to see that there was a rally going on for Marc in the US…and then I was so sad because of the negative reaction on Marc’s own web site. If nothing else, that rally showed support for Marc and disapproval of the US governments force in bringing him here.
    The thing is, we are involved in this matter too. Unfortunately our governments represent us to the rest of the world, and makes decisions that most people here don’t agree with. So when the government says to bring him over here and try him over here many people outside of the US assume that the average citizen, like myself, agrees. I don’t agree with them bringing him over here and trying him over here and I say this as a US citizen. (But if Marc and Jodie ever want to come to my place and chill they are more than welcome to although that’s totally different circumstances.)
    That rally may not have change anything, but it’s something and it’s better than nothing. If we go on with the same attitude that we can’t do anything as a people to have a say about anything that’s going on…you’re depriving yourself of a basic freedom that we are supposed to have.

  4. David on

    I don’t care how you spend your time. I know it’s all for a good cause, and I’m sure it will be fun. I hope you do inspire people to do more, and I agree with the fact that it does raise awareness. By accomplish nothing, and why waste your time. I meant I just don’t see a free Marc Emery rally having any influence on getting Marc out of prison, or being extradited that’s all. Now a days it seems to take a lot of money, and lobbyists to get anything done. I hope the medical marijuana lobby day goes great, and the politicians actually take the matter seriously soon. That TV show sounds awesome! I’ll definitely keep an eye out for that! I look forward to seeing what else you guys are doing.

  5. Anonymous on

    I am not. I’d just rather see my states NORML chapter do something more productive with their time than waste it protesting against something that’s going to happen anyways. I hate cops, and agree with gangs that all snitchs deserve death.

  6. Anonymous on

    Every time Marc does these podcasts I end up picturing inmates at the edge of their cell listening with us…
    His father’s stories moved me to tears as well. “Listen, Never be afraid to ask me anything, Marc.” My own father never went to war and when he was told I was a gifted child he completely stopped trying to teach me. Remembrance day is important but the modern ceremony is a subtle attempt to associate history with silence.
    There is so much more I wanted to say about this podcast, but Marc’s father was right, I haven’t been to battle and I can’t find the words.

  7. Anonymous on

    Agents Provacateur.

  8. David on

    This is a waste of time Mike. Our state representatives could care less about Marc. He’s going to do 5 years whether you like it or not. Barely anyone shows up to these rally’s in Canada so I wouldn’t be surprised if barely anyone shows up to this. Why waste your time to accomplish nothing when we need medical marijuana as well as legalization in our state? Have a good time however I won’t waste my time on this.

  9. Anonymous on

    Marc Emery: INDOMITABLE