Marc Emery’s Prison Potcast – Episode #6: Lest We Forget

CANNABIS CULTURE – Marc Emery discusses war and sacrifice in this gripping Remembrance Day Episode of the Prison Potcast.

Marc relays several personal stories told to him by his father, friends and others, and discusses Canada’s war history and origin of the poppy worn by Canadians in commemoration of members of the Armed Forces and those who gave their lives in times of war.

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Marc is a marijuana activist who was imprisoned in North Fraser Pretrial Centre in Port Coquitlam, BC at the time of this podcast, awaiting extradition to the United States for selling marijuana seeds and using the profits to fund pot activist groups. He has since been extradited and sentenced to 5 years in US federal prison, but is trying to serve his sentence at home in Canada. Please go to for more information and ways to help.

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  1. Ranger Rick on

    Marc Scott Emery did not invent the title
    Prince of Pot” but he took it up. called himself the prince of pot on various Pot TV video projects, and refers to himself as ” THE ” Prince of Pot- mot ” A ” Prince of Pot and jodie as the princess of Pot– the DEA thought to put AKA Prince of Pot on his arrest warrant” what rock did you crawl out from to miss all this ??

    so please detox for a couple of weeks and come back with a full sack of marbles.
    cause as it is, you are a daft goof

    “… You state that you “run” an addiction clinic. This would imply you are a mental health worker. However, your outright insensitivity to the man’s childhood memories, and your simmering self-righteous indignation belie those claims….”

    which would imply you can’t read nor comprehend and are an asshole delux making stuff up as you go along..who said anything like that?? You are a fantasy player in a game where you are the only one there-
    – maybe sleep it off dude

    so you eat poppy seed muffins and receive a urine test?
    where are you writing from ?
    the prison cafeteria or the psyche ward lunch room???

  2. o on


    recruiter says i can’t join now-
    too many times being fired from jobs

    the last one was for me smoking pot on break –
    although they “said” it was for another reason

    but no – i got fired from smoking on break
    whatever – what a loser shithole ….

    recruiter strongly , very strongly, encouraged me to come back after a period of time – in steady employment

    but – i always get fired – has nothing to do with me …
    it is just the way it is –
    the police/gov phone up my employer – and i am gone…..
    every time

    up side – i can’t join the army and get turned into red vapour in the stan.

    …also – my test score was very high – they said i should join as a officer based on my test scores . despite not having a uni degree.

    and they told me to not smoke pot ….

  3. Steve Bottrell on

    Great cast Marc. Keep it up and keep fighting. As to the troll, most likely Matthews and friends, they really are funny. I mean get a life. How pathetic is Matthews? His wife probably doesn’t even know what he looks like. The guy writes books in defense of his insane ideology. We already get some of that crap from the loudspeaker we call government, we can do without his little horn. I think if Jodie is offended, she has every right to punt the offender. Its her blog. I don’t see you whining at the CBC blogs, which are regularly filtered for content. This blog is supposed to be about Remembrance day and Marcs stirring speech. Not an attack Marc Emery blog.
    So anyway, keep up the good fight Marc, great oratory, and don’t worry about the trolls under the bridge.

  4. Anonymous on

    I wanted to say I have looked around and seems the hater likes to jump in right under the very first comment as a reply jumping ahead to the top of thread, ruining the whole thing for me personally. Don’t let them jump ahead atleast.

  5. Anonymous on

    I understand!, maybe I can help? I really like the spam button on youtube, the comments stay but are hidden you can read em if you want.

    Just what marc said in this group of you tube videos and the comments after, I am so mad.

    Jody has already yelled at me and probably was the 1 that banned me too, for being crazy tho, not being a dick, maybe both?

    Was almost 2 years ago I can’t remember what name i used, oh well the cia is sure to know.

    I am nowwhat on Crooks and Liars, I am boycotting the site, no hits from me for at least a week, they suck now anyway.
    I like my pejoratives. I had to grow up around these hater people, so I may sound like them from time to time. I can definatly fight their fire with the same if not stronger fire back at them, good training for hate around these parts. No shit.—see

  6. Anonymous on

    I think they can stick around. And I used to go by Adam or adam often but I’m anonymous a lot since I learned the CIA acquired a forum-and-comments data aggregation company, and I learned about the gag orders placed on complicit ISPs (all of them) who release private data to them. We’ve been here for the last four years of this crap, we’re not going anywhere.

    But yeah. Let the haters stick around so we can debunk and discredit their hubris. And remember, police browse this blog and it’s not like they are posting their badge numbers. Let’s keep the conversations open.

    And I’m a little surprised to see a post deleted, we should be able to flag or vote on posts, Jodie’s words are always strong enough to deal with them.

    [Hopefully only those posting their own thoughts would be able to rate a post, ideally just the one they are replying to.]

  7. Anonymous on

    Every time Marc does these podcasts I end up picturing inmates at the edge of their cell listening with us…
    His father’s stories moved me to tears as well. “Listen, Never be afraid to ask me anything, Marc.” My own father never went to war and when he was told I was a gifted child he completely stopped trying to teach me. Remembrance day is important but the modern ceremony is a subtle attempt to associate history with silence.
    There is so much more I wanted to say about this podcast, but Marc’s father was right, I haven’t been to battle and I can’t find the words.

  8. Anonymous on

    Still, although this site does practice freedome of speech, Pottv and friends have always been straight line for legalizing POT first and foremost. Certain comments make me ill if I read them, hatefull condensending comments. I don’t remember those kind of hatefull remarks just a year back on this site.

    If I can get banned from the forums, that Rick hater should be nuked(sent a virus).

    I say close the discusion, we know that pot should be legal, we know there are no harmfull side effects, we are here to educate not to be disputed. There is a time and place for that, this thread is NOT the time or place for any disputing of fact.

    You can’t be a supporter of a Republic on Crooks and Liars, you can’t comment left leaning anything on rightwing blogs. So screw them get out of here. Anti Marc Emery people should be removed for sure. You haters need to go away, You are cowards attacking Pottv when they are most vunerable. Physically sick.

  9. keytoothed on

    Everything he thinks and feels while in that dungeon is relevant–if you care about his humanity. He’s a human being before anything else, and he’s suffering alongside murderers, rapists, pedophiles and who knows who else–for selling marijuana seeds as well as his marijuana activism. Surely, you can understand that much.

  10. keytoothed on

    Yes, his memories are his to do with as he wishes, and, despite your snide and smarmy intimations, Marc never crowned himself “the prince of Pot.” It was a CNN reporter, if I remember correctly, during the 90’s, who bestowed that title on him. So: massive fail on your specious attempt to imply hypocrisy or some moral failing on his part.

    You state that you “run” an addiction clinic. This would imply you are a mental health worker. However, your outright insensitivity to the man’s childhood memories, and your simmering self-righteous indignation belie those claims.

    And here is your ultimate fail: Even eating a poppy-seed muffin from your local bakery is enough to test you as a (false) positive for an opiate pee test and to devastate your chances of being hired in the U.S. If you dealt with these issues in the real world, as you claim, you would know this. Again: if.


  11. silent sam on

    although the poppies in flanders field may not be of the somniferum variety, i would point out that Macrae’s poem insinuates this when he states,that the dead will not sleep, though poppies grow in flanders field.

  12. bud shakespeare on

    i don’t know about the flowers, but the poem was originally a call to arms. in other words, the life equivalent of throwing good money after bad . since millions have been killed so far let’s kill some more. makes about as much sense as the drug war,hey?

  13. Connie Wong, social activist researcher on

    This blog is being mocked in certain academic circles as weepy and irrational – whereas it was was once bold and original , and welcomed all views on a wide range of important subjects– now it seems this site has become a reactionary apologist clearing house for a defeat mentality. Most of the more thoughtful, energetic posters who brought value and scope have moved on due to the whim edit function activated for purely decorative purposes.

    Just when the Marc Emery freedom group most needs an expanding support base , the blog administrators are chasing off all but a view fawning yes men with static sympathetic views. I hope honest democracy and freedom of thought will have return home here someday soon.

    Marcs’ comments about the futility and horror of war are as always. crisp and well thought out. His speaking voice has greatly improved since the first jail blog. There may well be an association between immoderate marijuana use and y degradation certain higher mental functions. Keep the discussion open

  14. Anonymous on

    Think the first 1 where that ugly dude disputes the different poppy plants that are related should be flagged. I think Marc was expressing all plants should be legal anyway.

    Let us have a flag this post button, we can vote with emails…? (0).(0) Ofcoarse your final decision.

    You really don’t detox with weed, Your system will slow down, like blood flow, immune system might get weaker. Those are some negative effects of “detoxxing”.

    I need a constant supplie, never get it because where I live, I am surrounded by exactly what he spoke of. I also take presciption drugs on and off. I can tell what weed does in my body, it flushes the toxins from the corporate murder machine out of my system so much faster than just plain water.

    By the way I cried while smoking a joint listening to this.

    The best one for me, touched me in so many ways, oh i got to stop. 😛

  15. Anonymous on

    Mark Emery is the best man on this continent.

    No plant should be illegal. i understood, Me**thinks you should listen again maybe.

  16. dean on

    I say we fight fire with fire, if us stoners and healers had the money we could start our own special forces and fly a chopper in with a rope attached and FREE TPOP.

    It’s a cruel world, and we all know this. Let your heart shine, never stop, peace and love. Love you both.


  17. Foreskin Radio on

    It made me cry as well, and made me more aware of the tragedy and atrociousness of war. How can people be so harmful to one another over land, resources, and petty discrimination (which in reality is just impatience to try and understand where another person/culture/race/mindset is coming from) coupled with fear?
    I wish that we all could just somehow find a way to get along.

  18. Anonymous on

    This made me cry (in a good way) thanks Marc! I hope you can get out of prison soon. Maybe Obama can pardon you and legalize marijuana at the same time. Unrealistic, perhaps, but that would be just beautiful.

  19. Anonymous on


    Europeans first assaulted our Cemanahuac lands (“The Western Hemisphere”) with their terrorist attacks of 1492 (Columbus the pirate, enslaver, and genocidal murderer). In 1519 Europeans (Cortez, the twin beast of Columbus) invaded our Anahuac lands (Mexico, “Central America”, “The Western and Southern United States”) with more terrorism, massacres and enslavement.

    The Europeans (Spaniards, French, and English) and their Criollo descendants broke up our Anahuac-culture lands into what they called: “The Louisiana Purchase” (1803); Mexico (1821); “Central America” (1823); and the “U.S. Southwest” (Texas in 1836 and the rest in 1848). This was a way of making us foreigners on our own lands. We have been made slaves to the interests of the invaders and squatters (people who come to our land to claim it as theirs) who have stolen our rights to the resources and wealth of our land.

    The other lands that are not part of the cultural unity of Anahuac belong to our other Nican Tlaca brothers and sisters of this hemisphere, not to the Europeans.


    Throughout this campaign of terror, theft, and Genocide, that Europeans have euphemistically called “discovery and exploration”, they behaved exactly like murderous terrorists, pirates, barbaric vandals, graverobbers, enslavers, thieves, liars, rapists, and a culture of uncivilized people. They used deceit, dishonesty, and their general dishonorable behavior, as tools against us.

    They also used biological weapons as their cowardly weapon of choice against us?in the form of smallpox and other diseases to which they knew we had no immune defenses. This monstrous biological warfare and their uncivilized behavior are what truly destroyed the military defenses of our people. It was not horses or canons, or “military genius” that defeated us and killed millions of our people.

    For those who say that Spain and the rest of Europe did not know that they were spreading biological weapons on our people, we respond: Compare the present-day situation with AIDS and the colonialist-period diseases (primarily smallpox) that the Europeans used as a biological weapon against us.

    We’ll use an example of a person who has AIDS. This person (he or she) is a carrier of the disease (meaning that they themselves don’t die or show symptoms from AIDS). That AIDS infected carrier then has sex with several people. These people later die from that sexual contact. At first that carrier may not have known that they had the disease or that they are carriers of the disease. But from the point that they do know that they are killing people by having sex with them, from point, that infected person has the moral duty to stop spreading their disease.

    But when that person continues to have unprotected sex knowing this, and more people die from that sexual contact, this person is now a murderer. That murderer can selfishly justify to himself or herself that they cannot help themselves from having sex because their sexual appetite is so strong. The reality is that they know they are killing people. They know that it is wrong but they are deriving personal pleasure from the act of sex and they feel that they cannot stop that pleasure even if it kills dozens or hundreds of humans.

    If that person was a moral person they would simply stop having sex or at least use condoms while engaging in sex to cut the percentage of those killed. But when this person doesn’t care about human life and their monstrous greed for sex is unquenchable, and they knowingly continue to have unprotected sex, they have then become serial killers, mass murderers, monsters.

    We can compare this scenario with what the Europeans did when they invaded our lands. They immediately saw the deadly effects of contact with our people in the islands of the Caribbean. Within one generation they saw the death that they had impaled our people on. 90 to 100 percent of all of our people on those islands who they came in contact with were killed by European biological warfare.

    Columbus and his pirates spread this biological warfare (in the form of small pox) throughout the rest of the Caribbean (they killed 10 million human beings). Cortez used this same weapon in Anahuac (23 million killed). Pizarro used it in the Inca areas (20 million killed). Europeans continued to use this biological weapon all the way down to the establishment of the 18th century “missions” in California.

    The French, “Anglo-Americans”, and the “U.S.” government used smallpox from the 17th century on as a way to “clear Indians off the land” (this made an additional 10 million of our people that were killed in the rest of “North America” from the point that the English and French Europeans invaded our lands there).

    All together 70 to 100 million Nican Tlaca were killed in the Cemanahuac (“The Western Hemisphere”).

    The Europeans’ monstrous initial appetite for our gold and the enslavement of our labor quickly became a genocidal appetite for our land. Immediately after they saw that they were killing us with their diseases, they could have simply stopped contact with us (if they were a decent caring people) and taken their people back to Europe (which would have been the moral thing to do), but their greed had them coming to our land in boatloads (as pirates, invaders, terrorists, squatters and killing machines), killing us in every possible way that they could, whenever they made contact with us.

    They knew of their deadly effect on our people, but they (like the AIDS carrier in the earlier story) didn’t stop.

    This uncivilized and criminal Genocidal behavior has become not just the crime of Columbus and Cortez, it has now become the collective and ongoing crime of the Europeans in Europe and their descendants on our land. Europe and the European squatters on our land continue to benefit from the crimes of their ancestors.

    From the first hour of October 12, 1492 when Europeans illegally first landed on our land, they changed their reality, their morality, and their truth forever:

    European Terrorism on Our Land, and Crimes Against Humanity became
    “discovery and conquest”;

    Stealing All of Our Land and Wealth and Making Us Poor
    became “manifest destiny”;

    Murdering Our Leaders, and Massacring Our Women and Children
    became “military operations”;

    Enslavement of Our People and Land to the Interests of Europeans
    became “the birth of capitalism”;

    European “accomplishments” based on Stealing Our Wealth became
    “Western Civilization”;

    and the Monstrous Evils of Colonialism, Slavery,
    became “America”.

    There has been nothing civilized, “Christian”, moral, or ethical in the behavior of Europeans since the moment that they illegally set foot on our land. They killed unarmed men, women, and children in the tens of millions. They assaulted, mutilated and tortured our people in order to keep us terrorized, and in a state of constant submission to the process of genocide.

    In the last 500 years, in addition to the terrorizing of our Anahuac people, the theft of our lands and the theft of our wealth and natural resources, we have seen: the enslavement of our people; our life-or-death forced conversion to Christianity; the destruction of our Anahuac cities; the burning of our libraries; the execution of our leaders; the theft and/or destruction of our cultural wealth; the theft of our labor; and the theft of our true Anahuac identity, history, heritage, and theology.

    This genocide is worse than the Jewish, Armenian, African, or any other holocaust or genocide in the history of humanity. We have only begun to seriously understand this in the last 50 years. We are only now beginning to see the monstrous effects that this has had on us as a people.

    In order to more properly understand the immensity of this, you have to know that in 1519, Anahuac had a population of about 25 million human beings. In 1519, China also had about 25 million human beings. Today China has over 1,300,000,000 (one billion, 300 million) people. This means that there are over one billion of our people who are not alive today. There are only a little over 150 million people of Anahuac heritage who are alive today. We are what is left of Anahuac’s possible one billion people.

    The European Genocide of our people destroyed our Einsteins, Shakespeares, Newtons, and all of the other possibilities for greatness that our nation had in the last 500 years.

    We must learn all of this history of Genocide in order to properly honor our ancestors. We must remember all of the European crimes committed against us.

    We must today, honor and defend our ancestors, and our descendants, by teaching everyone all of the history of Anahuac, including the past and ongoing crimes of the Europeans.


    1) THEFT OF OUR LAND was the initial crime of the Europeans. We did not ever give up the ownership of our land, nor did we ever invite Europeans onto our lands.

    2) DECEIT AND DISHONOR by Europeans (along with the violation of our laws) and their unethical and immoral behavior, were what brought about their taking of our land, the genocide of our people, the enslavement of our remaining population, and all of their uncountable crimes against us.

    3) RACIST TERRORISM has been the European method that was used to shock us into submitting to their control of our land and our lives.

    4) PIRACY (looting, taking what is not yours to take) has been the European profession of choice by which they stole our people’s wealth of precious jewels, gold, silver, and other valuables, along with the wealth of our land.

    5) VANDALISM has been another signature of European barbaric assaults on our civilization and culture. This defacement was done upon our physical landscape and upon the psychological well-being of our people.

    6) KIDNAPPING of our people (as a prelude to extortion and /or enslavement) has been a violation of all nations’ sense of decency, law, and civilized behavior.

    7) EXTORTION (usually for gold) from our lands has been another favorite crime of the Europeans. They mostly killed their victims, even when ransom was paid.

    8) MURDER OF OUR LEADERS was a peculiarly vicious and dishonorable ongoing crime of Europeans. This crime exhibited the total failure of a sense of honor amongst the Europeans. Deceit was usually involved in the murder of our leaders.

    9) MASSACRES of unarmed civilian men, women, and children on our lands. This at first happened in the dozens, then hundreds, and eventually it led to routine slaughters in the thousands.

    10) GENOCIDE of our people became possible when they discovered that they had built-in biological weapons of mass destruction in their bodies’ exposure to smallpox and other diseases—for which we had no immune defenses. They used this biological weapon which was 90 to 98% effective in killing us.

    11) TORTURE AND MUTILATION was initially used to get us to surrender all gold objects to Europe. This technique was later used by the church to force conversions and to get confessions out of our people.

    12) GRAVE ROBBERY has been an ongoing habit of Europeans from the beginning. This was a way of quickly stealing wealth that was not guarded.

    13) ENSLAVEMENT OF OUR PEOPLE to do the work that they were too lazy to do themselves, has been another nasty European habit.

    14) DESTRUCTION OF CITIES to take away our pride in our heritage, has been an almost totally successful European crime.

    15) BURNING LIBRARY BOOKS in the tens of thousands by Europeans, has been one of the most devastating crimes that can never be mended or reconstructed.

    16) UNIVERSITIES & SCHOOLS DESTROYED as a means of enslaving us to ignorance and to serving the interests of Europeans.

    17) RACIAL RAPE of our people defiled us as a nation and tainted our people with the filth of their racism that says: More European blood is better.

    18) CULTURAL CASTRATION in which laws were decreed that prohibited our people from learning our own culture, our languages, or even the simplicity of having our true names and identity.

    19) PROHIBITION OF OUR THEOLOGY which forced the hypocritical version of Christianity on our people.

    20) CONTINUATIONS OF THESE CRIMES up to the present day without guilt, reparations, or the “reality thought” that Europeans were in any way evil or monstrous in their actions.
    Yea you want mercy? try sharing it sometime and be a nice cadadian and show us mercy! and go home!

  20. Anonymous on

    Anahuac is divided into eight

    European-descent controlled areas:

    “El Salvador”
    “Costa Rica”
    “United States”

    and Canada.

    These artificial divisions of our land and our people are the result of the last 500 years of European colonialism, genocide, forced relocations, and other crimes. There are over 150 million of us in all of the segments of occupied Anahuac.

    We have 40,000 to 50,000 years of being on this continent, our land, without Europeans. That is a longer time than the 2,000 to 2,200 years that the Slavic and Germanic tribes (Germans, English, Dutch, Scandinavians, and French) have been in Europe (Slavic and Germanic tribes came out of central Asia).

    We are all of one race, one culture, one origin, and of the one nation that was being born at the time of the European invasions: ANAHUAC!

    The current colonized condition of our people does not permanently define us as a people. This has to be clearly understood!

    We will change from being the ignorant slaves of the Europeans into an authentically free people, people who are free from all of the controls of the Europeans.

    In order to change our present colonized condition, our people need to be taught our true and complete Pre-European Anahuac history in a way that is positive and constructive.

    We, as a race and as a nation, have been criminally, savagely, and unjustly enslaved by the Europeans into a poisonous sleep of death. Under this immoral spell, our nation has suffered the European terrorism of their biological warfare, the Genocide of 95% of our people, the theft of our land, and the almost total destruction of our heritage.

    This series of European crimes have left us as a ruined people. These crimes have left us as an impoverished people, and as incomplete human beings. Under Europeans, we have suffered their parasitic sucking of the blood of our nation’s wealth, and the slow-motion mass murder of us as a people.

    We must reconstruct our Anahuac nation in order to be liberated from the European occupation under which we are enslaved.

    Yea WE! know ALL about YOUR government! there MARC. How do you think? YOU were BORN on our LANDS?

  21. Infrared Wind on

    It’s another great podcast. I keep up on these via
    Facebook and I’m so glad Marc has the spirit to keep
    putting messages out from the depths of prison.

    Jodie, please know that Marc has more supporters than
    detractors. Those who know Marc for who he really is and
    what he’s really about will never be offended by fools
    who try to cause trouble by making uninformed comments.

    Marc has always welcome intelligent debate and criticisms
    for his work, but very little for those who are just
    trying to get a rise out of someone.

    Love to you and Marc, Jodie. I’m the fellow in Taiwan
    who more than once has called when y’all were still
    sleeping. =)


  22. Anonymous on

    As a responible user of the poppy, I empathize with your poem, Jodie! Wonderful writing! Mark will persevere! You guys are two of my heroes!

  23. jodie on

    There are three obsessive “stalkers” who comment regularly at Western Standard, and they lead the anti-Emery cheerleading pack, but they do not represent the views of most Western Standard readers. Shane Matthews, Zebulon Pike and their third comrade are vitriolic, hateful remnants of human beings who don’t even stand up for liberty or freedom.

    As for comments being removed: when one offensive post is removed, all responses to that post are removed. It’s part of the website program we use, and it helps keep things clean and orderly.

  24. jodie on

    Your comments were unkind and rude — Marc has always shown emotion and he isn’t “detoxing” without cannabis use. That is offensive to me, and I am allowed to keep our website civil when it comes to discussing my husband. I don’t wish to allow “haters” to regularly post offensive or untrue comments.

  25. Anonymous on

    freedom of the press
    belongs to
    those with a press

    I’m starting to think the Emeries have way more business enemies and theoretical opposition than they let on if this is how they handle something as simple as Remembrance Day. They mock them major over at
    Western Standard blog , supposedly their once best supporters

    Peace, love and delete

  26. Anonymous on

    I am sorry your projections have hurt you so, Maybe discontinue making things up, Maybe divide about what is going on from what you are afraid of. How you extracted all that from what was posted is a mystery

  27. Anonymous on

    That was my comment that was deleted. Not sure why Jodie decided to do that. I have known Marc for 20years, and my opinion should have been left up. I wasn’t being rude or disrespectful at all. Let people have their say Jodie, isn’t that the Libertarian ideal?

  28. jodie on

    Now I understand. There are good and bad Christians, and you are one of the bad.

    You’re a heartless, punishment-happy, “sinner”-hating evangelical with insane fantasies about resurrection and lustful desires for a lake of fire with eternal damnation for those who don’t buy into your beliefs.

    P.S. Not all soldiers are warriors for Christ.

  29. Worm on

    To sit in your cell for 20 hours and only think of one subject would probably be considered a fanatic. I think his podcast was most welcome.

    Peace & Pot

  30. Anonymous on

    some thoughtful posts have deleted since this afternoon.. from people who knew marc well in London. comments about six weeks of detox has shook some of the thc out of marc and he is now capable of some emotion

    It looks bad for the cannabis community when differences of opinion are throttled like that.. None of it was unkind or rude, what gives ?

  31. Poppy Cock on

    Sorry Jodie-
    Flanders Fields is certainly _not about opium poppies
    this is poetry, not a drug blog page
    the war dead sleep
    while they await the resurrection
    in which billions of Christians believe in
    because for believers
    death is not the end-
    but a waiting period before they are resurrected
    and taken into heaven
    these soldiers were Christians ( qv )
    not pagans waiting to be reborn as an animal
    or somebody else
    or worse.. just fizzle away into nothingness

    many Canadian Christian tombstones from that era
    have tag on messages engraved into the tombstone
    stating that the Christian person buried below’
    is asleep awaiting resurrection
    when all believers will be united in paradise

    Flanders fields poppies
    are not opium poppies
    completely different species
    also no torches on fire being thrown around
    torches represents continuity
    like the olympic torch is passed from hand to hand
    the poetry torch is passed from generation to generation

  32. Anonymous on

    Nice broadcast. I have spoken with older people who have been in major wars and they had mental scarring that wouldn’t go away. Like Marc said, seeing people blown apart and shot to death in person on a regular basis is hard for the human psyche to deal with.

    Executioners, whether from older times or from recent years, develop mental issues from seeing so many people die at their hands. The German military had trouble with soldiers who were regularly executing Jews. The high ranking officials had to adjust their killing methods to make the events less traumatic for the soldiers who were carrying out the execution orders. Seeing babies shot in the head… digging children out of rubble… hearing the screams… seeing heads missing their bodies… It takes its toll on even hardened soldiers.

    Taking human lives is difficult for most people when they have to look the person in the eye and see what’s really going on. Watch a war movie and imagine the soldiers all wearing the same kinds of clothing — no uniforms. Take away the uniforms, helmets, and other items that make the people look different and battle scenes take on a different feel.

    Marc’s father was right in saying the poor are the ones who generally end up on the front lines and take on casualties. Rich and politically influential types direct things and often think of human beings as items on balance sheets — assets and liabilities — not fellow humans. When people show up as numbers on paper, it makes sending them to their death easier.

    Focusing a country’s finances and resources on war machines and military advancement doesn’t add value to the country’s people. It gives a false sense of security and slowly leads to an internal rotting from within. Each dollar spent on war machines is a dollar that isn’t spent on education. Same goes for public welfare, health care, infrastructure repairs, and the like. It’s common for countries to go deeply into debt due to extended wars and conflicts. Means higher taxes, fewer public services, and lower economic stability.

    All of those machines become dated with time and must be maintained or replaced. The United States spends over $500 billion each year on its military and how safe does the average U.S. citizen feel when watching the nightly news and reading about current events? We have so many enemies around the world, it’s hard to keep up with who we are fighting with at times. I’m counting all forms of armed conflict — official wars, arming & training others, and drug operations.

    Some level of national defense and military spending is unfortunately necessary to protect one’s self from people who are willing to kill and plunder for a living. It’s not something to be glorified and encouraged though.

    Nobody ever wins in a war. Even the people who live through such experiences have to carry the mental and physical handicaps around for the rest of their lives.

  33. jodie on

    Marc has thousands of stories and experiences and information to share with people — it doesn’t have to be about marijuana or the war on drugs. He is a brilliant, compassionate and genuine person who touches many others’ lives with his insights and advice.

  34. jodie on

    In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
    Between the crosses row on row,
    That mark our place; and in the sky
    The larks, still bravely singing, fly
    Scarce heard amid the guns below.

    We are the Dead. Short days ago
    We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
    Loved and were loved, and now we lie
    In Flanders fields.

    Take up our quarrel with the foe:
    To you from failing hands we throw
    The torch; be yours to hold it high.
    If ye break faith with us who die
    We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
    In Flanders fields.

    “WE SHALL NOT SLEEP, THOUGH POPPIES GROW”… that’s because the poppies represent opium/morphine/painkillers, which helped the wounded and dying get through the suffering, sleep through the pain. It certainly is about opium poppies.

  35. Anonymous on

    This was a fantastic podcast!

    Irrelevant? Uh…it’s Remembrance Day…it really couldn’t be more relevant. Marc’s father is a war hero – and Marc is a Drug War hero – obviously Marc learned a lot from his father about sacrifice.

    Go back to your cave Troll!

    Marc: Keep up the prison podcasts. They are amazing!


  36. Ranger Rick on

    Your Dads war memories are yours to do with as you will, growing up in a household starkly aware of the “class system” and you crowning yourself a prince- well OK. As a very public drug & drug policy expert-and running a heroin addiction clinic, you have some basic opiate history homework to do

    Morphine was developed in the early 19th C- salts of morphia had been around for more than a century by the time WW1 started. Morphine was not introducd in WW1.. there was already a severe civillian morphine addiction in progress before WW1- the Pure Food & Drug Act / Shanghai Opium Conference addressed non medical Morphine use & addiction and how to deal with world oversupply supply in 1903- some years before WW1 began.

    the poppies associated with Flanders fields-
    1_ are not opium poppies’
    2_ were not deliberately planted after the war
    3- were not planted as a memorial to the pain killing factor of opium

    those poppies are a native European species local to the area- the Flanders’ Fields variety of poppies sprung up spontaneously , of themselves right after the fighting of the great war stopped, these red poppies thrived in the disturbed soil of the battlefield. That these poppies arose of themselves to occupy the silent battlefield with their scarlet joy was the miracle= these are beautiiul poppies, but they are not opium poppies.

  37. Anonymous on

    I hate to say it, but it sounds as though they’ve finally broken Marc. Rather than talking about his situation, he talked for 18 minutes about his childhood memories of his father. It was touching, no doubt, but irrelevant on the whole.

    What have they done to Marc? =[

  38. Worm on

    Very well written and very emotional.

    Peace & Pot