Seeds of Liberty: Book About Marc Emery to be Published

As publisher of the Western Standard I have commissioned two writers to co-author a full-length book on the life and work of Canadian publisher and libertarian activist Marc Emery.

Emery, #3 on the Western Standard’s Liberty 100, is currently being held in a B.C. prison awaiting extradition to a U.S. prison on charges related to selling marijuana seeds. You can learn more about his case here.

The monograph has been completed in draft form and editing work is now being done to ensure Emery’s libertarian activism and political views are documented accurately and comprehensively. A final draft of the book is expected in two weeks, at which time it will be copy-edited and printed.

Here’s the current draft outline of the book:




CHAPTER 1 – Introduction: The Political Extradition of a Canadian Libertarian Activist

CHAPTER 2 –Libertarian Ideology and Marijuana Decriminalization: The Ideas That Drive Marc Emery

CHAPTER 3 – Canadian Marijuana Policy and the Influence of the United States: Ceding Canadian Sovereignty

CHAPTER 4 – The Intellectual and Political Development of Marc Emery

CHAPTER 5 – Marc Emery and Canadian Electoral Politics: Building a Coalition for Freedom

CHAPTER 6 – Marc Emery’s Other Political Activities: Sowing the Seeds of Liberty

CHAPTER 7 – The Political Extradition Marc Emery: A Story of Fear and Loathing

CHAPTER 8 – Conclusion: How Will History Judge Marc Emery?

Are we missing anything?

I invite Western Standard readers to submit any thoughts they have on the Marc Emery story before the final draft is completed. Please send your comments to [email protected] and indicate whether or not you would like to be acknowledged in the book for your contribution.

I will release more information on the book in the days to come, including information on where to pre-orders. The profits from the book will be used to launch an advocacy organization that will work toward marijuana policy reform and the release of Marc Emery from prison should he be successfully extradited as expected.


Matthew Johnston
Western Standard



  1. Anonymous on

    Looking forward to this book! And it may be better to do decriminalization vs. legalization. Both have different pros and cons for marijuana users.

  2. Kevin on

    I agree, it Should be legalization as decriminalization still involves the illegality which still fuels organized crime.

  3. Anonymous on

    Libertarian Ideology and Marijuana Decriminalization

    should that read ‘legalization instead of decriminalization’?

    marc and libertarians support legalization, no?

  4. Anonymous on

    What about “the expulsion of Marc Emery from Canada through selective non-enforcement of Canadian law by the RCMP and Rob Nicholson”.