DML Doing Well

I just received a call from my friend David Malmo-Levine, who is locked up in Fraser Regional Correctional Centre in Maple Ridge, BC.

For those of you who don’t know David, he is the marijuana activist responsible for the Vancouver Herb school, and host of the city’s 4/20 and Cannabis Day rallies – you can catch up here and here.

He was in mostly-good spirits, and said that things haven’t been too bad since his arrest on October 28.

“The showers are hot, the pool room is sometimes open, and the phones sometimes work,” he told me. “We get up, we eat breakfast, maybe someone will play poker, someone will play pool, maybe we’ll do some laundry. But most of the time I just sit in my room and watch television and wonder if anyone will like my appeal, or if I’ll be stuck in here for four months.”

David, like his mentor Marc Emery, is another non-violent victim of the drug war, locked away for standing up for what he believes in. His supposed “crimes” – like Marc’s – have no victims.

David has written up his “Grounds for Appeal” on the basis that the sentence was unjust for a person causing no-harm, and is hoping for some feedback from the pot community and any lawyers in the know. He writes,

To continue to incarcerate the harmless under the auspices of “encouraging a respect for the law” – especially since the Le Dain Commission and the Senate Report have identified the faulty cannabis law itself as the origin of the disrespect for the law – insures only that justice is not done, and in this age of information, not seen to be done.

It is an affront to natural law to hear the argument that those involved in civil disobedience and victimless crimes should be incarcerated if they are repeat offenders, as if repeated victimless conduct could somehow create harm out of mid air. Drawing such a distinction only creates confusion.

Click here to read the rest.

Though many consider a six-month sentence a huge win for the pot activist community, David thinks it might mean a bigger win if he fights on – and an appeal would mean the chance to battle it out in court again. If he loses, however, it could mean a longer jail sentence.

David is locked up in the medium security wing of the prison but hopes to be transferred to the minimum security ‘tents’ area, where prisoners spend less time locked up and get a key to their rooms. He has some concerns about his health, and hopes the prison will allow him grapefruit seed extract, which he swears by.

“I plan on reading a lot of biographies, drawing pictures and trying to be nice to everybody, and hopefully everyone will be nice to me,” he said.

He will continue to post on his CC Blog and has plans for several articles and potcasts.

To write to David, send mail to

David Malmo-Levine
Fraser Regional Correctional Centre
PO Box 1500,
Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
V2X 7G3

You must include a return address on all mail.

Any mail including the following items will be considered contraband by the guards who read the mail, and will be returned to you at your cost!

– Stickers, labels, tape & correction fluid (white-out), post it notes
– Anything glued on (including cards and glitter glue)
– Stamps, envelopes, writing paper, lottery tickets
– Polaroid photos, photo albums, revealing photos & inappropriate material ie. Marijuana leaf, logos
– Musical Cards
– Address books, calendars
– Hardcover books, magazines, newspapers, crossword puzzles, etc. (exception: NEW soft cover books ordered online from or directly couriered from publisher or photo copied.)
– Paperclips, staples, pins
– Feathers, dried flowers, etc.
– Jewelery
– Telephone calling cards, plastic cards, laminated items
– Pencils, pens, sharp objects
– Excessive perfume, lipstick etc.
– Scanned positive for an illegal substance
– Unknown Substance
– Unknown sender

If you would like to visit David, please contact me at [email protected]. Fraser Regional Correctional Centre allows guests on weekends and stat holidays only.

Click here to go to the Free David Malmo-Levine Facebook Page.

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.