Marc Emery Could Be Extradited Any Day

He’s waiting for a five year jail term. The prince of pot, is sitting tight until he’s extradited to the United States.

Since surrendering in September, Marc Emery has been waiting at the North Fraser pre-trial centre — a maximum security facility. A justice minister has to sign extradition papers to send Emery south, which still hasn’t been done.

His wife Jodie tells News1130 there’s a chance she won’t be able to see Marc once he’s in the U.S. “If a border guard wants to look up my name and see that I’ve used marijuana and I’m a marijuana activist it can refuse to allow me in the country as an ‘undesirable citizen.’ I’m sure it will be a nerve wracking time if I go to try and visit him or even when he’s being sentenced.”

Jodie says she keeps busy by working on the Free Marc campaign, running their business and possibly running for political office.

– Article from News 1130 on November 1, 2009.




    that is absolutely rediculous.
    what kind of country am i living in that doesnt allow someone to enter the country to visit their husband in prison, just because they smoke marijuana and believe prohibition should be abolished?

  2. sfsafa on

    when marc gets out i wanna roll a 5 pound joint and smoke it with him all night long

  3. merry jon on

    hang in there marc. think obama and yorkie harper will look bad if they don’t have a good jerkoff and let you loose. the times they’ze a changin’.

  4. Anonymous on

    What’s the point of going to all that trouble just to get strip searched and cavity searched at the prison (unless they’re real lax)? You know what Marc looks like. What’s the point of being a couple feet from him on the other side of some glass? I guess it’s your business if you want to do that but it seems pretty pointless to me. I doubt Marc will have anything to report in person that he couldn’t in a letter of on the phone. If I was in prison somewhere far away I would tell everybody to stay the hell home and don’t be a lunatic and go all the way to some US state for the privilege of seeing me in an orange jump suit. It ain’t nowhere near worth the trouble.

  5. foam on

    The border is one big stressful pain in the ass. I get harassed for 2-3 hours everytime going to Canada because I had a possesion and production permit from Health Canada.
    Have only been harrassed once coming in the states but it’s stressful. Never know when a dirty cop is going to plant something- and yes it has happend to me- in Tampa FL

    Take a valium Jodie or something for stress when you have to cross. You have a 90% chance of getting through. Not bad odds.

  6. W Hastings makes Waste on

    Hey Jodie, did you have this trouble as being an dangerous undesirable when you crossed the border last summer to speak on camera at Hempfest in Seattle ? Probably not- So don’t worry about it, all they can do to you s a strip search they can’t put you in Guantonamo Bay for Women unless you actually make it across. like you did in the summer when i suppose you told them you were a high ranking marijuana activist from the soft drug capitol of North America Maybe even handed out autographed back issues of your magazine with a truck full of free marc t shirts,, I only guessing, I wasn’t there

    Would this be the first time you or marc ever really worried about pot seeds and crossing the border into the states?n? Maybe so. Better your legacy is up here with the green party anyways, Let’s just forget everything that happened after July 2005 and maybe it will go away