DEA Agents Forced into Afghan War

Digby has a disturbing post on how several DEA helicopter pilots have apparently been pressured into service in Afghanistan.

Read “Hullabaloo”

It seems that our two abstract, endless Orwellian wars — the War on Drugs and the War on Terror — have officially merged. And the complications stemming from that decision are going to be immense. What are we fighting for again?

The War on Drugs and the War on Terror share many similarities (endless wars, amorphous enemies, cause more damage than they prevent) but this is the first I’ve heard of the DEA pushing back against being drafted into one.



  1. Anonymous on

    That’s the risk DEA is willing to accept when entering a drug war zone.

  2. Anonymous on

    Fuck the DEA…The more of thoes mother fuckers that die, THE BETTER!!!!

  3. Caber1 on

    Couldn’t happen to nicer bunch of fellas. I hope they are all pissin in their khakis.

    It is the punishment they deserve for being in a business which has as its main objective, the denial of peoples rights and freedoms.

    I hope they enjoy the taste of their own medicine.

  4. Anonymous on

    I wonder how many tons of Opium where onboard the Chinook helicopter the DEA agents were on when it crashed. They had a Cobra gunship protecting the shipment. Why would the DEA be flying around in a Chinook? It’s a very large cargo ship…..

  5. Anonymous on

    You people are funny. This isn’t the first time the DEA has been on international soil; what do think they were doing in Panama and Columbia?! Having a picnic? I don’t know why the DEA is whining about Afghanistan; yeah, it’s a “war zone”, but then so are most parts of Columbia! Stop complaining DEA and DO YOUR DAMNED JOB!

  6. Worm on

    Maybe we should apologize to all the Nazis whom had a LEGAL right for killing the Jews.

  7. Worm on


  8. Herb on

    Yeah thats right where’s the DEA theirs sabotage…how about blowing up a civilian bridge with no war!

  9. Anonymous on

    Arrest a man for pot –arrest a man for being a Jew
    The DEA are illogical and therefore do not have the right to live since their very lives put nations of lives at risk.
    When the DEA die over in Afghanistan with my brothers and sisters who are fighting for freedom and fighting for a land where their children and neighbors don’t have to wake up to planes purposely crashing into their country –killing thousands –then my brother’s and sister’s deaths in both Iraq and Afghanistan have been polluted and look more like ‘in vain’. The DEA have no right to have any protection from my brothers and sisters –they can handle the Terrorist who have mastered murder on their own. Why can’t a dozen DEA agents simply hike the mountains and valleys with their own weapons and orders by themselves –Its not like it’s a big deal if they get shot at or blown to bits by a road side bomb –but how dare they force my brothers and sisters to travel down those same paths of death with them. They have badges and therefore are immune to bullets right? They don’t need to pollute my U.S., Coalition, and U.N. armies. The DEA who died from a copter crash on Oct 2010 died for drugs –my brothers and sisters on that flight died for America and a safer world. What kind of species dies for a substance? One that is illogical and one that has no right or place on this Earth to live. Why can’t they die by themselves and not with brave women and men? How dare they contaminate good blood with filth. Maybe we should apologize to all the Nazis whom had a LEGAL right for killing the Jews.

  10. Anonymous on

    Well, unlike the war on drugs in America, where they kick in a door and find some confused docile American, in Afghanistan, when they kick in a door, they might find an IED or group of fanatics ready to decapitate these Agents. Maybe now the DEA can experience some of that terror they put others through.