Don’t be fooled, this is about the drug war and nothing else

Re: “Tories propose tighter parole rules” from CBC News.

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The federal government said Monday it will introduce legislation to crack down on early parole for non-violent offenders, a move it says will augment proposed tougher sentences for white-collar criminals.

The new legislation will change existing laws that allow non-violent criminals convicted of a first offence to be eligible for early parole after serving just one-sixth of their sentences and full parole after serving one-third of their sentences, said Minister of Public Safety Peter Van Loan at a press conference in Montreal.

He said under the current laws, criminals such as fraudsters and drug dealers are routinely granted parole in these circumstances, unless the parole board believes the parolees might commit violent crimes.

Don’t believe for a second this has anything to do with white collar crime. This is about ramping up the drug war in Canada, pure and simple. When are we going to get our country back and, when we do, what will it look like?