Ask Ed: Grow Questions and Answers – Are My Buds Ready?

Question: So I recently harvested my buds, are they ready for consumption?

Internet reader

Ed’s Rosenthal: The “stick test” is a good indication of bud dryness. Bend the little stem that holds the bud together. If it bends, the bud is still too wet. If it snaps, the bud has dried sufficiently.

The next test is the joint test – roll a thin joint. If the bud stays lit a bit and doesn’t go out between puffs, then it is ready for storing and aging. It is still too wet when it needs constant relighting. Wet bud is not only inconvenient, it won’t get you as high as dry bud because the cannabinoids have not become active.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Not ALL of us are dummies, however (KISS)Keep It Simple Stupid! is not always a bad idea. Personally I found Ed’s answer preferable.

  2. Interested Observer on

    Jon, the simple answer is that bud which isn’t fully dry doesn’t burn well and doesn’t taste good, which is pretty much repeating what Ed said. The difference in taste is a very complex thing to describe simply but, it has as much to do with the breakdown of chlorophyll as it does with the change in the chemistry of the resin due to the loss of water molecules.

    As for the bud not burning well, I think that not achieving the temperature required to properly vaporize the resin is the real problem when the bud is not fully dry. Vaporizing the resin on the surface to which the heat is applied is easily achieved, but doing the same for the rest of the sample is harder to achieve when the bud is still even a little “wet”.

    Perhaps a little experiment might be in order to test the theory that the active ingredient is somehow changed by drying the plant. I would suggest making some hash oil, first using fresh, “wet” heads and then using fully dried heads for comparison. You could then vaporize the samples separately and see whether there is any appreciable difference between them regarding taste and potency. If you have the means at your disposal, give it a shot. I would be very interested to hear the results, as I’m sure would many others.

  3. Anonymous on

    I don’t think simple drying causes much decarboxylation. I saw an analysis of Lebanese hash and the THC was 2/3 in the acid form. They definitely dry the plants before sifting but it only converted a third of the THC acid into THC.

  4. Craig on

    It’s great that you have all this knowledge about cannabis Jon; however, anyone asking such a simple question, as this person did, clearly demonstrates that they wouldn’t understand a more complex response from Mr. Rosenthal. Besides, I’m sure that you have seen eyes glaze over with all the scientific clap-trap. Truth be known, Ed really should have just recommended a good book to read. He’s had a rough go of things lately.