Cutting money to health services will not cut services…let’s try that with jails and police?

Re: B.C. health cuts no harm to services: minister

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An estimated 90 agencies that have contracts with the Vancouver Coastal Health Region are being told to reduce costs, but provincial Health Minister Kevin Falcon says the reductions will not mean a cut in services.

Falcon told the legislature Tuesday that his ministry is making changes in order to provide better service for those individuals coping with both mental health and addiction issues.

But what the government referred to as “changes,” the opposition simply called “cuts.”

“Dozens of agencies have got letters this week cutting substantially their funding,” said B.C. NDP health critic Adrian Dix.

Community agencies in the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority — the largest in the province — are the latest to be told of changes to funding, and some of the agencies have had contracts cancelled.

This is great news! The government has figured out a way to achieve the same level of services by reducing the amount of money provided. If it works in health, I say we try it in many government departments. Let’s dramatically cut funding for police and corrections. Surely there won’t be any corresponding decrease in services. In fact, why stop with government? I’m going to the grocery store and when my bill is rung up I will pay only 75% but still take the full bag of groceries. After all, cutting the payment shouldn’t affect the service. Think of the possibilities! Kevin Falcon is a genius. Why didn’t anyone think of this before?