Marc Emery’s Prison Potcast – Episode #3

CANNABIS CULTURE – Marc discusses the book The Myth of the Addicted Army by Jeremy Kuzmarov in Episode #3 of the Prison Potcast.

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Marc is imprisoned in North Fraser Pretrial Centre in Port Coquitlam, BC awaiting extradition to the United States for selling marijuana seeds and using the profits to fund pot activist groups. Marc has been receiving mail from fans, and was sent Kuzmarov’s new book.

The Myth details how many of the brutal tactics used in America’s war on Vietnam are now being used against victims of the War on Drugs.

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  1. Anonymous on

    hey just for everyone’s own knowledge… MARINOL is not marijuana… nor does it have ANY THC value in it… it is a derivative of OPIUM… its just another form of medical heroin thats on the market… pass the word get fake pot off the map!!!

  2. Anonymous on

    take a coupla minutes to check out usa kidnapped graham from canada calling it a legal extradtiion. free john graham. he’s been gone 2 years from home with no evidence against him.

  3. Brad in Oz on

    Sorry I forgot the other main alternative for stressed vets – Valium (or other benzodiazpenes).

    Yep a drug that can turn you into a walking zombie, blocks memory recall more than cannabis or alcohol and who’s physical withdrawal symptoms can last for months.

    No I don’t think it’s an “evil” drug (drugs don’t have culture or personalities) just a shit alternative to THC for PTSD for most people (like all drugs some do get side effects from THC).

  4. Brad in Oz on

    I thought I might just point out that the shocking incidence of so many vets hooked on weed after the pointless Vietnam war actually may have a good side effect!?!

    Evidence shows that the part of the brain involved in the fear response and over activated in people with PTSD (PostTraumaticStressDisorder), like Vietnam vets, is called the Amygdala. This is also where a high concentration of CB1 receptors are located and recent evidence (though severely limited) even showed that chronic cannabis users have a statistically smaller Amygdala.
    Of course the sadly biased an unobjective researchers (who also fail to answer valid questions and criticisms) as well as the global media were quick to suggest that this was detrimental brain damage induced by THC.
    In reality this is neural adaptation and the research showed NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER of neurotoxicity.
    Further, far from being a deleterious effect, this effect (if true, from the single human study available) could have substantial benefits in the form of fear and stress reduction, particularly in PTSD patients.
    In fact numerous researchers are studying exactly that – drugs which act to reduce Amygdala activity to treat PTSD.

    Shit they should be handing out FREE WEED to all the vets who are fucked up by PTSD thanks to a pointless war!

    What’s one of the alternatives, drowning the stress in booze!

    What’s better for society?

  5. Anonymous on

    Vietnam was the worst war in American history it was the war that ended the leave it to beaver era. It was responsible for the deaths of thousands for no reason. My father who fought said it destroyed more lives after war than it did during.

    Marijuana doesn’t kill except for those who get caught. Like Vietnam we are killing more people after than during. If someone chooses to smoke they are not killing anyone while high why would we do so after?

    If any drug should be noted for destroying an effort in Vietnam people should look closer at heroin not marijuana.

  6. Anonymous on

    Great potcast!

    Marc brought up some interesting issues that deserve further investigation. I’ve listened to some of the Nixon tapes that were released a while back and the ones I heard made Nixon’s extreme distaste for homosexuals, Jewish people, African Americans, and marijuana smokers very apparent.

  7. Anonymous on

    I would very much like to see Marc use this opportunity for something positive. He might have some restrictions placed on him that he will not be used to, but like so many people before him, I hope he is able to turn this period into a time of focus and, hopefully, strengthen his influence.

  8. Anonymous on

    Marc has enough time to get some serious writing done. I like his potcast about the Vietnam connection with the drug war. Very well presented. Marc could become a journalist full time now.