Marc Emery and Music: Songs About The Prince of Pot

CANNABIS CULTURE – Marc Emery has inspired more than a few musicians in his quest to Overgrow the Government. Take a listen: here are some songs about The Prince of Pot.

“Ballad of Marc Emery”
The Undezireables

“The Ballad of Marc Emery”
Jake Thomas

“Free Marc Emery”
The Ground Luminosity
Listen to MP3 (Live performance)

Free Marc Emery by The Ground Luminosity

The Ground Luminosity | Myspace Video

“Marc Emery – Trichome”
Adam Bowen

“Prince of Peace (Marc Emery Tribute Song)”
Nate G

“Let Marc Emery Free”
Dylan McMullin

“Prince of Pot”
Tall Brothers (Live performance)

“Simply Business”
Tall Brothers

“The DEA took Marc Emery Away”
Spliff Vampires

“Bring Back Marc Emery”
Cursed Byrd

“If You Wanna”
Empire Assassins (starts at 3 minute mark)

“Political Prisoner”
Patrick McGoran

“Set Marc Free”
Family Compact

“Free Marc Emery & Legalize Marijuana”
Genesis Da Ruckus

“My Peaceful Protest (For Marc Emery)”
Petey Pothead

“Marc Emery”
Pistol Whipped

“Lord Won’t You Keep Me In The Green”
The Hicks

“Free Marc Emery”
Normal Bean & David Peel

“Dark Hole”
Stephen John

“Won’t Go Quietly”



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