RCMP Seize 8 Hours Worth of Cannabis!

Re: Bumper crop of B.C. bud seized by Kootenay RCMP

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Those seizures stopping an estimated 11,500 lbs of B.C. bud from being rolled into approximately 15.5 million marijuana cigarettes, according Romanchuk.

“At wholesale prices, based on the current value of marijuana bud in the West Kootenay, the value of the seized marijuana would range from $14.9 million to $36.7 million,” said Romanchuk. “The street value of the seized marijuana if sold in individual cigarette quantities would equate to approximately $77.5 million.”

So let’s play a math game. From the story (buds the size of a forearm!) you’d think that this “bumper crop” of seizures was a lot, right? 15.5 million joints sounds like a lot (crunching the numbers suggests that an RCMP joint weighs about 1/3 of a gram – pinners I think that Earl calls them). But is it?

The 2005 CAS survey gave us some numbers. Now, these are self-reported numbers which, for obvious reasons, tend to be lower than the real figures. But let’s use them anyway. We know that about 700,000 Canadians use cannabis for non-medical purposes daily. Another 1.3 million enjoy cannabis weekly. Let’s assume the daily consumers average a joint a day (probably low, I know, but I want to be conservative with these estimates) and the weekly folks average a joint a week (also low). Adding those numbers results in a weekly joint intake of 6.2 million. So the RCMP’s bumper seizure is about a 3 week supply…for the country.

I think that the 2005 numbers were non-medical, and that the same survey resulted in 1,000,000 Canadians self-reporting medical cannabis usage. Add a joint a day in for each of those (again, very conservative) and the RCMP seizure turns into a one-week supply.

If we apply more realistic numbers (3/day for the daily consumers and medusers, 3 a week for the weekly folks) you will quickly see that the bust took out about an 8 hour supply.

How much do you think we had to spend to achieve this pittance?



  1. greg williams on

    they say 3% of the people use 5% to 6% of their brain
    97% use just 3% and the rest goes down the drain
    now i’ll never know which one i am but i’d bet you my last dime
    99% think i’m 3% 100% of the time
    its too much to think about
    too much to figure out
    stuck between hope and doubt
    its too much to think about

    elmo buzz for president!

  2. Anonymous on

    My guess is wet, if so subtract half the weight (atleast) and its closer to a 4 hour consumption. Great work pigs, keep up your hard, but very ineffective work!

  3. Anonymous on

    Was all that bud wet weight or dry weight??

  4. Anonymous on

    So what…. this is only preasching to the choir, we know the cops are misdirected and only worried about keeping their budgets high.

    Write to the lawmakers, not us if you want to make a difference.

  5. Anonymous on

    I can’t tell if my head hurts from the math or from the copious amoutns of methane gas emitted from all that bullshit.

  6. Anonymous on

    Reminds me of the stats the DEA is so proud to tell people about. Then when someone does the math, it shows the DEA is really less than 1% effective in grabbing all the drugs that are sold and used.

    If more people check out the hard numbers and do some math, it becomes apparent why the drug enforcement groups break all the bundles up, spread everything out on tables, and make it look really big for the cameras. If the news people did fair comparisons, the general public would be pissed for being misled for so many years.

  7. S. Stahl on

    Its quite funny in a way, Because I think of how all of this “work” is so utterly futile in the grand scheme of things. But the lack of common sense is astounding and embittering. The information or “statistics” in these articles is always skewered to hide the wild goose chase. I guess we’ll see what a big dent they made on BC’s cannabis trade in the coming weeks… but for some reason I have some serious doubts that myself (or anybody i know for that matter) will have any difficulty obtaining weed anytime soon. Keep up the good work RCMP. You’re making a huge difference.

  8. 420Pug on

    thats just funny… minus i couldnt imagine having to go 8 hours without weed… that would be hell … good thing they only do this like once or twice a year…