Nowhere Man

Here is a poem I wrote from my prison cell.

Nowhere Man (With apologies to Lennon and McCartney)

Imagine life without cannabis,
that’s life here.

Imagine life without music,
that’s life here.

Imagine life without fresh food,
that’s life here.

Imagine life without any privacy,
that’s life here.

Imagine life without any sex,
that’s life here.

Imagine life in only red pants and a red shirt,
that’s life here.

Imagine life in a 8 by 10 foot concrete cell,
that’s life here.

Imagine never touching the sun’s rays,
that’s life here.

Imagine life without being with any one you know,
that’s life here.

Imagine being hungry every waking hour,
that’s life here.

Imagine life without love,
that’s life here.

Imagine never seeing a grape or a peach or a tomato,
that’s life here.

Imagine changing linens threadbare once every ten days,
that’s life here.

Imagine your happy memories gradually fading away,
that’s life here.

Marc Emery is an activist currently locked up at North Fraser Pretrial Center in Port Coquitlam, B.C., while he awaits extradition to the United States for selling marijuana seeds on the internet and using the money to fund anti-prohibition activism around the world. Click here to find out more about Marc Emery.

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    Most if not all the things You mentioned in your poem You should be able to find from your own head while serving time.

    Marc! c’mon please… all the things you wish for will be there when only closing your eyes while finding a brand new world inside yourselves.

    It’s all a Joke man, it’s all a joke and the joke’s on you it apears…

    Hell no, the Joke’s on them and you and I are gonna tell them !

    This Ain’t about You Marc, remember your deal before you went into all this…

    Its about THEM, and it has been, all the way from the beginning.

    By G.G.

  2. Anonymous on

    Quote:I say it’s a basic human right to be able to seek out food when hungry.

    In adition to that: I say it’s a basic human right to be able to seek out food when hungry…..: Rude Hemp seed ground up in a blender with some water Equals MILK!

    By Guerilla Geronimo.

  3. david dickinson on

    “People seriously thought cannabis consumption would make you become a psychopathic murderer or a whore, or a babbling idiot.”

    But this is not propaganda as applied to alcohol. It’s the truth. The anti-marijuana movement is just the pro-alcohol movement in disguise.

  4. David Dickinson on

    It is not true that marijuana is a victimless crime. Three years ago, I cut out a clipping from the local newspaper about a disabled aboriginal man who had been sentenced to jail for four months for selling a few joints. The newspaper report described how the all the victim’s family members burst into tears when the sentence was read and the victim led away to jail. When my son-in-law was busted for eleven ounces and jailed for a year, the victims were his innocent children, one disabled by cerebral palsy, who had their father taken away from them by the brain-damaged alcoholics running our justice system. Don’t EVER say there are no victims. Every time an innocent person is jailed for marijuana, his or her entire family is punished. I wouldn’t be surprised if this escalates into terrorism. You can’t go on destroying innocent people’s lives and hurting children and expect no consequences. Thousands want retribution and revenge against the pro-alcohol idiots responsible for hurting others. The only language these bastards understand is violence. How unfortunate that it has to come to this.

  5. SadAmerican on

    I don’t think Marc Emery is trying to make people sorry for him, he is just publicizing his civil disobedience. If enough people see the injustice involved it motivates them to make that phone call or write that letter to their representative. If enough people are convinced of something it generally becomes public policy(i.e. beginnings of American prohibition starting with outrageous congressional hearings and culminating with “Reefer Madness”, an entire video displaying the depravities of cannabis). People seriously thought cannabis consumption would make you become a psychopathic murderer or a whore, or a babbling idiot. 75 years later, slowly but surely, that has proven to be complete and utter propaganda; and yet there are those who still cling to this ideology in a big way. If your parents, role models, teachers, and friends all believed God was a pink turtle living in Cambodia and proudly vocalized their beliefs and shunned all others and promised hellfire, or worse, prison, to those who opposed such beliefs, the likelihood you would proudly believe in such insanity is overwhelmingly high. The power of majority, psychological social acceptance, legislation, mis-informative propaganda, and of course the clout of corporations and their lobbyists to sway political agendas have repressed cannabis awareness for almost a century. I personally entirely agree with Mr. Emery’s approach at legislative reform. He is proactive, yet open with his entire process, and campaigns with his LEGITIMATE finances to promote re-legalization. His extradition process is disheartening yet emboldening. OVERGROW THE GOVERNMENT!!!

  6. Spanner McNeil on

    You can see now that good guys like Marc don’t run and hide. Remember all those people who gave surety for Marcs’ freedom? Marc didn’t violate their bond of trust. That’s a pretty good handshake deal, I’d say. That Marc should have his health violated while preparing for an important trial is a dreadful removal of the bond of trust between State and Citizen. Marcs’ word is clearly a word of bond. It really does show what a twisted uncompromising bully our Prime Minister craves to imitate by persecuting the honest and truthful.

  7. Anonymous on

    Amsterdam is prime example. It has not destroyed that place. American television is full of pharma pushing their legal drugs! We are ready for legal drugs, just ask them! When it is a plant such as Marijuana, it becomes more about morality, something that should not be illegal or legislated! Alcohol was not alway legal, but now is. We have to stand up for our God-given rights, not cower in the corner obeying every asinine law that comes down the pipes and strips our freedoms! Marc champions this cause!

  8. cannabis free on


  9. Medical Joe on

    Marc has given me strength to stand up for truth, courage to continue to stand and fight for what you believe in, and a vision of a Cannabis Free World……

  10. boohoo on

    Imagine Marc thought ahead before breaking the law and forcing his wife to wine every day about his absence that she supported. Come on now this is just silly you’re not a child anymore if you do something wrong and know you will be prosecuted dont try to get people to feel sorry for you. you made your bed now you sleep in it.. alone.. marijuana lined your pockets for all these years and most likely paid for that bed you sleep in. Break the law so openly expect this to happen. it wont make drugs legal. if drugs ever do become legal it’ll destroy the world people are not ready for it. if it were legal all along it would be different

  11. brother down on

    selling seeds so the average joe can grow his own, and not have his money line gangbangers pockets…..sounded like you were doing a much better job on drug control than the government ever did.

    hang in there buddy, be proud to be a martyr for what you believe in

  12. Avraam Jack on

    Marc in jail is wrong.

    Treating humans like chickens in factory farms is wrong.

    Why is my Democratic Government still prosecting Marc?

  13. Anonymous on

    i hope it’s legal before his time is up

  14. Anonymous on

    Now Marc has a new cause to champion, that of prison reform. It really is deplorable that modern democracies have prison systems that are still as bad as they are. If they had fewer people to house, they would have more money for upgrades. The prisons are clogged up with drug convicts. They should have one type of prison for violent criminals and a better one for everybody else, with reasonable standards.
    It is wrong to only feed nonviolent criminals three times a day (I’m guessing it’s three). They should have free access to basic foods like bread and milk. Marc said he was hungry all the time. That’s not right. That’s food deprivation.
    I say it’s a basic human right to be able to seek out food when hungry. If the state chooses to prevent you from obtaining food by locking you up, they should be obliged to have food in there with you or on call, up to a reasonable limit. Nobody needs more than two loaves of bread a day or two liters of milk, for instance.
    Marc must expose the horrendous conditions in the place he is being sent. Nobody ever hears about the prison where the US sends all the foreign nationals. It’s like the UN of crime. The story must be told.

  15. Anonymous on

    Man ‘s got to do what a Man ‘s got to do Man.

    I feel ya Marc, some way we are doing this together anyhow.

    Love my friend.

  16. tyler on

    You can make it, 1 year , 2 years or five you’re a strong guy and everyone on the outside is preying for you. Nice poem , it gave me chills reading it and just thinking about being in your shoes…..CANNABIS IS A VICTIMLESS CRIME!

  17. paul smolarz on

    So sorry it had to be you. So many people deserve to be in jail while their roaming the streets. What idiots think that what your doing is such a crime. I`d feel much better with a thousand of you than a thousand gang members or coke slangers. No one said our country wasn`t run by a bunch of jokes.

  18. Anonymous on

    Prisons certainly aren’t the country clubs some people make them out to be. It angers me that governmental authorities are locking you up when you haven’t hurt anyone and never raised a fist against people who consistently harassed you and now are taking away your physical freedoms. They are forcing you to eat food most people would refuse to buy for their own family members and have done their best to isolate you from the world for what might be a few years in a row.

    The longer they keep you in a cell and treat you like this, the more hatred and distaste the authorities will instill in those who watch. Just because people aren’t showing up on the front steps of their buildings doesn’t mean they aren’t watching.

  19. Anonymous on

    Millions of people go through the same bullshit. It is a colossal mistake that harms good people, and helps drug cartels. Keep in mind why Marc agreed to that plea. His friends (Mr. Williams, and Ms.Rainey) are at least spared the same.

  20. A Sad Brother on

    Marc has been judged so wrongly! God gave us the earth to earn our living and way, and encouraged us to do so. To deny him that and throw him in with murderers and thieves is a travesty of justice and humanitarianism. They put themselves dangerously above God in doing so. Those who judge falsely, will be judged! I weep for what we have become! I weep for Marc!

  21. Anonymous on

    Imagine life without Marc Emery
    that’s life here in the great outdoors

    Imagine there’s no one to overgrow the government
    that’s how life here feels in the great outdoors

    Ah!The great outdoors…but not quite the same without you Marc
    I Wish youre free soon…

  22. Anonymous on

    Keep your head up and whatever you do don’t lose your happy memories. Here’s to you Mark! Were thinking about you everyday!

  23. Anonymous on

    Hang in there Marc! Its unfortunate that the government is projecting its war on drugs on, in this case, one man. You stand in place of so many millions of law abiding citizens who otherwise would be cell mates with you.