Marc Emery The ‘Pot Critic’

The Province newspaper endorsed Emery for Denver “pot critic” but got a few things wrong in the process.

Click here to read “‘Pot critic’ is Dream Job for Marc Emery


Your piece on Marc Emery’s qualifications for the Denver Westworld “pot critic” job was funny, but contained several mistaken assumptions and facts.

First, frankly, cannabis is pretty good for both headaches and hangovers. Since it is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man, why would we think that using it for these conditions is “dubious”? Is using aspirin, a vastly more dangerous product than cannabis, for a headache “dubious”? Safe, effective medicine taken on a doctor’s recommendation is pretty much the standard of care in the medical profession, isn’t it?

By the way, don’t take my word about how safe cannabis is: my words paraphrase the findings of Judge Francis Young – who worked for the US Drug Enforcement Administration when he said it. Probably wasn’t taking the stuff for hangovers himself, but who knows?

Second, Mr. Emery is currently in Port Coquitlam, not the US. He is awaiting a decision from the Minister of Justice on surrender and there remains a chance that the injustice of his extradition can be avoided. And if jailed in America he will be released back to Canada. Plus I don’t think he can get a green card from US immigration to be a pot critic. Just guessing.

Kirk Tousaw
Executive Director, Beyond Prohibition Foundation