Week One Without My Man

Tuesday, October 6th 2009… I woke up alone for the seventh day, and my husband has been locked up for over a week. It’s been only one week without Marc at my side, but it’s painful to deal with and I’m told it gets harder as more time goes by.

Since 2005, Marc and I have never apart for more than a few hours. We worked together, lived together, and grew so very close that it’s surreal to be apart.

Everything is harder to do. Getting groceries the other night was difficult; Marc usually got food and I would sometimes go with him, but now I’m on my own. How odd to try and buy food for just one person… and it makes me sad to know that Marc can’t even get fresh fruit or vegetables.

A photo sent to Marc in the               
mailA photo sent to Marc in the
I started doing the laundry that piled up over the last week, and his clothes are still in the hamper. It feels so strange to know he won’t be wearing his shirts, pants, socks and boxers for the next few months or years… Everything will be washed and folded or hung up to wait for his return. It’s unsettling to not know when he will be back. I won’t put away anything of his – his toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, everything will stay right where they are for when he comes home.

As for work at Cannabis Culture Magazine and “Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters” store, I always found it a bit tough to keep up with everything required, but now I have so much more to do; Marc’s responsibilities and workload have been put on my shoulders, so now I have to learn how to be the manager of the entire company and business.

On top of that enormous new burden business-wise, I am trying to organize and maintain the “FREE MARC EMERY” campaign. Thousands of people are asking me how they can help, and I can only provide a few ways for now (listed at www.NoExtradition.net). Last week, Marc wrote 74 different methods of action, which I will add to (to make it 100) and share on the new website that will soon be launched. The FREE MARC campaign will need to be intense, organized, and effective.

And after all that is done, I have to deal with the intense grief of losing my other half, the sadness of knowing he’s locked into a small, cold, concrete cell 18-24 hours every day with substandard food and health services… sleeping alone and waking up alone, thinking I hear his voice or see him in the store… Visiting him with a glass divider and metal grate between us, unable to hold his hand or kiss him or touch his face… what torture.

Out here, I’m surrounded by supporters and love, constant reminders of what everyone is doing and how much they care, while Marc is trapped with unsavory people in a high-security jail… Really, he’s more alone than I am, and we miss each other terribly. It’s heartbreaking. I don’t know how other people get through imprisonment without the kind of support we’re receiving from around the world… That makes me want to represent those who suffer in silence, nameless and faceless, while loved ones are locked up. I hope I can bring attention to the families of drug war prisoners while Marc draws focus to the tens of thousands of incarcerated people.

Week one is down, and hopefully there are not many more to go… but Marc can’t come home without intense activism from his friends and fans. Please be sure to check www.NoExtradition.net regularly for more ways to help FREE MARC EMERY!

Jodie Emery
Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, politician and business owner. She is the wife of activist Marc Emery, and owner of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, Cannabis Culture Lounge and Cannabis Culture Headquarters.



  1. vanessa on

    i vote we all just chill out and smoke a bowl:) i was searching for a cafe in vancouver to stop and smoke on an upcoming trip(im an american from oregon and have never experienced the canadian cannabis culture) when i came across this blog. why is there so much hate going around about a man that wanted to help people? just because he made a profit doesn’t mean he had bad intentions. stop and think about the original message posted: a woman stating that she was lonely and missing one of the most important people in her life and simply telling us how she was dealing with the pain of the abscence of him in her life. if you lost the one you love would you want people to tell you all of that crap? she seems like a strong woman and it probably doesnt hurt her feelings that much but seriously, have some empathy and compassion.

    jodie: i have had to be on the free side of that glass before. i know you probably feel a bit locked up yourself not having him with you physically, so the best advice i can give is to let him hear your laugh it will always bring a smile to his face. always keep a positive attitude and know that he wont be gone forever. nothing can break the bond of two people who unconditionally love each other. hang in there girl!

  2. Dustin on

    It is narrowminded to pull one’s head out of the clouds and understand reality?! Just because a small few of us do not feel the need to get on our knees and worship your idol, we are narrowminded? I believe that those people who understand the real world and do not blindly follow are the least of narrowminded people. Learn things for yourself, don’t kiss a man’s ass and make him your idol. Free thought is a thing of beauty.

  3. Dustin on

    Not one of you make any sense, whatsoever. I am hoping that English is not your first language, because those were some very untelligible statements. First, Enlightenment? Are you alluding to Buddhism? I hope not! That would be offensive to any Buddhist to assume they would get high to reach the travels down the middle path. It is not philosophy you are speaking, it is nonsense. You did not open me up to anything, you said a bunch of random sentences that do not make sense alone, especially not together. I wish I could agree or disagree with you, but I can do neither because you do not make a lick of sense.

  4. Dustin on

    I was anonymous number one for a bit until I was accused of being just an anonymous ass, so I used my real first name. As if that really makes a difference, I am still the enemy on the internet that isn’t kissing ass.

  5. Anonymous on

    Cannabis is but one of the strands of the web of life, but without it the structure might be likely to collapse.

  6. Anonymous on

    Opinion and Vieuw point all add to spirituality, please go and define Spirit!?!

    Is it something about interrelated creativisme?

    Interconnected intelligent Mass?

    Your pick is as good as mines… go ahead….

  7. Anonymous on

    I believe it and you make me wanna LAUGH !

    Thanks for saving my day mate Ano2, keep up the good work man;) “thumbs up”!


    Sorry Jody, but !?!”Scumbag Agitator”!?! , and he even shows it off here….

    Mann du Lieber Grusst Gott Herr Friedrich…. flmao, hilarious…. πŸ˜€

  8. Anonymous on

    To me your story sounds like narrow minded blog litter Ano 2.

    Hence I keep it short this time.


    Ps, what about manners sometimes… instead of beeing the centre piece of reason?

  9. Anonymous on

    Right Jeff, where we live we call that ” Extortion.”

    No way any court can Lawfully & Positively confirm ones guilt after extraction of one’s plea through means of Extortion.


  10. Anonymous on

    Did not want to litter Jodies blog with too much philosfy Dustin, but the way you go about it … you just opened yourselves a new way into reality.

    My Job’s done now, thank you verry much.

    Please tinker a bit still on some details and the multiple ways one can look at any given direction, add it allup, divide it by yourself, and a new inner wisdom became born Dustin.

    Never ment it for me to be done to figure it all out for you, Only hoped after your previous post and enlightenment you’ll now be able to rephrase a new state of mind.

    applause to oneself!

  11. Anonymous on

    Awww-Jodie – it will be OK. Be strong and love will prevail. Love is all that matters now.

    My heart is with you miss.

  12. Anonymous2 on

    PS, I just saved this page and the forum page with my last post and a post by Middlemiss suggesting I be banned and the sign in page where it says I’m banned and the reason given being “scumbag agitator”. I don’t think anyone will believe this unless I actually show them.

  13. Anonymous2 on

    So CC forum bans anyone who points out the fact that Emery is a mere human, huh? the “reason” they gave was “scumbag agitator”, as if that’s a reason and not an insult. Well I think the person who did the banning is the scumbag here, and clearly has the mentality of a 12 year old.

    Not that I give a shit about posting on the forum anyway. There’s nobody on there with an ounce of sense. Anyone who has the audacity to say that Marc Emery doesn’t walk on water gets insulted and called names and then to top it off they get banned. CC has become the very epitome of everything they claim to be against. You are free to express your opinions on the CC forum, as long as they don’t happen to differ from those of the administrators, whoever the hell they are, probably low level members of the Emery cult.

    I guess I have something to talk about on the other forums now. I don’t think anyone will be very surprised about how the CC forum really works. Why do you think the other forums have about 100 times as many members and this one? Because this one banned everyone who didn’t say heil Marc. What a fucking joke CC is. Marc was gone for a week and it’s already turned into Cannabis North Korea. By the time he gets out of prison, it’ll be such a fucked up mess he’ll never be able to regain any kind of respect for the name. He’ll have to start a whole new magazine and website under a different name because this one will be nothing more than a running joke.

  14. Anonymous2 on

    Right you are, and I’m not Anonymous I’m Anonymous2. I asked some very reasonable questions about the topic of this blog, Jodie’s relationship with Marc. Why is it that asking such questions is perceived as being hateful by you? Am I the only person in Canada who thinks it’s a little unusual for a young woman to want to marry a man who was running an illegal business and got charged by the DEA and has to do hard time in the US? I guess that happens all the time, huh?

    I also made to very obvious and valid point that Marc sold to the US when he had no good reason to do so, knowing very well how the DEA is infamous for going after anyone who even sells lighting equipment to growers. He had no compelling need for $4,000,000 to give away to just about anyone who asked. There was no specific thing that required money so urgently that it justified doing what Marc did. Those are plain and simple facts.

    So now that he got charged and the time has arrived for him to do his generously reduced sentence, one that no US citizen got during Operation Green Merchant because most of them got at least 10 years, a bunch of people here seem to think it’s terribly unfair somehow. Why? He knew what the consequences were and he decided to do it anyway. Why does he now deserve to be let off even easier than he already was with the reduced sentence? Isn’t that an insult to all those people who did 10 years without parole for simply selling some lights?

    Why don’t you stop being so immature and take an objective look at the facts. That wasn’t Jesus healing the blind. That was Marc Emery selling Cannabis seeds for 4 times what he paid for them. There’s a slight difference. I agree that his activism in controversial subjects is valuable and commendable. I don’t think he’s a bad person. I just think he did something that was foolhardy, involved others like Michelle and Greg, which was really quite irresponsible, and was just pretty crazy really. Thank god Michelle didn’t actually end up doing 10 years in prison. As it is, only Marc will face serious consequences and that’s the way it should be. Maybe this will persuade him to think things through a little more before he decides to engage in international narcotics trafficking and involving others in his schemes who just don’t know any better. Now if anyone thinks what I have just written is hateful and unreasonable, then that just shows their lack of common sense. They should all go join a cult, buy some Nike sneakers and drink the punch with the almond smell because they are mindless followers of just about anyone.

  15. Jeff Nemeth on

    As far as I understand Marc was prosecuted and deported for doing something that is perfectly legal in this country, which continues currently and our Canadian government collected tax’s from the very sale he was charged with. It’s like jailing a gun maker who’s guns have been used to kill someone. It’s a ridiculas argument to say he is personally responsible for what others have done with his seeds. Yes he is an activist and that made him a target. I’ve never heard of marc selling weed and I’ve shook his hand. It’s hard to believe that he ‘conspired’ to grow weed, he may have given advice and sold the perfectly legal items to grow but did not break the law in this country. Shame on my government and stephan harper for allowing our soviernty to mean so little.
    He surrendered, he gave himself up,,,why?… because he had a 40 year gun to his head. He was coerced with the fear of never being a free man again.

  16. Jeff Nemeth on

    We all love you Jody, it’s time to lean on us. Marc has been a hero of mine for 25 years and part of that time was spent in provincial jail in Alberta for the ‘crime’ of owning and selling the plant that can save this world. As hard as it is for you to lose that part of yourself I can only offer a male understanding who has been where you guys are now. When I saw my loves heart break, it broke mine. Be strong for him, let him ‘do’ his time. It is harder for him if he see’s how shitty it is for you, let him see how much support and love you have, not that your happy he is in but that your OK…He needs to know your ok, he is your man and it is his job to make sure your safe. All men have this instinct, it is a strong as a mothers instinct to protect her child.. “a happy wife is a happy life.”

    God bless and keep you both.

  17. Dustin on

    I think you missed the point. The one guy questioned her love for him based on the way the story seemed. It seemed as if she was just in amazement and strucken by him like an idol. She explained her love and he, who was questioning, agreed that she was truly in love. It has been clarified. Drop the topic. She loves him and means it. It is obvious by her actions and words.

  18. Dustin on

    I don’t mind listening to opinions or viewpoints whatsoever. The only thing I can say to you is, what the hell are you talking about? I am lost. Don’t use a Godwin’s law fallacy. Pot is not an entity among entities, that makes no sense. First, there is no such thing as an entity besides what is in your mind. So are you saying pot can make you “see” new entities or give you some sort of delusion? That is just some confusing drabble. I would like to actually understand what you are saying. I am not asking for the “Hounds”, just literacy.

  19. Fred on


    I would hope that you take the advice of the gentleman above who suggests that you seek professional help in running your complex business affairs. The devil’s in the details.

    That done, you’ve got no excuses or apologies to make to the naysayers. You married for love, the American Ideal (I am American, and can’t say much abut Canadian views in these things, but our two countries seem to be fairly similar that way) and you and Marc have been fighting the good fight (another solid Western value). The pigs in my country have some other ideas. The fight for freedom is never easy, especially when the people you have to fight are a) bloody powerful and b) seem to think that they invented freedom and can define (and limit) it any way they like. Gandhi and Reverend King were hated my many, jailed often and eventually assassinated. No kind act… . Still, the British Raj is out of India and black folks can ride the bus. Change will come, freedom will reign and you and Marc will be remembered as fighters for that freedom.


  20. Elisia on

    This anomynous guy is out for attention all. He has nothing better to do in his life but to make sure he is the center of attention. Is it really any of his business why Jodie would marry marc, age difference and all the crap he has been saying. Oh yes christian, well you sure as hell are either very ignorant when it comes to God or better yet again its attention seeking. Sounds to me like there is this jealousy thing going on, which Jodie has had to face quite a few times. Love does not hold age and religion, instead of harrassing people on here go pick up a book or two and expand your pee brain.

    Jodie. Do not defend who you love in life. Your love for Marc goes beyong age, heroism and what ever other factors this moron thinks he needs to enlighten his pathetic life. You love Marc and that is all anyone one of us needs to know, and I strongly suggest since the world is full of these radicals that if you just delete or better yet not respond they will take their pitiful selves to the next willing victim. I think you are doing a great job and I commend you for your hard work and dedication. My only worry is that you will burn out so please I urge you to reach out and take people up on their offers, no one is to good to not have help. This will also make you a more avalible person to Marc and to your cause. OUR CAUSE.
    I have been where you have been and gave birth alone to a child while my partner was incarserated, you never forget the lonliness but you do get into a routine and it just becomes a normal everyday thing. As much as you do not want it to become the norm it will and again you will learn to be empathetic to another group of people. Take care Jodie and rest.Peace and Love

  21. Anonymous on

    Yeh right Paul,

    But not in his Ass you hear!!!!!!

    I,ve got a Claim of Reservation for thatone myself!

    Sincerely Yours, The Devil.


  22. Anonymous on


    Some people actually are fearless…. Oh my god, what now……?
    ( Since it,s not about themselves, Its about something bigger then themselves. The Only thing they feared was Heaven to drop down on them remember? )

    What if one now really has become fearless, like the lill heroes in the asterix and Obelix series?

    What if there now realy is no way for us to loose, other than seeing the world beeing conquered by Nazism one more?

    What if this lill munchies causing plant is the equivalent likes of the magic potion of the Druid of whisdom capable of dealing with all sorts of poverty and other unwholesomeness raging over our planet like you mentioned yourselves.
    (hint : let go of the “pipe brain” attitude and start using this cerebral tissue like from one ear towards the other in a 360 grade vision field all around.)

    It,s not just a giggle causing relexant See? it’s an entity amongst entities.

    One that will upset the natural course of happenings once beeing removed artificially from its natural environment.

    I could go on all day, but maybe it ‘ll all be pearls to the swine’s, so I rather quit my rant before Releasing the Hounds on you.

    Tnx for as well your imput as well as allowing me for you to get a glimpse of mines.

  23. Anonymous on

    Oh man Ano 02:11 and previous….

    Try reading the Big Book Of Manners, And try and find out when you are about to intrude some ones privacy Ok?

    No offence token or intended but realy, Your curiousity and “thoughtfull, considerate insights” realy balance on the edge of becomming rude imho.

    Never mind, I anyhow apreciate all imput on this blog, also the “lesser”ones but your aproach came somewhat like a Lill “shock” to me.


  24. D on

    Onto you? Sockpuppet? Supporting marijuana is the only way to be a liberal? Very poorly made arguements, oh wait, accusations. I am sure that there are plenty of liberals actually being activists against things that matter like genocide in Africa, inhumane conditions of animals, the poor of the world. Ones that do not share the care nor have the energy to waste on something as trivial as marijuana. I care about people and their well-being, not your munchies and giggles. Maybe we all enjoy them once and awhile and it should be legalized, but I will not risk it for that.

    I am sorry she must be with out the man she loves, I know how that feels. I empathize with you there. I understand the want and desire to help a loved one. Sometimes reality is real and that is that. The United States blows and obviously Canada too. I am sorry, but you need to change the laws. I support that, I will vote that. Write some bills. Release a good chunk of imprisoned people.

  25. Paul on

    Shame on the Canadian Government for thier treatment of a fellow CANADIAN CITIZEN!!!! Our politicians are a bunch of impotent cowardly fools…maybe oneday they will wake up and realize the damage they have done by letting the Nazi-DEA into our country. DEAth to the DEA and all of thier supporters.

  26. jodie on

    It’s not specialty treatment he’s looking for, or an exemption from the law — he broke the law in Canada, wanting to be dealt with in Canada so he could challenge the law in Canadian court.

    The reason he can’t do that in America is because of mandatory minimum sentences. No one thought the Americans would reach into Canada to do the law enforcement work Canadians are responsible for.

    In fact, the Vancouver Police investigated Marc in 2002-2003 and brought the info to the Crown, but the Crown refused to press charges (we learned this only from a VPD member accidentally admitting it at a meeting in 2005; we have it on film). The VPD admit that they sent the file to the USA.

    So, Canada would not charge him here for activities done here that are illegal here… Why does it make it okay to outsource the justice system? That was not expected; that’s a form of betrayal to our country’s justice system. THAT is what we are opposed to. We are not saying Marc shouldn’t be punished at all for breaking the law — we’re saying he should be punished here in Canada.

    Also take into account that the USA offered to let Marc serve his time in Canada is Canada laid charges… and the government refused. It’s a crime in both countries, which is what makes extradition possible… but if they were unwilling to charge him here, then he should not be charged down there. That’s the issue at hand.

  27. jodie on

    Why does it matter the age?

    Would it make you feel better if I fell in love with a young man? Why?

    Marc doesn’t spend half his time in jail; not even 1/8 of his time is spent in jail.

    I enjoy having sex with Marc, I am attracted to him, I find him handsome and intelligent and funny, and everything I want in a man.

    YOU have no say over who I love, just as I have no say over who you love.

    Why are you so worked up about who I’m married to?

  28. A on

    Fuck all the haters. Please could you have some decency towards others?

    Yes he broke the law but the fact is he should not be extradited to the US for selling seeds. The US hyped everything up and described him as a drug king pin just to bring him down for his activism. At least he had the nerve to stand up for people’s rights to choose what they put into their bodies. All the work he has done and will do, will lead to cannabis being legalized in the near future.

    Stay strong Jodie.

  29. plink on

    That’s your defence is it? Yeah I’m onto you. But why make excuses for not supporting him? Just excuse yourself from the pot movement and any thoughts you had of being liberal. Just suck it down that the current laws of the day are your highest authority. And next time don’t rationalise publicly your conservatism, who fucking cares why you’re a sockpuppet?

  30. Anonymous2 on

    I must agree. You can fight to change laws without actually breaking them to do it. Marc openly broke the law. He made no attempt to lessen his culpability by using disclaimers or anything. He just flagrantly promoted uncontrolled Cannabis cultivation and supplied everything you would need to do it, other than the house and the power. It was not necessary for him to do that. He took it upon himself to raise funds for Cannabis activism by trafficking in marihuana and conspiring with growers to manufacture it. He could have chosen a different income source. He could have expanded his book business into the next amazon.com. He chose to break the law, he pled guilty to the charges and now he has every reason to serve his sentence, just like every other person who went to jail for selling marihuana or conspiring to cultivate it. What, he deserves special treatment because he’s an activist?

  31. Anonymous2 on

    Couldn’t you find any heros who DON’T spend half of their time in jail and that AREN’T twice your age? You can admire a person without marrying them you know. people do it all the time. It’s not actually necessary to have sex with them, in fact it brings them down to such a human level. How disappointing to find out that your heros are normal humans with base instincts and everything.

  32. Anonymous2 on

    Oh I see, so it’s not really a place for posting your comments unless they are worded in a way that you find acceptable. Kind of like living in China. It is people like YOU who make the world a bad place for freedom of expression. Why don’t YOU go to the China forum, Hu Jintao?

    I asked a perfectly reasonable question, why Jodie would marry a person she knew would be spending a lot of time in jail. Sure, he’s a nice guy and all, though a constant attention seeker. There are lots of nice people around. Doesn’t mean it makes sense to marry them. Doubtful Jodie and Marc intend to have children. Marc’s a little old for that and he never had kids before. Maybe he had a vasectomy or something.

    Point being, unless a couple intends to have children, what’s the point of marriage anyway? Are Marc and Jodie avid Christians? I find that doubtful too. She’s certainly welcome to marry an aging jailbird if she chooses, I just can’t help seeing that choice as a little odd. It’s actually rather selfish on Marc’s part to take advantage of a young naive girl like Jodie for his sexual needs. Just say no to groupies, Marc.

  33. Anonymous on

    ha ha. So you must resort to gay bashing? I am such a fairy! Good one. Your lack of substance and use of cut downs pretty much shows you have no real knowledge or reason as to what you are saying. I am not spiritually locked up, that is an oxymoron. There is no such thing as a spirit. I am too chickenshit to risk 5 years up to the rest of my life to get high. I admit it, because I am not an idiot. Only fools risk their lives for simple pleasures that do nothing more than make them feel better momentarily. Maybe you should all go to jail just to prove how freely you can live. While you’re in jail, let me know how free you feel being less than an animal at the pound. I support legalization, but this fairy isn’t going to lose what little freedoms he has to pretend to be more free.

  34. Anonymous2 on

    Your points would be valid except for one little thing, he sold to the US. How was that part of his plan to have charges laid in Canada? He sold to the US for one reason, that’s where the money was. He apparently felt that Cannabis activism needed funds so urgently that he had to resort to the worst possible scenario, selling Cannabis seeds and grow equipment to the US. That’s right, the very same US that ran Operation Green Merchant not too long ago. I’m sure Marc heard about that. So what’s his explanation for poking the lion with a stick? What world changing things did the American money accomplish?

  35. Anonymous2 on

    Okay fine. It seemed to me like you were getting the shitty end of the stick but if you’re content with how your life is going then that’s all that really matters. Marc got lucky when he found you, that’s for sure.

  36. plink on

    He is working to change it, that’s the reason he’s physically locked up you cunt. The reason you’re spiritualy locked up is because you’re too chicken shit of the consequences of living as freely as Marc, and you’re even too chicken shit to admit it. You think you can change a law by picking and choosing your way, you fairy? “If you break a law, you pay a price” haha how pussywhipped are you by the current power line-up? You Fucking Victim!

  37. jodie on

    Because he is a hero to me. He has inspired me to become a better person and fight for those who cannot defend themselves. He has taught me to never give up, to always be sure of what I know to be good. He demonstrates compassion, generosity, and the joy of living in everything that he does.

    He has helped save many lives by sending those seeds — I get emails from men and women who tell me that the seeds they bought from Marc have grown medicine that has relieved or cured their suffering and ailments. They actually say “Your husband saved my life”. And people who just talk to him once, one-on-one, are often so moved and inspired that they write and tell us Marc has changed their lives. These emails and phone calls are sincere, and I know it.

    Marc always goes to the bat for freedom and liberty causes, since his young adult life and well into the present time. He was the single largest financier for the movement in the 1990s when even books and magazines about marijuana were illegal (he fought that law) up to 2005 when the DEA shut down Emery Seeds.

    He is bold, brave, never backs down, knows what is right, stands up for the truth, and is recognized by millions as the leader of this great cause — he is my hero, and a hero to countless others.

    I am madly in love with Marc and never, ever regret marrying him, not for one moment. I will take upon myself the pain of this ordeal, knowing that getting through it all will make me and Marc incredibly strong in the future… a future that will see marijuana legalized, and in large part due to Marc’s tireless efforts.

    He’s a hero. That’s why I married him.

  38. Anonymous on

    If you plead guilty, you don’t have a choice to be “freed”. If you break a law, you pay a price. If you don’t like the law, work to change it not break it. It is far too late now. Should have spent this time, effort, and support to free everyone in the same position by changing the minds of the people. Now you are going to throw time and money into a bottomless pit, great idea.

  39. Lisa Mullaney on

    What to hell are you doing on Marc and Jodie’s site if you aren’t here to support them? It is people exactly like you that have screwed this world up so very badly!! GOD BLESS Marc and Jodie for standing up for our rights!! They are the most caring, compassionate people in the world and they are sacrificing so much for so many people! What about love, you OBVIOUSLY don’t know nothing about it or you would have kept your small-minded opinions to yourself!! Anyone that has any negative shit to say to Jodie, GO AWAY!!! WE DO NOT NEED YOUR KIND HERE!!


    You are an AMAZING WOMAN and an INSPIRATION to all!!Keep your head up and don’t listen to any negative people! They are just that, negative people! We love you both and we are going to fight until Marc is back by your side….where he’s supposed to be! My heart goes out to you both, The love you have for each other will see you both through this! MARC EMERY IS A POLITICAL PRISONER, FREE MARC EMERY
    and don’t listen to SMALL-MINDED PEOPLE that are Ignorant to the facts!

  40. Anonymous on

    Say no to negativity. Jodie is an excellent Human Being whom I admire. Let’s bring Marc back home!

  41. Anonymous2 on

    Obvious question, why did you think it was a good idea to marry Marc Emery, a man facing hard time in a US prison? You’re a nice person and all but I have to question your mental stability. Are you sure this wasn’t a groupie thing that went too far? What did your parents say when you told them you were going to marry the Prince of Pot? Did they say they were happy because now you would be a princess, albeit of Pot?

  42. Jackson H on

    This situation breaks my heart. I can only begin to imagine how hard it would be to know that I would not be able to be with my spouse for such a long time.

    Your husband is a good man locked up for evil reasons. I’m so sorry!

  43. michael hampson on

    My prayers are with both of you/ unfortunately those who change the world are usually fought against by the status quo, martin luther king junior was arrested 30 times by the powers of his day..seems our culture hasnt recognized that lesson that the suffergettes, civil rights and environmental activists are heroes of our culture…they still respond from the lower chakras- choosing whats good for them rather than whats good for our comeunity. stay strong jodie…m

  44. Layton on

    theres a saying that i go by now and i find it helps me a lot and it goes

    lifes not about seeing how hard you can get hit, its about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward.

    Rocky πŸ˜›

    but the message is the same i believe you can make it through this you are strong like marc, you both are very brave and inspiring to so many people.

  45. Anonymous on

    Marc Is only Physicly locked up , never Mentally or Spiritually.

    His Mind is able to travle out of the concrete block and most importend, his spirit will be able to RESONATE with the one of higher conscience and beyond.
    I have experienced this myself on occasion serving our collective purpose regarding doing time for our Sacred Herb, And it always became a real enlightening experience.

    Hun, I d like to talk to You about these things soo much, but once I get the hang of it I’ ll be sounding like a waterfall of speach to wich it will become to overwhelming to listen at.

    I like to strike a deal with you on this, since I’ m following your case already a lill longer as just today and ‘ve been responding every now and then… I’ll give it to ya in bits and pieces every time I feel compelled to respond to your blog.

    Together with me there are many anonymouses who,s input is as valuable as mines, I always sense verry clearly what they are trying to message at ya, and appreciate their content.
    Hang in there hun.

    like’s beeing said, our Collective Conscience is rising and we’re doing a damn good job at it!

    And yes be Conserned and Considerate towards Marc as much as you feel like and wish to cry about it, (“Die” to survive, that’s were the rain grows, by helloween) think you get the point, It’s your good right to do so.

    All advise by everyone to you comes from a good heart, in the end however, it’s only and just you who can and will have to deal with it.(meaning; trust and believe only in yourselves and noone else as just the truth comming from yur innerself.
    Cut out the dialogue between your left and right cerebral tissue, hit straight for the one and only real Jodie right in the Middle πŸ™‚

    Strenght to you Lady of the Light, ( that’s how I use to call my teenage and mature doughters too on an individual basis )

    Try finding the true meaning of your name… it is supposed to come to ya as a revelation to help you on your journey during the time beeing separated from Marc.

    All the Strenght and Best wished to the both of you as well as to the rest of us.

    See ya.

    By anonymous.

    ps I,m happy there is no spam detector on this blog, it makes one beeing able to write things straight from the heart.

  46. Love from Texas on

    You and Marc are in my families prayers every night. Try to stay positive about the future. I have written to the Seattle judge in the event he is extrodited to America saying, “You are in a position to make a difference and send a loud message to the Federal Government about the horrible waste of Federal spending trying to keep a plant illegal.
    I beseech you to let Marc Emery return to Canada without any imprisonment and let the Canadian legal system handle any violations of Canadian law he may have violated.”

    I hope all Americans that follow this situation can show their support for Marc by sending letters that hopefully will be able to sway his actions. Keep us updated and know that you are not alone;)

    Love from Texas

  47. Catharine on

    You’re in all our thoughts & prayers Jodie. Hang in there.

  48. Glen Patrick on

    While he is a away just know that one of the best places to meet people in his business is in prison. So if there’s one area where he’ll be well versed and have good company it’s there where thousands upon thousands of people are locked up for doing nothing more than smoking pot. as far as his business goes, I urge you to consult with other professionals and not try and run an entire business by yourself, having never done it before. It would be a great disservice to go blindly into a world that you’re not familiar with without the dedicated help of those who understand what you’re dealing with. As far as it getting harder as time goes by…whoever said that is mistaken. Although it does suck to have your husband locked up, this is your opportunity to learn and grow so when he does finally get set free you’ll be more able, stronger and thus positively effect the business and partnership that you share. As you stated you found it odd to buy food at the store all alone. Well, that’s just one step in the process. By the time he gets let out of his cell you’ll be able to not only buy food at the store but you’ll be able to cook it for him too if you just stay positive. It’s not an overnight change just as his is not just an overnight stay in jail. But as he is learning to deal with life on the inside and begins to ponder the choices he made and the sacrifices he’s been admired for you now have the chance to take what you learned from Marc and yourself and shine that light onto everyone. If you see this as a day to day experience you’ll go mad. See it as an experience to be shared in a way. If he’s stuck in a cell for 5 hours a day, then take that same 5 hours and learn something new. Remember, freedom is your only way to help your husband. Educate yourself. Become his true companion. If you can rise to the occasion and work hard, you’ll find the people in masses awaiting his release. And then you’ll have your victory.

  49. Anonymous on

    Your husband is a hero who is changing the world. Your love for him is part of the love revolution which will overpower the darkness and raise our planet and our world culture to a higher, better place. Thank you Jodie and Marc, for the suffering you have taken on yourselves so that others might lead better, brighter lives. Free Marc Emery! Free the Weed!