25yr-old Gets Death For Trafficking Ganja in Malaysia

Skyline of the Malaysian city Johor Baru, where a man has been sentenced to death for trafficking marijuana.Skyline of the Malaysian city Johor Baru, where a man has been sentenced to death for trafficking marijuana.JOHOR BARU: A 25-year-old man was sentenced to death by at a High Court here after he was found guilty of trafficking over 1kg of cannabis three years ago.

Khalil Anuar Sukirman was charged with trafficking 1,942.9g of cannabis at Jalan Dataran 4/5, Taman Kempas here at around 12.30am on Oct 4, 2006.

According to the facts of the case, the drugs were found inside a bag, which was in the basket of the motorbike driven by the accused.

The bag contained two compressed slabs of ganja leaves that were wrapped in foil and cellophane tape.

High Court Judicial Commissioner Datuk Mohd Zawawi Salleh said that the defence had failed to cast a doubt on the prosecution’s case and eventually sentenced the man to death.

The accused was charged under Section 39B(1)(a) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Laila Lateh prosecuted while lawyer Bustaman Menon represented the accused.

– Article from The Star Online on September 4, 2009.



  1. Anonymous on

    Some people will blame Americans no matter. It’s ridiculous. There is no sense or sensibility in that statement. Where’s your power of reasoning? Does it even exist? Dummy!

  2. Anonymous on

    thank God Marc didn’t get extradited to Malaysia!

  3. Dave on

    In my opinion, Malaysians are not bad people, nor are their governments.

    By tying foreign aid to their international war on drugs, the Americans are the ones making these executions possible.

  4. Anonymous on

    Makes me sick!! Wasn’t even bud, it was leaf!!

  5. Anonymous on

    Whenever I see in the news that Indonesia or Malaysia is blasted with a tsunami or earth quake, I consider it good news. I think that every time they execute a marijuana prisoner we should drop one Nagasaki sized nuke onto their world. Well, that may be a little extreme, but if I were in charge, these barbaric sentences would not be carried out, period. The leaders of these countries need to be held accountable. Like with their own executions.

  6. Anonymous on

    This just goes to show that the ever growing ignorance of the world is going to continue for quite some time. This is the 21 century and countries are still sentencing people to death, you cant squash one act with a greater one. I wonder what happens to rapists and pedophiles in Malaysia, an even worse crime? The world needs to wake up and there needs to be a revolution!


  7. Anonymous on

    If that was my son I would be pissed with nothing to lose people would DIE that had anything to do with this conviction. what a bunch of bull shit. to die over weed.

  8. Worm on

    The more people that read these stories means the more outraged people should be. You can’t stop reporting these injustices.

    Peace & Pot

  9. Anonymous on

    “For those interested in continuing reading such news there are web sites who reports on drug war throughout the world”

    ummm….like like this one for instance???

  10. Anonymous on

    yeah but most drugs are man made, cannabis is not, why should he die for a grass. would he die for selling rice or corn, no he wouldnt, but why not? they are grasses.

  11. Anonymous on

    I have noticed that Cannabis Culture occasionally reports
    about individuals running into big problems with drugs in Asian countries such as Malaysia,Thailand,etc.It is certainly informative to read once in a while about that but this type of info quickly become redundant.Other media such as movies have also reported ad nauseam about the fate of strangers caught with drugs in such countries.
    So,in my view,I think most people are aware of this simple equation that sums it all up
    Can we now turn the page and move on to something else.
    For those interested in continuing reading such news there are web sites who reports on drug war throughout the world