Much Ado About Nothing

Eight Arrested In Drug Raids in British Columbia.

Read the article from the Victoria Times-Colonist

A sprawling team of police officers arrested eight people in early-morning raids across the region this morning, the product of a three-month undercover drug investigation.

Led by the Victoria police street crime unit, nearly 100 officers including two emergency response teams raided five locations in Saanich and the West Shore, seizing a large volume of drugs — mostly cocaine — firearms and cash, and arresting four men and four women, said Victoria police spokesman Sgt. Grant Hamilton.

Nearly 100 officers? A three-month investigation? Holy moly its hard to even imagine how much this operation cost the taxpayers. And what will the effect be? Not less drugs on the streets. Not less violence. In fact just about nothing will change. Good job!



  1. dan-o on

    What’s with the death penalty talk? That kind of thing should be for only the worst criminals, and sparingly even then. People with habits don’t really fall into that category. I do support mandatory sentences for “criminal stupidity” which is what your post exudes.

  2. Anonymous on

    I wonder what “a large quantity” means. Maybe the expenditure was worth it. I know I’d like to live near a few less crackheads and closer to some tokers.

  3. Anonymous on

    Well at least they gunna punish dem bad men. Us gud onest Canadians aint sleep well at night knowing our fella citizins R slaves to evil drug men with theyre wizardry and white powders. ^^ !! =O


  4. Anonymous on

    Not now & NEVER in my world. GANJA ONLY!!! I applaud these brave officers taking harddrugs off the streets and putting their perpetrators in jail. Mow let’s pass laws letting us execute them like they deserve!!!!!! Death penalty for harddrug traffickers NOW!!!!!!!! Ganja is the healing of the nation. Cocaine is Bush crime family dope! Buy coke, support Bush crime family! PERIOD!

    Oh, I forgot. Emery’s a republican…..they love coke. And addiction. Which is why they hate pot.

  5. Anonymous on

    100 officers wow what a waste of tax payers dollars for a messily 8 gangster.

  6. Anonymous on

    those are the exact thoughts i think everytime i hear about this shit what a waste of time and money ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. Andy on

    GREAT job!