Hypocrite Stephen Harper Sings About Getting High

Stephen Harper appeared at the National Arts Centre to perform a Beatles song with Yo Yo Ma last week.

Harper, whose government has disregarded overwhelming evidence showing the prohibition of marijuana is an unmitigated failure, sang a song by the Beatles about getting high with his friends. This despite repeated statement by various
Conservative ministers including the Prime Minister, that decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana would send the wrong message to children.

“Stephen Harper is singing a song about an act, passing a joint, that would under C-15 qualify him for a 6 month Mandatory Minimum prison sentence for ‘trafficking’ marijuana” said Jacob Hunter of the Beyond Prohibition Foundation, “This Conservative government wants to throw people in jail for an act as simple as passing a joint, yet has no problem sending it’s leader out to sing about it; the hypocrisy of this government is astounding”

In 2007, Stephen Harper attacked the Beatles for contributing to a “drug culture” that he vowed to combat. Now, two years later, he is singing perhaps the Beatles most popular, and blatant, song about using marijuana.

“The fact is that this Prime Minister’s legislation would throw John Lennon in jail right beside Marc Emery if he were alive today” continued Hunter, “Mr. Prime Minister, John Lennon didn’t belong in jail, Marc Emery doesn’t belong in jail, and the 50,000 Canadians arrested for marijuana possession last year don’t belong in jail; it is time to end this rank hypocrisy and end marijuana prohibition.”

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  1. Anonymous on


  2. river cat on

    They STILL have that video on their site. They sure must be proud of that hypacritacal cunt!


  3. Anonymous on

    I would just like to point out that the conservative website has this video on their homepage…
    I guess they can’t see their own hypocrisy, even when it slaps them in the face.


  4. Anonymous on

    You mean led 5000 Israelite back to the Mesopotamian and Canaanites home city right. I mean considering they did enhabit the region(what we call Israel) long before there was ever any Hebrew people there. It would be considered rightfully theres and not the Israelites right? Our does that all get thrown out the window when some crazy fuck writes down that “God” promised the land to them?

  5. Anonymous on

    Ezra (Hebrew: ???????, Modern ?Ezra Tiberian ?Ezrâ) was a Jewish priestly scribe who led about 5000 Israelite exiles living in Babylon to their home city …

  6. Anonymous on

    Go away Ezra

  7. Chuck on

    Harper put Marc Emery in jail.He wins.Harper love you,…….HARPER.

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  9. Anonymous on

    Eat cannabis bird seeds and I guarantee you you’ll sing like a shit-hawk

  10. Anonymous on

    It doesnt matter whos in charge, canada is americas bitch and will be until a couple of years from now when china declares both nations their own, and their aint a damn thing anyone can do about because were surrounded by the bastards! they already took over all they have to do now is say the word.

  11. Montreal on

    He is sooo trying to compete with Obama
    he wants to be in the limelight but he never will
    this is just another one of his attempts to show Canada that HE is also a cool leader
    but he just isn’t
    the hypocrite side of this is pretty bad too, I

  12. Anonymous on

    The guy can sing!

  13. Anonymous on

    We all know its you Ezra.

  14. Ezra Levant hater on

    You’re not fooling anyone Ezra.

  15. Mr. Schizo Phrenic on

    Stephen Harper has changed. He is a cool guy now and sings Beatles songs.I would not be surprized he helps Marc Emery soon to get out of jail and legalize marijuana afterwards.
    Thanks Stephen, You are really now one of the gang !
    With you Canada is soon going to be one of the most progressive country in the world way ahead of the Netherlands

  16. Anonymous on

    looking pale as a ghost haha

  17. Anonymous on

    The Canadian concervatives are with the DEA underworld, Clinton, Diddy and many other tyrants from the entertainment industry. They are apart of a murderous rampage with depleted uranium and plutonium mixed with chemicals oxided for use on defenseless civilians that they aplly in public places, foods and even the public water system, in other words a worlds swinging scandal involving who ever polititions, entertainers, everyone who wants to get fucked so they use their names in CIA homocides to coverup investigations and label them cold or unsolved, classic CIA phoney forged documents, dupicate keys to civilians homes and businesses, strictly unrest with undermining, like “no its not radiations”. They say the only country in the world who legalized torture is Israel but this is not true, Canada, America and England all legalized torture even when its illegal internationally. These governments are criminal, genocidal exactly whats happening in these regime STATES. Is this world really democratic? why did the CIA liberate Iraq? What a fucking joke this life has become. Its me against every government.. Fuck the DEA and the pussy CIA because your integrity has gone down the drain… He will be labeled a political prisonor after…