Hypocrite Stephen Harper Sings About Getting High

Stephen Harper appeared at the National Arts Centre to perform a Beatles song with Yo Yo Ma last week.

Harper, whose government has disregarded overwhelming evidence showing the prohibition of marijuana is an unmitigated failure, sang a song by the Beatles about getting high with his friends. This despite repeated statement by various
Conservative ministers including the Prime Minister, that decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana would send the wrong message to children.

“Stephen Harper is singing a song about an act, passing a joint, that would under C-15 qualify him for a 6 month Mandatory Minimum prison sentence for ‘trafficking’ marijuana” said Jacob Hunter of the Beyond Prohibition Foundation, “This Conservative government wants to throw people in jail for an act as simple as passing a joint, yet has no problem sending it’s leader out to sing about it; the hypocrisy of this government is astounding”

In 2007, Stephen Harper attacked the Beatles for contributing to a “drug culture” that he vowed to combat. Now, two years later, he is singing perhaps the Beatles most popular, and blatant, song about using marijuana.

“The fact is that this Prime Minister’s legislation would throw John Lennon in jail right beside Marc Emery if he were alive today” continued Hunter, “Mr. Prime Minister, John Lennon didn’t belong in jail, Marc Emery doesn’t belong in jail, and the 50,000 Canadians arrested for marijuana possession last year don’t belong in jail; it is time to end this rank hypocrisy and end marijuana prohibition.”

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