My letter about Marc published in the Nanaimo Daily News

Emery has been a strong leader for his community

The Daily News
Published: Saturday, October 03, 2009

Re: ‘King of Pot’s punishment was no surprise’ (Daily News, Sept. 29)

Marc Emery was expecting to get punished. What he was not expecting was that the Canadian government would hand him over to the U.S. government. Emery is a political activist and thought — quite reasonably — that he would get his opportunity to make his case in front of Canadian judges within the Canadian legal system.

Secondly, the Canadian government has been ignoring the LeDain Commission report and it’s recommendations of legalization of possession and cultivation for the last 37 years. The Canadian government has been ignoring the Senate report and it’s recommendations of legal cannabis sales for the last seven years. No reason has been given by the government for ignoring the science and experts on this issue.

Rather that sit around and watch millions of harmless Canadians go to jail, waiting in vain for an irrational and irresponsible government to do something, Emery stood up and organized his community. He is as guilty as a person selling grape seeds over the border during alcohol prohibition.

David Malmo-Levine


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David Malmo-Levine