NDP to Conservative Government: Don’t Extradite Marc Emery

CANNABIS CULTURE – NDP Leader Jack Layton and his party are calling on the Conservative government to stop the extradition of activist Marc Emery.

Layton and two other NDP MPs, Libby Davies and Bill Siksay, have sent letter of support to activists and the Minister of Justice, calling Emery’s extradition for selling marijuana seeds “wrong”, and asking that he be allowed to serve his sentence in Canada.

Read letters from NDP members below.

Jack Layton Calls Marc Emery’s Extradition ‘Wrong’

Supportive letter sent to marijuana activists from NDP leader

To: WhyProhibition.ca

Thank you for your message regarding the extradition of Marc Emery to the United States.

Several years ago, when this matter became public, we voiced our
opposition the extradition of Mr. Emery. We believed then, as we do
now, that it is wrong to extradite our citizens for an offence that
would not – and, in this situation, did not – result in him being
charged in Canada.

Please find attached a recent letter from Ms. Davies to Minister Rob
Nicholson asking him to intervene on behalf of Mr. Emery.

Again, I appreciate hearing your concerns on this matter. All the best.


Jack Layton, MP (Toronto-Danforth)
Leader, Canada’s New Democrats

Libby Davies urges Justice Minister to Stop Emery Extradition

from LibbyDavies.com

The Honourable Rob Nicholson
Minister of Justice
105 East Block
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6

Dear Minister Nicholson,

I write once again to ask that you stop the extradition of Canadian Marc Emery to the United States and allow him to serve his prison sentence in Canada.

Canadian law enforcement officials have for a decade ignored Mr. Emery’s well publicized activities. I have expressed to you on many occasions my vehement opposition to sending Mr. Emery or any Canadian to face harsh punishment in another country when we have agreed as a society that these actions are not worthy of prosecution in Canada. Yet, your government has refused to intervene on Mr. Emery’s behalf and he will now serve a five year prison term in the United States.

It is my understanding that the United States government will allow Mr. Emery to remain in Canada to serve his sentence if the Government of Canada agrees. I therefore urge you to act in best the interest of this Canadian citizen and in the interest of Canadian sovereignty and allow Mr. Emery to serve his sentence in Canada.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible on this urgent matter.


Libby Davies, MP
Vancouver East
NDP Spokesperson for Drug Policy

Bill Siksay Calls For End To Marc Emery’s Extradition

To: The Honourable Rob Nicholson, PC, MP

Minister of Justice
105 East Block
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

Dear Minister Nicholson,

I am writing regarding the extradition of Canadian Marc Emery to the United States. I would urge you to take immediate steps to allow Mr Emery to serve his prison sentence in Canada.

It is my understanding that Canadian law enforcement officials ignored Mr. Emery’s activities implying that these actions were not worthy of prosecution in Canada. Despite this, your government has refused to intervene on Mr. Emery’s behalf and he will now serve a five year prison term in the United States.

I understand that the United States government will allow Mr. Emery to remain in Canada to serve his sentence if the Government of Canada agrees. Given this fact, I would therefore call upon you to act in best the interest of this Canadian citizen and in the interest of Canadian sovereignty and allow Mr. Emery to serve his sentence in Canada.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible on this urgent matter.


Bill Siksay, MP



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    This is ridiculous. Instead of sending letters to Nicholson you should’ve voted in the non-confidence motion against them and then you could write to the new one. One that might actually listen. Don’t say you abstained to pass the EI stuff cuz you could’ve got the Liberals to pass that. They’re just political wimps. The NDP and Liberals need to grow a pair of cahones. Now Emery is going to be extradited and C-15 is probably going to pass. Just great.

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    I was an NDP party member in the past. To gain support in the years past, Layton and company claimed to support an end to prohibition. There have been a number of things that have happened to prove this false, such as pressuring Dana Larsen to drop out of the race in BC because pictures serfaced of him using drugs. What a crock. Then Jack Layton make a public comment that he does not support legalization. This was it for me, I quit the party will never again support that band of hyprocrates. In my opinion the Greens are the only ones who are actually interested in helping us. The NDP only support us when it is convenient to them, period!

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    I sware Layton is bipolar, I believe this is just an attept at getting votes if an election were to happen in the near future. I hope that Harper listens as Emery should not be extradited but i believe there is a more personal agenda involed Layton is a politician after all. Libby Davies and Bill Siksay are wonderful people with great values and have never flip-flopped on their beliefs. I respect them way more than Layton.

    Free Marc Emery another prisoner of war.

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  13. Buzz Killjoy on

    I read an interesting article in the Fredricton Daily Gleaner today about a local man for whom our Justice Minister refused to sign the extradition order.

    I will scan it and upload to this discussion thread later today. It will be more grist for the mill and should be made viral for the cause.

    I will also forward it to the NDP members mentioned in this item.

  14. qmark on

    Marc Emery is a Canadian, and if he is to face judgement in a court of law for his “offense,” then let him face a Canadian court of law. If handed off to American justice system, rest assured he will be convicted, he will be sentenced to Draconian punishment, and he will have the rest of his life sorely affected by the results of his conviction.

    Remember that in America, justice is meted out in increments that correspond to the amount of money the accused can spend on lawyers. The more money that’s spent, the more justice can be purchased. That’s right—it’s for sale down here, like everything else. Anyone who has faced a court of law in America with a public defender as an attorney understands this implicitly.

    A public defender is provided for those who cannot afford decent representation. The P.D.’s first act is to try to get the accused to “make a deal,” to capitulate and plead guilty in a trade-off for a reduced sentence. No P.D. ever asked an accused individual if he or she was guilty or not—it doesn’t matter. Their sole job is to make a deal and get it over with. They might as well be working for the prosecutor’s office.

    This is the “quality” of justice in the United States. You witnessed the other end of the scale in the O.J. Simpson trial. To hand Marc Emery off to this fate is unconscionable on its face. Take my word for it—I am an American who faced a marijuana conviction thirty-eight years ago, and I am still listed as a felony drug dealer in the criminal files. It was also my last arrest, for anything. It has affected my ability to get a decent job my entire working life. International travel is affected. The basic rights of majority, such as voting, are denied me. If I live to be a hundred years old, in the eyes of the American Justice System, I will still be a twenty year-old drug dealer, a dangerous felon, and a person of faulty character. If you truly want justice to be served in Marc Emery’s prosecution, do it at home, in Canada, where real justice can perhaps be had. He has no chance of it down here.

  15. weedboy on

    The Jack Layton and the NDP are the only party that is showing support for Marc Emery, and you fools are trashing them!? We need more politicians like these. Trash the rest of the politicians who are doing nothing….BTW, what are you doing, besides posting stupid-ass comments.

  16. Anonymous on

    we could have voted nazi harper out if it wasnt for the ndp assholes! they think this will get them back the stoner vote?! why didnt they speak out on this before? the bastards would suck dicks for votes!!

  17. Anonymous on

    I’d like to see The NDP stand behind emery in the public eye. Why not do a real press release? Seems Layton will support emery only when no one but emerys supporters will hear about it. Lets see Layton on the nightly news saying these things……….it’ll never happen.
    Wheres Layton’s letter to Rob Nicholson?

    Better yet let’s hear something from layton (publicly) stating marijuana prohibition is wrong and it should be legalized.
    Will never happen either.

    Don’t forget the NDP is why we have a conservative government right now. Their only concern is getting liberal votes regardless of the effect it has on our country. The little 180 they just pulled on the liberals non confidence motion is a perfect example.

  18. Anonymous on

    Actually, I just saw something on the news that said Harper could be Prime Minister for the next year because Iggy’s non confidence motion was defeated because of a turncoat Liberal.

  19. Anonymous on

    Nicholson won’t be Justice Minister for much longer anyway, just like Harper won’t be Prime Minister. Jack will have to write a new letter to the Liberal Justice Minister in a few months. Hopefully, he’ll be more concerned about the well being of Canadian citizens than the Conservative one and bring Marc back to Canada.

  20. BG on

    Nice. Canada , DO NOT send him here under any circumstances.
    The world needs to stand up to the U.S.government when it comes to drug policy(among many other things). Keep Marc there , let him out in a reasonable amount of time. Like today.

  21. Anonymous on

    Sure, Emery and Layton may disagree on a few things. But when it comes to getting 5 years in jail for selling seeds, Jack Layton is totally against such severe and foolish punishment. I commend Jack Layton and the NDP for showing their support for Marc Emery. I think most people would agree that getting 5 years in a USA jail for selling seeds is ridiculous.

  22. Anonymous on

    well, kinda sorta not really maybe.
    I think Mr Layton sees this as more of an opportunity to slam the opposition then a a real concern for a Canadian.

  23. Anonymous on

    correct me if im wrong but i remember marc emery and jack layton being on a video together talking about the political views on marijuana and they where both on good terms till something happened and they where bitter towards each other but now it seems they have come back to gain there honour and help save marc!

    Please tell me if this is what happend!