NeverGetBusted Tip: Reverse Stings and Road-Kills

Citizens often get busted selling marijuana because they unknowingly sell to informants or undercover agents, which usually triggers a raid and arrest.

Purchasing marijuana is safer than selling, especially when purchasing small amounts. Large purchases of pot require large amounts of money and kops often pose as “sellers” so they can seize the “buy money.” These operations are known as “reverse stings.”

Purchasing small amounts of pot requires very little money so law enforcement is not interested in reverse stinging small purchases. However, they will sometimes allow a small purchase to transpire so they can later make a traffic stop on the purchaser and seize the small amount and make an arrest. These are known as a “road-kills.”

To avoid a road-kill, never purchase more than you and the occupants can eat.

This information is important to remember when traveling. Sometimes it’s safer to leave your medicine at home and make a small pot purchase in the city you are visiting. This minimizes your risk because it’s more likely you will get caught by a highway interdiction officer while traveling than getting busted in an undercover operation.



  1. Anonymous on

    I got raided and the paperwork said it was initiated when the task force(punk thugs) was at the gro shop and noticed my landlord buying rockwool. they got his plate number and went through his trash and found a little bit of evidence. this lead to the power company and then they CLAIM to have researched his properties which lead them to me….they went through my garbage and found a little scrap and a few gro rocks….on to the power company and from there got a warrant….
    it was a bad deal all around.
    My point here is that they LIED(once again)…..
    I discovered eventually that they busted a *friend* of mine and he ratted me off to the task force to avoid prosecution.

    To protect Alan Radtke(RAT/informant;Minneapolis,Mn) they did some research on me that unfortunately traced back to my landlord and through eavsdropping and stealth observation they organized the setup to appear as if it started with a random grow shop license checks…..IT DID NOT Start there.

    The police go to serious lengths to protect their rats and they will create a whole new story to make the bust appear unrelated on the paper work.
    They revealed their source though by reveaaling certain information to me that only
    the Informant(Alan Radtke)knew about me. I believe this was intentional as they have NO respect for rats even though they work hard to get them to give up their *friends*.

    Barry I have since pick up your dvd set…sorry man but it was about the least helpful waste of cash I have spent in a while. I would like a refund.

  2. Anonymous on

    Thanks for the great tips, Barry! Your excellent information is always appreciated!

  3. Anonymous on

    Great tip, Barry! Thanks for all you do to help education the masses. Kudos to you, and please keep them coming.


  4. Shytdysturber on

    well, hopefully you’re not buying an amount from law enforcement (eatable or otherwise).