NeverGetBusted Tip: Reverse Stings and Road-Kills

Citizens often get busted selling marijuana because they unknowingly sell to informants or undercover agents, which usually triggers a raid and arrest.

Purchasing marijuana is safer than selling, especially when purchasing small amounts. Large purchases of pot require large amounts of money and kops often pose as “sellers” so they can seize the “buy money.” These operations are known as “reverse stings.”

Purchasing small amounts of pot requires very little money so law enforcement is not interested in reverse stinging small purchases. However, they will sometimes allow a small purchase to transpire so they can later make a traffic stop on the purchaser and seize the small amount and make an arrest. These are known as a “road-kills.”

To avoid a road-kill, never purchase more than you and the occupants can eat.

This information is important to remember when traveling. Sometimes it’s safer to leave your medicine at home and make a small pot purchase in the city you are visiting. This minimizes your risk because it’s more likely you will get caught by a highway interdiction officer while traveling than getting busted in an undercover operation.