Marc Emery’s Sentence Reeks of Injustice and Mocks our Sovereignty

Marc Emery works in his Vancouver store in January 2008. Emery is to surrender himself in B.C. Supreme Court on Sept. 28, 2009. (Photo by Ward Perrin)Marc Emery works in his Vancouver store in January 2008. Emery is to surrender himself in B.C. Supreme Court on Sept. 28, 2009. (Photo by Ward Perrin)After two decades as Canada’s Prince of Pot, Marc Emery will surrender himself today in B.C. Supreme Court and become the country’s first Marijuana Martyr.

Emery will begin serving what could be as long as five years behind bars as Uncle Sam’s prisoner for a crime that in Canada would have earned him at most a month in the local hoosegow.

It is a legal tragedy that in my opinion marks the capitulation of our sovereignty and underscores the hypocrisy around cannabis.

Emery hasn’t even visited America but he was arrested in July 2005 at the request of a Republican administration that abhorred his politics.

He is being handed over to a foreign government for an activity we are loath to prosecute because we don’t think selling seeds is a major problem.

There are at least a score of seed-sellers downtown and many, many more such retail outlets across the country.

In the days ahead, once the federal justice minister signs the extradition papers, Emery will be frog-marched south to Seattle where his plea bargain will be rubber-stamped and he will be sent to a U.S. penitentiary.

For comparison, consider that the B.C. Court of Appeal last year said a one-month jail sentence plus probation was appropriate punishment for drug and money-laundering offences of this ilk.

The last time Emery was convicted in Canada of selling pot seeds, back in 1998, he was given a $2,000 fine.

In July, his co-accused Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams were given two years probation for conspiracy to manufacture marijuana.

They were indicted along with Emery for their role in what the authorities described as a $3-million-a-year business.

Rainey, 38, worked for Emery from 1998 to 2005, helping him operate the B.C. Marijuana Party and his mail-order business.

The 54-year-old Williams took phone orders.

Emery flouted the law for more than a decade and every year he sent his seed catalogue to politicians of every stripe. He ran in federal, provincial and civic elections promoting his pro-cannabis platform.

He championed legal marijuana at parliamentary hearings, on national television, at celebrity conferences, in his own magazine, Cannabis Culture, and on his own Internet channel, Pot TV.

Health Canada even recommended medical marijuana patients buy their seeds from his company.

From 1998 until his arrest, Emery even paid provincial and federal taxes as a “marijuana seed vendor” totalling nearly $600,000.

He was targeted because of his success, targeted as surely as pot comic Tommy Chong — who spent nearly a year in U.S. jail because his son ran a company selling glass pipes.

Emery challenged a law he disagrees with using exactly the non-violent, democratic processes we urge our children to embrace and of which we are so proud.

“The same seeds I sold are being sold right in America,” Emery complained. “The people in California are doing it the same way I did so there’s a terrible hypocrisy at work here.”

He’s right.

Emery recently wrapped up a 30-city “farewell tour” of speaking engagements across Canada.

And, he’s banking on the transfer agreement that allows Canadians convicted and jailed in America to serve their time here and take advantage of our very liberal early-release laws.

If that happened, he could be out within a few years. But Ottawa has regularly rejected drug offenders for the program and I doubt Emery will find any sympathy.

I suspect he’s likely to moulder in a violent, overcrowded U.S. jail for probably his full five-year sentence.

“I’m going to do more time than many violent, repeat offenders,” he noted.

“There isn’t a single victim in my case, no one who can stand up and say, ‘I was hurt by Marc Emery.’ No one.”

He’s right again.

Emery is facing more jail time than corporate criminals who defraud widows and orphans and longer incarceration than violent offenders who leave their victims dead or in wheelchairs.

Whatever else you may think of him — and I know he rankles many — what is happening to him today mocks our independence and our ideal of justice.

– Article from The Vancouver Sun.

Marijuana activist Marc Emery to surrender

by CBC News

Marc Emery, Canada’s self-proclaimed “Prince of Pot,” appears Monday in B.C. Supreme Court, where he is to be taken into police custody to await extradition to the United States.

He was arrested in 2005 at the request of U.S. officials for selling marijuana seeds over the internet from Vancouver.

The leader of B.C.’s Marijuana Party, who runs a magazine called Cannabis Culture, faces a five-year prison term as part of a plea deal.

Once extradited, Emery, 51, is expected to plead guilty in a Seattle court to conspiracy to manufacture marijuana.

He says accepting jail time allowed his two co-conspirators — Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams — to each be given two years’ probation. Had he gambled on a trial, he would be looking at up to 50 years behind bars, he says.

Emery’s business made millions of dollars over the years, but he says he gave it all away to marijuana advocacy groups around the world.

His wife, Jodie, is trying not to think about what awaits her husband.

“It’ll be very lonely, but that’ll just encourage me to get him back in my arms as soon as possible,” she told CBC News.

Her plan is to lobby the federal government for Emery’s swift transfer to a Canadian prison.

– Article from CBC News.



  1. st.budz on

    im with ya man !

  2. Ken L. on

    New World Order……..get with the program people. We have no say so in anything.
    Thats why I am personally organizing a protest in D.C. on 4/20/10 I live in Ohio and anyone willing to go can find food and refuge at my place for this important rally. Strictly peaceful people. Im on [email protected]

  3. Anonymous on

    Maybe we should set fire to the Whitehouse again like we did in 1812. You pussy’s haven’t won a war since you left England

  4. Dave on

    Yea, people like you and yours’ can only ‘fuck shit up’ because you can never win at anything.

    And who owns your land now? Is it still Saudi Arabia or have you been sold to China?

    My mistake, I don’t think China owns your land, yet. I think at this point they own you labour and only have a lien on your property. But their future unlike yours has a lot more opportunity! So who knows, they might just end up owning your land as-well-as your labour.


    AHAHAHAH you canadian pussies you know who the fuck is your daddy the good ol USA! Stupid ass pot heads. There is only one country in this world and it is USA! You dumb fucks you listen to the US or we fuck your shit up.

  6. Anonymous on

    If the US was so concerned with the welfare of its citizens, then the measures in place to do so should be examined. Marc Emery is a Canadian citizen and was on Canadian soil when the alleged crime occurred. The DEA has no jurisdiction in Canada, and made use of political bullying to houdini this ridiculous charge against him. IF they were so interested in ceasing his sale of seeds to American Citizens, then perhaps the shipments could have hmm I dont know, been stopped by customs? They obviously have known of the seeds passing through the border for some time, and waited until an American Lackey got elected to our highest seat of office in Canada. This is an outrage that our own government is allowing such a blatant breach of our sovereignty in this manner. It is clear that Marc is targeted not for the money he has made or the product he sold, but for his rapidly growing successes in a political movement. Had Harper not been elected, I doubt this would have happened.

  7. AnonymousPhilosophy on

    When Marc Emery chose to conduct his buisness with US residents, he chose to break US laws. While it seems to me like a minor offence, by doing this he brought himself under US jurisdiction, and therefore the States should be able to judge him accordingly. While I heartily agree with Canada’s sovereign right to protect its citizens, attention also must be given to US soverignty and their right to “protect” their citizens from illegal substances.

  8. tom on

    how very american of you..misquote someone from the distant past to halt the advancement of the clear future.

  9. David on

    1. Emery was not locked up because he was successful selling seeds. He was locked up for speaking out against my governments stupid drug war, and using money to end it. There are plenty of seed sellers who keep the money they make, and are rich an successful.

    2. Violent criminals who kill an are caught get life in prison not 5 years. Surpringly in your country violent offenders can kill someone an be back on the street in 25 years. Which make no sense.

  10. Ah-sole on

    A selfish,self-centered pansy gets what he deserves.

  11. heide on

    i am sick of our government thinking we should be telling the whole world what to do,, as well as so many of my fellow americans attitude that we are better than everyone else,, and the rest of the world for some reason owes us..ect,,i just dont get it
    canada a sovereign nation…doesnt seem so or else your leaders would have the balls to tell the us hell no you aint gettin our citizen,,
    you must mean sovereign like the people on the reservations here ,,you are as long as you do what we tell you to do………….

  12. Gary on

    I’m sad to hear about Marc’s “abduction” by the USA gestapo. As an American, I’m embarrassed by the mentality of the US (in)justice system that keeps getting worse, the sold out politicians, and the big corporations that pay big $ to keep a helpful and beautiful plant illegal.
    Politicians get paid to keep the system corrupt and proliferate the use of alcohol, which IS the most dangerous and damaging drug in the world. It had killed more people than all the wars in history combined.
    Hopefully, Canada will regain the guts to decriminalize marijuana again, and tell the US government to piss off and stay out of Canada’s business.
    Looking at the impending demise that is happening to America on a financial and industrial level, we have only 450 people to blame for all types of lunacy… They are called CONgress.

  13. Gary on

    Everyone reading this jackass’s post should tell everyone to boycott Timberland Shoes for their tasteless post to exploit the arrest publicity of Marc.

  14. fan of "the I-CHONG" on

    use this time to learn and expand your mind as much as possible marc

  15. Anonymous on

    we now own canada .and we will be back for the rest of you one at atime and your resources.your oil your timber your minerals .your people for slaves all because you would not stand up to us.shame on the canadian goverment .for being such pussys

  16. ToxicSludge on

    My heart and soul are saddened beyond belief at this blatant travesty of justice.I am an old american and find it mind boggling that the usually sensable canadian govt has succumbed to the pressures of the dea/feds for doing something that isn’t considered a crime in canada.This I see as the beginning of the end of freedom as we once knew it to be.The relentless persecution of non violent hardworking pot smokers.And for what?People of all countries should vote out all these right wing nazis before our very fabric of life is taken away forever.I believe in God,and as such I will say that to all those who take pleasure in incarcerating Marc Emery,you will have to pay for your cruelty sooner or later.You will be called to answer for your own crimes.To imprison a gentle soul like Marc is condemming yourself to hell for eternity.You say you believe in God?That is called blasphemy,and you all will pay a most severe price for your actions.

  17. one12alpha on

    I am so saddened to see this happen to mark. I’m ashamed of my government’s actions around the world. I wish the people of the world to know that the US government acts outside the desires of its citizens. They have lost sight of the foundation of democracy, that its power to govern rests on sovereignty of those to be governed. Our government is quickly losing said sovereignty, and I believe there will be much civil strife in the years to come. I wish people to see through the fog and see that the actions of a few do not equate to the desire of the many.

    Sorry, Marc, for what our DEA has done, and what our government is doing. They act beyond our control, and beyond our desires. Pleas take comfort in the fact that you are in our hearts and minds.

  18. Anonymous on

    The sovereignty of Canada has been violated.There is no doubt about this.And where is the help of Canadian politicians “so called friends of the marijuana cause” when it is time to defend a Canadian citizen and patriot like Marc Emery ? Nowhere in sight thats for sure there all too busy defending the cause of suspected Al-Queda terrorists
    living in Canada. Hey thats big fashion now :adopt a terrorist. But when its time to defend a canadian citizen
    and protect it from being busted by the DEA…all the political friends vanish.