The Last Stand: Legal Marijuana

The campaign to legalize marijuana is the most important progressive political movement in this country today.

We are on the front lines of the conflict for our freedom to choose how we think. To authoritarians, changing consciousness and opening our minds to new patterns of thought is fearsome because it rocks the norm and challenges the status quo. For this is the reason the criminal justice system, which is largely composed of rigid thinking, fear motivated types, has a special antipathy for the herb.

They may recognize that it doesn’t harm the individual, but as a group, the criminal justice gang, from cops to judges, expresses fear of marijuana legalization’s effect on society.

They understand that the masculine aggressive instincts; bluster, aggression, destruction, and fight or flight events following alcohol consumption will change to the more feminine non aggressive, more conciliatory mood, engendered by marijuana. Bad for cop business and terrifying for their world view and self-esteem.

Make no mistake about it, environmentalism, feminism, apathy towards capitalism, acceptance of alternative lifestyles, and so many other good things that have happened to this country were influenced by the good herb. The idea that happiness and a meaningful life are more important than the financial rat-race percolated through society too. Since then authorities have conducted a witch-hunt against marijuana users, but the genie won ‘t go back in the bottle.

As marijuana use spreads across caste and class, and through the country’s ethnicities, it’s become the one unifying issue in the U.S. and throughout the world. This makes it even more dangerous.

Remember that according to the bible, all people were one until they tried to discover the truth by building astronomical observatories, the ziggurats. God felt threatened and set people apart from each other by giving them different languages and cultures with a stern waning not to challenge authority. In their minds cops worldwide are still enforcing this code.

Marijuana users and suppliers face affronts to their freedom experienced only by the fiercest environmental warriors and the most violent criminals. Eddy Lepp is serving 10 years, Will Foster, back in Oklahoma prison for the five by five foot medical garden found in his Tulsa basement in 1995, even a life without parole sentence just for a bit of weed in the ocean of drugs Americans use every day.

Eddy Lepp had a choice. Use pot or do as the authorities tell you. Take a Prozac or Zirtec- or the new improved anti-inflammatory, brain-curdling, non-regurgitating thought-killing, mood enhancement, synthetic derivative of sewage sludge. Caution, suicidal thoughts and sudden death may occur.

Why not use marijuana? Because it’s dangerous! If too many of us get a notion of what’s going on there’s trouble ahead- for the formerly hidden hands that run this system. No medical care profiteering for bankers and financiers? No nuclear war machine? All U.S. forces out of everywhere? What next, prison for torturers like Rumsfeld and Chaney? Independent thinking? Unheard of! Outrageous!

As the hippie credos about the environment and human relations become part of the texture of society, the criminal justice gang is using marijuana as its last stand and scapegoat. It lost segregation, womens’ rights, and is losing with the gays. Can’t the cops at least have the just one right- to bust potheads?!

There we stand folks. Smoke that joint and you’re in the vanguard. You can volunteer to help change the laws or the cops might draft you into the war. Will you be a soldier or a victim?

OK For those of you waiting to hear my Obama commentary it is – Obama Obama Obama.



  1. Anonymous on

    Russia daar ga je, Rocky mountain High, Calorado By John Denver.

  2. Anonymous on

    And the Incense Burns to Honour her Prescence.

    En de Wierrook Brandt om haar Aanwezigheid te Eren.


  3. Anonymous on

    Please Check or Add to Youtube: Jacob by Robert Long.

  4. Anonymous on

    Hi All, I’d like to bring you the Happy news 🙂

    Russia is with Us now. She’s at peace.

    Yesterday at o:oo, I administered her twice the amount of her regular medication: 0.04 gramm of high quality Organicly grown cannabis sativa indica . she seemed to be in Desparate Need of it.

    As of now ths will parhaps be the first Recorded time in Human History that someone actually did die from a overdose of marijuana Medication! 🙂

    Russia left with a smile upon her face 🙂

    We did our best lo let her go out as pleasently as we possibly could Provide.

    This was the way Msn

    The High way!

    Love Ron To All the Living And the <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  5. Anonymous on

    Please Hold on still for a while Ed before changing the Blog For your latest Urgent News And Requests And Remarks,

    Pc’ memory does not work, and I’d like to print it all out but must wait till tomorrow to get to the store, get some ink patridge and hopefully will be able to start printing again.

    Sincerely Yours:Ed

  6. Anonymous on

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  7. Anonymous on

    Key word = Resonate!

    Who aaaaaaaa I I I

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  9. Anonymous on

    <<<< sorry, sleep deprivation getting to me, I ment Mel frank has helped creating some of the great masters of cannabis to me, of wich one is Cees hendrix, Jeroen, the guy on his forum no mercy. dont forget Higgley town Heroe ;) bruut, tayron Atmo Mikey Hi , Saibaba :) etc, sorry guys the list is just too long , you know who I mean. dont for get the lovely gang on and their lovely chat room.... lovely lovely lovely, all I had to say for to day bayis-

  10. Anonymous on

    Yeah, And guess by who I was inpired to start growin the sacred herb in the late eighties? Good o’ll Ed ofcourse , And about Mel Frank , he, been producing some of the greatest masters conserning our precious Lill cutie that smells sooo Good, the pleasure of walking into a grow field by using ones senses of smell, is almost comparable to nothing In life, it’s a sensation on it’s Own ,,One does not need to be a Pothead for it in order to appreciate the beautyof it.

    And about the Dog that’s most ill, she got her senses returned in all her muscles ,even the ones in her toes although these are still the least strong.

    she has n’t eaten in about 4 days , so by now it is definatly time for having the force feeding of fine cut cheese, peach, bananas,bred in milk and lill cream, soon my wife will be buying some sausage and minced meat to the cause.
    Hey Ed, that reminds me, could you please keep up this blog a lill longer as you usually do?

    I’d like to show it off to my wife who is fighting her wars too but then at different fronts and hence haven’t had the opportunity yet to check thisone out.

    Up to a significant degree it also conserns her see?
    Thanks in advance if you do but no hard feelings if you don’t

    all the best here guys and guyisses 😉

    My vaimoni just Respectfully Requested me to take the day off in order to get some sleep, something that’s really getting to me at this instant. Love Ron


  11. JACK ! on

    I remember buying Ed’s growing book , overwritten with Mel Frank, back in the seventies and it was a great surprise and pleasure to share a table with him at the NORML conference a couple years ago.

    Canadians could get rid of their fascist government if the Liberal Party and the NEW Democrat party would join together. They are very similar and very different from the conservatives.

    Together they would have won a majority in the last elect and Marc would be free.

  12. Anonymous on

    Thnx mate, We can use some of that, Allthough I feel myself Complete Invincible, Nice piece of Cencuring/Editing though 😉

  13. Anonymous on

    The stress beeing caused by the 6 days incarceration for the confiscation of my 40 little precious beloved “Breeders of their Kind” added to the Prospective event of a police and governmental arena of chalenge,provocation,humiliation and defy, did take its toll on the Strength of my Heart, as well as on the nurturing character of my true heart “My Wife < vaimonie >” as well, Who even once became Anally Inspected for no any other plausible cause as for her having driven a car carrying registration plates of the Neighbours Countrys Nationallity and a Discovery of a passport of a Weird though Selfrespecting ” Alkaidac ” looking creature kinda representing Her Beloved Husband from holland.
    Oh yeh, and a claim of some Aluminium foil beeing thrown out from the window of the car to provide for means of supply’s neccesairy for survivel during times of modern days oppresion by some eco loving people that were living at that time at the other side of a lake in Sevetijarvy ,Finland with no any other means to survive as a small Dutch social security pension derived by means of National Insurense Rights, A little rented but Disenfrenchised Log Cabin that once Truely Belonged to the Natives of Lapland the Colta Same’s, but beeing robbed from their pride and ownership through foreing inbred and Inheritance Statutes.
    The confiscated car is after 10 years since its confiscation still beeing left robbed, deprived from its true Legal Owners “our family” and Registered to My episode of our Dogs in Recovery, till then, got some chores to take care off.

  14. Anonymous on

    At O:00 last night,I administered her her regular 2e daily dosis of the “Medicine”.

    As a “Witch” healer it came to my mind to ad a “pin needle”
    amount of Red Tiger balm to this mixture of vegeteble margarine and the regular <0.2 gramm of Marijuana flower,in the hope to accelerate the Healing proces.
    And to be honest,on an estethical way, the little red dot of tiger balm on top of the butterly slice topped up with Mariuana flower realy looked laughingly charming at me.
    Covered it up with an other slice of margarine, and while the healing proces set in, symptom´s of her prime boddily functions became obvious again.
    Her hart started to breath furiously but healthily, like as if a recovering body is supposed to do in the struggle of surviving.
    Her breth became loud and clear and full enjoy of finally beeing able again to feel the senses of fresh air finally beeing allowed tho enter her respiratory organs.
    She was able to take up water, and took pride in it to show it off to me that she was capable of doing it all on her own without me holding up her head to support her while drinking.
    As of 5 minutes ago she got me all of a sudden away from my writing exercise to you,"my dear audiance" and guess what... she was trying to stand up!
    I gave her some some support in helping her to stand on her on while trying to keep her up and avoiding her from loosing her balance.
    During this exercise I could feel how the original "sausage size" lump had diminished in to the size of a "big marble" and after keeping her up for a minute or so We decided to let her lay back for some rest in a upright position as she choose herselves to do so.
    Right now she's at peace again and is able to take some rest.
    I,ll continue writing though,cuzz there is some more I, d like to add to the situation.
    I'm heading for stressfull times myself see, got a court case going myself at 29th of october in Raahe Finland (please feel your selves invited to come and join the hearing) for the accustion of a heavy criminal activity of having produce 40 minitiature (15 cm high SEEDED dwarf plants listening to the name "Canabis Sativa Idica Ruderalis basterds".
    Whoever gave them their name I am not sure, but for sure it can not have been under no any circumstances a verry reliable person (most likely someone working for the government himself like Lineus parhaps)because as is obvious:our Government Claiming the Right to Criminalise this Medical Healing Herb must have understood wrong, when they mixed up dangerous Illicit Drug with the Harmles and actuall benevolent nature of this herb and when called to Justice will obviously have to admit that there is no sense in comparing patented pharmaceutological product with a patentless product like natures own medical herbs that by itself never have derived a name by the owner of its patents but rater by natures own standards like to remain anonimous and nameless untill a free medical artist feels a bond towards their little loving genle charming smelly gracefull stationnairy little creatures and decides to give them privately a name of their own, on an even possible individual "one by one" basis.
    No any plant of natur is the same you know, whaT's the sense of classifying them as a Species or Drug without having a deeper understanding of diversity beeing neccesairy for this "so called Species to Survive"
    Live forms are Intertwained with each other.
    What at one point in time was a meat eating Mouse, became at some other point in time a Fearless Saber Toothed Tiger, in order to make my point for the people having the ability to truely understand.

  15. Brian Kerr on

    go go go California !!

  16. Anonymous on

    Cancer infestations have become significantly smaller by now.

    The one in “Nanuk” the doughter from Russia and Yurie “the Alaskan Malamute Father, came from something the size of 3 or 4 peas chunked together, down to the size of only one pea during the time span covering this moment, the former post and 2 days before that.

    To Russia we are trying to be as kind as possible, her eyes are still bright, she “tells us when she wants to be turned around by lifting her head and trying to throw it to the opposite of the side she was laying on en felt
    uncomphorteble with.
    Her cocnitive abillitys are complete stable, although the under part starting from her lower neck is still numb.

    Our 2 doughters from 6 & 10 have got a mission to at times when they feel like, rate the degree of brightness in the eyes from Russia on a scale from 1 to 10, whereas 0 eguals death and 10 equals full healthy recovery.
    to keep their administration as objective as possible the girls are not allowed to spy on each others results.
    Time is also represented in this semi-scientific “experiment.”
    For as far as I can feel myself by hand, the 2 “main” cancers have become decreased by about half of their original size in this verry short time span, miracles to be witnessed at this instant here in our kitchen.

    We show our consern towards the terminal ill dog by stroking her, singing towards her(Scandinavian/ American/Russian, Native Joyka’s and Spiritual hummings)and showing her the pictures of one of our children books about how to effectively defeat Dragons with 3d pics in it.

    Ofcourse we react if she makes a sound and will be looking into her eyes to figure out what her trouble might be, kinda on a resonating with nature way, it’s something that’s settled in our collective feeling for sensuallity and hard to explain.
    We still had it as 2/3 year old children, just remember your todler experiencing this peticular age.

    we are not realy conserned about hygiene right now, well, as far as I’m conserned; we eventually will clean up the mess after she’s dead or walks away…..

    Sincerely yours, Us, Our dog and a lill beautifull Herb.

  17. Anonymous on

    Right Now I’m in the process of Healing our 13 year old Barzoi “Russia” from bladder cancer.

    Sometimes her eyes are bright, sometimes they look dull, but by the looks of it she does not experience pain.

    I move her gently around as it is not nice to lay too long in one go on one side.

    She lays on a mat made of natural fibre.

    An ensembled chicken egg size piece of “sludge” resembling cancer tissue came out while urinating today, I stored it in our freezer for later research.

    The methode of curing her consists of a pinch of dried marijuana flower, at highest O.2 gramms, and in her terminal state of beeing overgrown by the decease, it is to be administed twice a day at regular intervals.

    The recommended way to shove it down her mouth is by sandwiching it between coin size slabs of vegetable margarine.

    Fresh clean water is beeing provided at all times on her request.

    Hang in there Russia, you are our LOVE, you teached us how to live.

    you have been and as of yet have always been so kind, but if you leave, we will all know you’ll be in good hands.

    One love Man, Our dog.

    In life there should be no sadness to find, only happiness is supposed to remain. Shedding tears of Happiness equals bright eyes on fire:

    You are us, you are our Friend.

    Her Doughter with minimal signs of cancer infestation seems to recover on the same dosage but only adminisered ones a day.

    And I, puh… I don,t need weed at all anymore, I’m on a Natural high that would N’t be possible to beat by no any medicine.

    It’s not a Drug, it’s a Medicine, Administer it correctly!

    Thanks for watching the show guys.

    I Requestfullly ask for Respect.

    See & feel ya!

  18. Anonymous on

    Free Canada…Free Canada…Free Cana Cana Canada,Free Canada…Free Canada, Free Cana Cana Bis!

    La laa la la lalaa la la la la la laa la la!

    Ok so let’s now respectfully and requestionally try and overturn the Constitution into something of more Eternal Value…

    As been Mentioned Previously by the Law of Who.

    < <<<< >>>>>

  19. Anonymous on

    Minus Plus Minus does not Equal Plus, it Equals Something else!

    The Worser Part of Our Understanding of Mathematics = Based on a Failure Assumption.

    “Albert Einstein”

  20. Anonymous on


  21. Anonymous on

    Who Equals Thruth

    The Law Off Who !?!

    Every One = Just a Little Less as Any One Else.

    By Who A Man

    Love Ron.

    Take that to Court Marc, say Hi from Us

  22. Anonymous on

    Believe in Yourselves, Love Yourselves, Love your Neighbour Love your friend, Love your Family, Love your Ennemy(somehow at least lol) lOVE THE LIVING , lOVE THE DEAD but most of all, Love the Animal!, Don’t Eat them if it is n’t that Urgent! Love The plants, <<<<<<<<<<<< Respect and Understand them, but do Eat and Heal With Them and Share Them With Others and All the Animals Who Need Them. Find ways to Convert Parasitic Insects and Diseases into Proteines ment to Human and Animal Consumption but even With Those... use some Degree of Respect and Care, how hard it sometimes might seem to be! Please May I ask you to Remember the Code of how to Live on Earth Life = Saced. I would like to ask you to Find & Rehursle this Code And act thruthfully upon:Please add to the list of Sacracy, What is more? Earth (e.g.soil) = Sacred Air = Sacred Water = Sacred Respect to all. 1 Love. Aren't we all involved in a decent degree of agriculture already by our habits and desires? By Who.

  23. Anonymous on

    Ed!!!! We are getting soo Damn Close Man, Please Hang in There Mister!?!

    This was one of your best works ever Ed and believe me you and I have got our history together!

    If it goes good for you it will be going good for everyone Man, love Ron.

    For if you already might have noticed, this battle is all about showing respect towards one an other, beeing polite and civilised ‘kinda unconditionally loving and caring’ towards Others as it suits one the best in regard towards our inner souls .

    Guys & Galls, Please let me request you to play good oll Guns’n Roses for us, try: WE DON’T NEED NO CIVIL WA HA HA AR.

    AND YEH, DANCE TO IT!, but put some Humor in it too ok? while nearing the end. Love Ron.