The Last Stand: Legal Marijuana

The campaign to legalize marijuana is the most important progressive political movement in this country today.

We are on the front lines of the conflict for our freedom to choose how we think. To authoritarians, changing consciousness and opening our minds to new patterns of thought is fearsome because it rocks the norm and challenges the status quo. For this is the reason the criminal justice system, which is largely composed of rigid thinking, fear motivated types, has a special antipathy for the herb.

They may recognize that it doesn’t harm the individual, but as a group, the criminal justice gang, from cops to judges, expresses fear of marijuana legalization’s effect on society.

They understand that the masculine aggressive instincts; bluster, aggression, destruction, and fight or flight events following alcohol consumption will change to the more feminine non aggressive, more conciliatory mood, engendered by marijuana. Bad for cop business and terrifying for their world view and self-esteem.

Make no mistake about it, environmentalism, feminism, apathy towards capitalism, acceptance of alternative lifestyles, and so many other good things that have happened to this country were influenced by the good herb. The idea that happiness and a meaningful life are more important than the financial rat-race percolated through society too. Since then authorities have conducted a witch-hunt against marijuana users, but the genie won ‘t go back in the bottle.

As marijuana use spreads across caste and class, and through the country’s ethnicities, it’s become the one unifying issue in the U.S. and throughout the world. This makes it even more dangerous.

Remember that according to the bible, all people were one until they tried to discover the truth by building astronomical observatories, the ziggurats. God felt threatened and set people apart from each other by giving them different languages and cultures with a stern waning not to challenge authority. In their minds cops worldwide are still enforcing this code.

Marijuana users and suppliers face affronts to their freedom experienced only by the fiercest environmental warriors and the most violent criminals. Eddy Lepp is serving 10 years, Will Foster, back in Oklahoma prison for the five by five foot medical garden found in his Tulsa basement in 1995, even a life without parole sentence just for a bit of weed in the ocean of drugs Americans use every day.

Eddy Lepp had a choice. Use pot or do as the authorities tell you. Take a Prozac or Zirtec- or the new improved anti-inflammatory, brain-curdling, non-regurgitating thought-killing, mood enhancement, synthetic derivative of sewage sludge. Caution, suicidal thoughts and sudden death may occur.

Why not use marijuana? Because it’s dangerous! If too many of us get a notion of what’s going on there’s trouble ahead- for the formerly hidden hands that run this system. No medical care profiteering for bankers and financiers? No nuclear war machine? All U.S. forces out of everywhere? What next, prison for torturers like Rumsfeld and Chaney? Independent thinking? Unheard of! Outrageous!

As the hippie credos about the environment and human relations become part of the texture of society, the criminal justice gang is using marijuana as its last stand and scapegoat. It lost segregation, womens’ rights, and is losing with the gays. Can’t the cops at least have the just one right- to bust potheads?!

There we stand folks. Smoke that joint and you’re in the vanguard. You can volunteer to help change the laws or the cops might draft you into the war. Will you be a soldier or a victim?

OK For those of you waiting to hear my Obama commentary it is – Obama Obama Obama.