Family Guy Marijuana Episode Banned in Venezuela

Cheeky television show The Family Guy has stirred up a new controversy, this time getting itself banned from an entire country.

Government authorities in Venezuela are enforcing a boycott of the show after an episode that promoted the use of marijuana, the Associated Press reports.

Television stations have been threatened with fines if they don’t stop airing the show.

Earlier this week the show caused outrage at the Emmy Awards thanks to a violent clip showing one of the characters, Stewie Griffin, bashing Brian the family dog and flushing his head down the toilet.

“Originally I would have said this show was tired and boring. Definitely not entertaining,” said one reader on a New York Times blog.

“After just watching what was supposed to be a funny cartoon clip with Family Guy’s Stewie beating the dog into a bloody pulp, I can now call it disgusting.”

The controversy in Venezuela was sparked by an episode in which the Griffin family campaigned to legalise marijuana.

The politically-incorrect animated show has been nominated for 11 Emmy Awards and has won three.

– Article from the The Australian.

Venezuela to fine networks that air ‘Family Guy’

by Associated Press

CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelan authorities plan to impose fines on cable television companies that refuse to stop airing the animated television series “Family Guy.”

Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami says the program should be pulled from the airwaves because it promotes the use of marijuana.

El Aissami was outraged by a recent episode in which the show’s characters started a campaign to legalize marijuana.

He said Thursday that cable networks that broadcast “Family Guy” would be fined by Venezuela’s telecommunications regulator if they refuse to dump the program.

The government of President Hugo Chavez is preparing to impose new regulations on cable television. Among other rules, cable providers could be forced to carry Chavez’s frequent speeches.

– Article from the Associated Press.



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  6. Manginasaur on

    They have already have episodes completely revolve around cocaine. Kind of funny when you think of all the drug references, and it’s weed that gets the censorship.

    Also: Whoever runs this site needs to get their shit together. We used to have a spam filter (yes it sucked) but at least I didn’t have to read about fucking shoes every god damn time I go to the comments.

    Aesthetically the sight definitely needs an overhaul. It is now the key platform since the magazine was ended. It’s literally 90% ads 10% content. It would be hard for newcomers to take the site seriously (and subscribe) if it looks like some 14 yr old stoners computer science project.

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    I bet they wouldnt ban it if it was a coke episode

  8. Anonymous on

    everyone in venezuela already smokes pot every day, it’s just the USA-imposed president..

  9. NotSure on

    im confused, is it family guy or venezuela that sucks?

    family guy has gotten repetitive, and they do seem do just be trying to push the envelope lately but come one, banned by a entire country?
    you know somethings wrong when events in the world start to mirror episodes of south park.

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    Everyone in Venezuela should smoke pot and remove this wart from office.

    Peace & Pot