Operation Green Rx – San Diego’s Unlawful Raids

Feature: What’s the Matter With San Diego? Another Round of Medical Marijuana Raids and Arrests Hit “America’s Finest City”

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  1. Anonymous on

    I know this guy who said “the Doctor”hung his bike in the tree on that camping.
    It’s a sad but happy ending story of an Indian kinda guy living on that camping thas has been chased away all over his life throughout the whole of europe untill he finally made his stand!

    No one knows where he’s at right now, I bet, exept for the CC staff ofcourse, I HOPE, CC You’ll remain good at keeping him anonymous.This anecdote happend 17/18/19 years ago (can,t exactly remember) as it was registered at the police station in the City of Deventer, Holland.

    He, told me that albert schill & piet pinkster from deventer, Holland stole his 2 precious black windhounds away
    and sold it for 500 gulden per stuk aan wat kampers in Putten.

    These Doggs were like his children to him, but never got recovered, most likely his precious must be dead by now and I know he never came over it.

    The 2 formerly mentioned Criminals never got convicted for their crime, and the Indian never really wanted to forgive them, but he also did not wanna return to Deventer and blow the basterds a bullet in their heads, since he was aware that if you wanna hurt someone, you’ll eventually end up hurting yourselves.

    Have a nice day, love to all

    Most likely even to Piet Pinkster & Albert Schill uit Deventer Holland!

    My Tourette syndrome that sometimes inerfierce with my written language can,t help but stop my self from telling them: YOU FUCKING BASTARDS. GIVE THE GUY HIS MONEY BACK WHEN HE COMES ASKING FOR IT!

    I know this Indian so well, he won,t do that even,he always states his claim wherever he goes: money = Bullshit

  2. Anonymous on

    Mann do Lieber Gott: Herr Friedrich!

    Zum nächsten mal dann, Nah?

    Oder alles dass gleiche, wah? Tjuss!

    Alles Bestens!

  3. Anonymous on

    Who is written with a small capital letter anonymous,provided it,s not at the beginning of the sentence.

    Not everyone has yet capitulated to “who” so we’re not exactly there yet were we are supposed to be.


    But, I think we’re getting there, keep Faith Mann, Off Mann’s

  4. Anonymous on

    You are the prince who had to be kissed Ed. who knows.
    I remember Who beeing A-sexual.

  5. Anonymous on

    I love Ed’s last name! It equals a place I would like to see one day, like in the fairy tale of the “sleeping beauty”

    “Doorn Roosje” in Dutch.

    Like we are about to wake up after beeing asleep for over almost an eternity!

  6. Anonymous on

    Well, I’m hanging in, that’s for sure.

    One Love,… One Live,… let´s get together & feel all right…

  7. Anonymous on

    correction Ed that is, E is capital now since Ed deserves some respect.

    P’haps we,re all off Ed see. = Energy Drink = we are energy drink. who knows. lol

  8. Anonymous on

    Get your friends and beloved ones to see this blog!
    Old ed has got a “follow up”, but the new fucker likes to remain anonymous.

  9. Anonymous on

    correction. IT did, cuzz god is either A- or multiple multiple sexual, Who knows.

    One other thing guys,urgently need to tell you here on Big Ed’s space…..

    THRUTH about ALCOHOL has: It’s not that BAD.

    One only should not wanna DRINK it.

    It’s ment by nature as a medicine, but not to the interieur of the boddy,FUCK THAT! It’s exclusively beeing ment to put to use as a compress on inflamented parts of your body.

    And yes , it ll make you a little bit funny too, when you’re
    at it.

    look GUys’n Galls, when they figured this out somewhere a long ago they thought that inherently things will get better if then, you,d drink it, and so they did……

    There is this old wise rule of nature that states, more of the same won’t make it better… so as far as alcohol is concerned… al of you DRINKING it, far exeed yourselves towards estimating the potential of what’s good for you.

    Well, here’s my 2 cents again , but they are not realy mines.

    They belong to “the doctor” on the camping in Arlon ,”camping officiel” Belgium.
    I’m sure He’d like to repeat the story of him suspending my bicycle high up in the tree, short time before I moved away there 🙂

    If you ever get to cheque him out, say high from me and a big smile. I still love him for who he was.

    For if he’s still around that is,cuzz we lost touch: who knows.

    Oh one thing still about the right administration of Weed for if you don’t own a vaporiser….

    Sorry to say but you did it all wrong… don’T wrap it in paper, smoke it in a regular “sherlock holmes” type of pipe….
    Don’T mix it in with tobacco… you don,t want that tobacco smoke in your longs see…you Fill the pipe with tobacco and on top you place a little bit weed…
    light up the weed with as little heat as possible to not let it burn away too hot with your butane fire lightner….

    Take only one hit per a day, and your body will adjust itself towards this type of amounts!… practise this until you become natural high, and you’ll be healed again. It’s just a medicine see…

    And if you feel you get psychotic from it, well och, just listen to your senses 🙂

    The remainder of the tobacc that at first acted as a filter you now happily smoke away, but watch out! don,t pull it in your lungs, It doesn, t belong there >>>!!! THE OLD indian Chiefs werent that ignorant see,, they knew already that tobacco smoke does not belong there,
    hold it in your mouth, and fucking TASTE it! Dont let it escape your mouth until you youve sensed the TASTE, then please let it fly out into the big wide open through the exit of your mouth, AND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!
    =don’t inhale.
    Oh there are more ways to keep tobacco and weed separate
    from your facial cavities, but you go ahead, and try changing your attitude towards your selfes.

    Laters MAN 😉

    Love and compassion to all.

  10. Anonymous on

    who arrested me?…. he did, because you were doing yu’re best for beeing the cause TO THE REASON, or other wise for not doing a flying fuck at all.

    All the best PEOPLE . ONE LOVE !!!

  11. Anonymous on

    Save your selves people, save your selves, Don’t save me only yoursehehehelves people.

    (same anonymous as just. and already for a long time in many personifications 😉

    Only CC staff knows for sure.

  12. Anonymous on

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    No need to mention Alex Jones anymore eh, that’s supposed to be old shit by now. Real ooold shit !

    Well, I wish you good luck on your new journey, and if you ever want to know god’s name, well … his name is WHO!

    Like in: who knows.

  13. Anonymous2 on

    Oh, apparently there isn’t a federal department that can yank doctors’ licenses. It’s just the state Medical Boards. There goes my lovely little theory. Oh well, what can you do?

  14. Rick on

    bloody government, incarsirating inocent people who NEED a simple grass when their are so many worse crimes they could be aressting people for. Bloody government, They are the true crimanals!

  15. Anonymous on

    That ignorant law that says dispensaries can not make a profit is a starting point. Can you imagine if pharmacies were under the same constraint?

  16. Anonymous2 on

    The fed’s justification is that Cannabis is still in Schedule 1, which requires that the substance have no accepted medical in in treatment in the US. The obvious problem here is that whatever federal department is supervising doctors in California and other states is allowing them to prescribe it as a medical treatment. Since no federal department is cracking down on the doctors prescribing it, and yanking their licenses for prescribing something which must also, according to Schedule 1, have “a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision”, the clear conclusion is that the federal medical authorities must agree that Cannabis does not meet that criterion. So now the federal Cannabis laws can be successfully challenged constitutionally as being arbitrary and overly broad, according to the federal government’s own medical oversight agencies.

  17. Anonymous on

    LOBBYIST; giving ass loads of cash to congress and the actual administration, these lobbyist come from all walks of corporate powers, DUPONT< Phillip/morris/: COTTON, OIL and pharma. thats' why it's illegal.

  18. fuck the government SUCKS on

    simple. its because the government is made up of hipacrits and assholes who dont care if people die as long as they make their money. they are evil and must be stopped!