Emery’s Wife to Take Over Business

Jodie Emery, wife of pot activist Marc Emery, at city hall in Vancouver yesterday.Jodie Emery, wife of pot activist Marc Emery, at city hall in Vancouver yesterday.Canada’s Prince of Pot is handing his crown to his princess.

Pot activist Marc Emery told a Vancouver business licence hearing yesterday that he was transferring control of his Cannabis Culture Headquarters to his wife, Jodie Emery.

“She is an exemplary person and she’ll be an excellent business person,” said Marc Emery, who was at city hall for a third day to appeal the city’s rejection of his business licence renewal.

Emery is surrendering himself to authorities on Monday for extradition to the U.S., where he will plead guilty to selling marijuana seeds through mail.

Emery withdrew the business licence application yesterday in order to transfer directorship of the company, Avalon Sunsplash, to his wife, his accountant and his lawyer. The new directors could then petition for the renewal of the business licence.

Vision Coun. Geoff Meggs said the city had seven points of concern with Emery’s appeal. The main one is that it is illegal for someone to run a business after they have been criminally convicted in connection with that business, he added.

“Much of city staff’s concern focused on a conviction that he has for possession in Saskatchewan a few years ago,” Meggs said.

– Article from Metro Vancouver.



  1. bear bit fish in half on

    to whom it may concern…

    i would like to farword a copy of international law that may help you!! i beleave in what your trying to do!!!i need a fax # to send it to!

    charles h skinner.

  2. greg williams on

    shoot, if bein’ called a ” dumb ass hippie” is the worst thing that happens to me today, it must be my lucky day.

    I found a 4 leaf clover
    out in my yard today
    it had 1 leaf missin’ off of it
    but that was okay
    lookin’ it over i cojld easily see
    that 4 was really only 1 more than 3
    and thats close enough for me
    it must be my lucky day

    10 – 25 years? can’t read, eh, Moe?
    Marc was sentenced to 5. I’ve left the light on for reasons less honorable.

    peace, love, anarchy
    dumb ass hippie

  3. The BC Three Stooges on

    ” The lights will be on when you get home Marc. ”

    Ya. leave the lights on for 10 years maybe 25 years
    that ought to work just fine you dumb ass old hippy retard
    It’s one thing to betray Marc to the DEA so you can sit at home free stoned and another to leave the lights on for the guy you sold out
    to save your own sorry white ass

    .he can’t see them, we can’t, and you can’t either.

    turn off,
    tune in
    and drop out,,

    Stoner Greg you’ll be _70 when bleached white crazed drooling Marc Emery shuffles out of a US lock up just in time to get cut off medical benefits when Marc gets elected as Prime Minister of the Libertarian Peoples’ Republic of British Columbia– once a rat. always a rat

  4. greg williams on

    if life is anything its embarrassing
    a rusty nail through a careless shoe
    but i cant help but sit around and wonder sometimes
    why there isn’t anything the nail can do
    think about how unfair it is that the shoes always
    going where its got to too and if you aint the dumb kid
    out runnin’ ’round you kinda got to do what you were born to do.

    please make sure you post Marcs temporary address to us so we can all write him. Since the war on drugs is considered a ” war” isnt Marc entitled to red cross packages ?

    The lights will be on when you get home Marc.

  5. JCIS on

    If its truly illegal for someone to run a business after they have been criminally convicted in connection with that business, then why is Bayer and Baxter still in business selling drugs in local pharmacies? Why is Shell still a gas station? Why is General Electric still selling their wares in our stores? Go ahead, add to the list.
    Of this list, Bayer was found guilty and convicted of knowingly selling tainted drugs and vaccines around the world.

    I learned today that John D Rockefeller’s father was an OPIUM snake-oil salesman and he made tens of millions by enforcing a monopoly. I think thats how the Opiate industry took over natural apothecaries and what our governments are invested in today with their war in Afghanistan and their spreading cancer – 1 in 2 people now get cancer.

  6. Anonymous on

    Yay Jodie! Umm you look a little like the proverbial deer in the headlights in that pic though : )

  7. Riptorn overkill on

    I think jodie will do a fantastic job. I hope the biz will be able to transfer the power to jodie. Im sad to say that only me and one other guy in my state wanted to rally. But im spreading the word nonetheless. It helps mark was in super high me so people know who im talking about. Me and my buddy had an in depth conversation about legalization of all drugs today. Although unpopular it seems the right path. Just remember jodie there are alot of assholes out there but, they just blow out stinky hot air.. haha.. that was crewd but, witty. sorta. well its getting close to that day. I don’t wish prison on my worst enemy but, that which does not kill us only makes us stronger. Im living proof of this. Ive been robbed at gun point twice. Had knives pulled on me. Shot at numerous amounts of times. At least 5 that i can recall. Yeah I think that would PTSD anyone out but, Marc has made me feel alright about medicating myself with natural herb. Its the only thing that takes the edge off. Well good luck Marc. Always remember the bigger picture of things. Open your third eye to your higher power. The penial gland is a powerfull tool.

  8. Anonymous on

    I just hope that she doesnt shut the place down when Marc goes to prison. Did she plan this all along? Maybe shes an informant for the DEA and shes completing her mission. Maybe Im just paranoid and she will make the business flourish. I hope she stays true to the cause and stand strong like her husband. Marc, you should wake and bake all day, every day until your government bows down and kisses the unwashed crabby ass of the U.S government and hands you over like they was told. Good Luck PEACE

  9. Anonymous on

    Go Jodie your gonna do great I know it!!