Marc Emery to be Taken Into Custody

Marijuana activist Marc Emery will be taken into custody on September 28, 2009 to await extradition to the US for a 5-year prison term.Marijuana activist Marc Emery will be taken into custody on September 28, 2009 to await extradition to the US for a 5-year prison term.CANNABIS CULTURE – Marc Emery will be taken into custody at the BC Supreme Court on September 28. Come and show your support from 9:00am – 11:30am, 800 Smithe St., Vancouver.


Read more about Marc imprisonment on Jodie Emery’s Blog

Marc Emery, pot activist and publisher of Cannabis Culture will turn himself into Canadian authorities to await extradition to the United States for an expected 5-year prison sentence. Marc was arrested in 2005 for selling marijuana seeds to US citizens over the Internet. Read more about Marc and his ongoing fight against imprisonment.

Marc Emery is holding a press conference outside the BC Supreme Court at 9:00am. The extradition hearing will take place at 10:00am.

As part of the plea deal process, Marc will be committed for extradition on one count by the judge, and then taken into Canadian custody to await the federal Justice Minister’s extradition order.

“This is an absolutely devastating situation to be in,” said Marc’s wife, Jodie Emery. “It’s terrifying to have my husband taken from me and imprisoned in a country he’s never been to.

“If Marc has committed a crime here in Canada by selling marijuana seeds, he should be dealt with by Canada’s courts,” she said. “But instead, the Conservative government is sending my husband to an extremely harsh punishment in a dangerous foreign prison system. Many Canadians are offended at this affront to our sovereignty and believe the Justice Minister should refuse to extradite Marc Emery to the USA.”

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  1. From-the-U-S-A on

    I agree somewhat with what this poster is saying. I consider myself to be fairly educated, holding a Masters Degree. I too don’t really identify with the colorful stoners – nothing wrong with them – its just not my style. I would smoke pot at least three-five days a week if it were legal here in the US. I just don’t want to go to jail over a weed and screw my kid’s life up because people stereotype and would say “your Dad is a druggie, or stoner, or whatever” – so currently I don’t do it. So, am I afraid…YES! And that is a shame – because I pay my bills and taxes, I’ve served my country, and was a former cop…and after all that shit I feel like I should be able to smoke a little freakin’ herb that makes me feel better. It’s just better than the prescription shit they serve you in a bottle – plain and simple. There is ONE GIANT ECONOMIC DIFFERENCE, however, if we were allowed to grow herb for our own well being…these prescription bastards wouldn’t make shit on those of us that would grow our own. Therefore, they say piss on you and lobby the crap out of our governments – IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DRUGS – IT IS ALL ABOUT THEM LOSING “SOME” MONEY. PERIOD. I say some, because they could grow it on commercial scales, tax the ever living shit out of it, and PEOPLE WOULD STILL BUY IT – ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LOOK AT TOBACCO, AND THAT SHIT KILLS PEOPLE. I most definitely feel it is time to legalize this shit and get on with issues that truly matter in both of our countries. We have shitloads of GOOD, PRODUCTIVE, “law abiding” people that are out of work with families…and they (governments and politicians) want to dick around with stuff like this. I mean what the hell is wrong with these two nations? Politicians are some of the most arrogant, corrupt pricks on the face of this earth and we let a few, screw the whole populace. DON’T VOTE THESE PEOPLE IN…I mean damn, it is that simple. Think about the billions of collective dollars that are spent fighting this bullshit “war on drugs”. You know it is screwed up when the marijuana growers SIDE WITH THE GOVERNMENT and say NO, DON’T LEGALIZE the shit, because we would go out of business. How screwed up is that “logic”. Damn people…its time to start a POT REVOLUTION. Economically speaking, this prohibition shit is just plain ridiculous! You know why it isn’t legal yet people…I will tell you…it is because our two governments can’t decide who the hell is going to get rich off the shit when they finally do legalize the shit. Sounds dumb…but think about it for a while.

  2. Worm on

    Did’nt your country just ban a cartoon for an episode about legalizing cannabis?

    Family guy & pot


  3. Worm on

    You gotta be from the east coast.

    Peace & Pot

  4. Worm on

    I hardly think there are more irresponsible drug users than responsible ones and why would you think any war is important.


  5. Will on

    I 100% agree that it is an insult to our sovereignty to extradite Marc, and completely unjust, but really? blaming your supporters? Take some responsibilty for your actions.

  6. Anonymous on

    The real question is how can the Canadian Courts rule that a foreign country imposing what is not legally questioned here in Canada would put extradition of a Canadian Citizen under cruel and usual punishment? There is no question what stance Harper and the his neo right Conservative Party would do, but is it what a Canadian Judge can do to a Canadian under Canadian law? I would think that Emery will be in a position of a civil suite both against the court that allowed the extradition and Harper and Party for doing nothing?

  7. shaughnny on

    I just wanted to say that I am proud to be a Marc Emery supporter, and am appalled to see such a pioneer imprisoned for selling marijuana seeds to Americans. This is another step on the stairway to legalization……..Very proud to be a part of this movement and yet sad to see such a low blow dealt to such a great man.

  8. Anonymous on

    agreed . it makes me sick to my soul that Canada is giving Marc up to the Uncle Scam.Canada is following the lead of the most fucked up country in the world. hold on to your hats boys and girls here comes the whirl wind for us.

  9. Sonya on

    I have been thinking about the Emery’s all weekend. I, myself spent 5 days in jail only about a half an hour away from home in May 2009 and I’m still traumatized by the event. I can’t even imagine not only being imprisoned not for 5 days, but for 5 YEARS, but on top of it being removed from your own country is outrageous. I am an American and for the first time in my life I’ll say that I am so ashamed of my government, they are behaving like big bullies. I remember the 5 days I spent locked up and how it now only affected me, but my fiance was devastated. So, Jodie, I feel for you as well. I will be sending all my positive energy to you both and wish all the best that can possibly come from this tragedy.

  10. BOB420 on

    Best wishes to yourself and jodie, we will keep fighting the good fight while your gone and make damn sure you get sent back to Canada where you belong. we will over grow big bro.

  11. o on


    “drove away thinking, wow, this “movement” has issues.”

    i had a guy say something like this to me a week ago.
    there was a simple answer

    either you are qualified to make this statement or you are a shithead with shit coming out your mouth,….

    i think the answer is obvious – choose buddy.

    i for one have personally seen the damage that will be done to you if you get involved in the movement.
    let’s make one thing perfectly clear—-
    going to jail for a 2-3 year stretch is far better than being executed by some drug lord (gang)….
    are we clear here, ya’ll?!

  12. Anonymous on

    I have been saying the same for years. When non-cannabis using people see a bunch of escapees from a Freak Brothers cartoon espousing their “right” to smoke it hurts the efforts to legalise. I have found that the Marijuana Policy Project puts a professional face on the cannabis reform movement. You should look them up.

  13. Anonymous on

    I’m not sure this is is a good defense strategy if you find yourself in legal trouble, but from a moral stand point, it really hits the spot.

    “It is your moral duty and obligation to disobey an unjust law!” – Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

  14. Anonymous on

    We can vote and make our voices heard. Facts can only be denied for so long. When politicians no longer equate hemp and cannabis reform with being “weak on crime” then things will move rapidly. Polls are how political change starts. When the majority of polls show that being hemp/cannabis friendly gets a candidate more votes, the 1st domino will have fallen. Politics however is slow business even at it’s fastest. For the ignorant who suggest violence, you need to grow up. You will never threaten a government into changing for the better. Need proof? read the Patriot Act and remember how it came to be.

  15. Anonymous on

    Peaceful political revolution is the way to go. Please try to not be ridiculous!

  16. Anonymous on

    so is osama *cough* i mean obama- a bullshit artist- and way more evil!

  17. jamaken on

    sorry marc, hope it works out, maybe if yad toned it down a little

  18. Anonymous on

    This is really, sad, makes me cry. Hopefully, when you’re back with us, cannabis is legal.

  19. HS from holland on

    GOOD LUCK MARC greets from holland

  20. greg williams on

    i’ve always been afraid of the 12 step crowd
    they laugh too much and talk too loud
    like they all know where everyone should be

  21. greg williams on

    right on , brother.

    freeway through a reservation
    make way for a brand new nation

  22. greg williams on

    wtf r u talking about? Important wars? like what?

    No one asked marc to do this? Greatness is when you see an injustice and take it upon yourself to make it right.
    The greatest man or woman is a man or woman who doesnt need to be asked to defend whats right. They step-up and correct it. Greatness is when a perfect stranger steps in on your behalf.

    The majority of the world is full of stupid people and need big brother to watch over them? speak for yourself.

    Now back to the lecture at hand
    it seems like my neighbors want to
    kill what they dont understand
    i said, wait a minute! we just cant kill
    what we dont understand but i turn on
    my tv and see that o yes we can
    we can and we have since the dawn of man
    for countless gods whos only real seeming plan
    was to see to it that clinging to life was our fate
    and ya gotta admit lifes pretty great but
    can we deny that its killin’ us?

  23. Anonymous on

    and, – “It is your moral duty and obligation to disobey an unjust law!” – Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

  24. Anonymous on

    “it’s a just man who disobeys an unjust law”. – Plato

  25. Anonymous on

    Sober 8 years is living proof why some people shouldn’t go “sober 8 years”. Their heads apparently begin to start disappearing up their arses.

  26. jmccaw on

    easy to defend marc when hes taking the rap for you. he stood up for his beliefs and now he must pay the concequence and noone asked him to do this there are far more important wars to fight other than the right to get high. people must remember that the majority of the world is full of stupid people who need a big brother to watch over them so they dont get into the wrong habits. there are far more irresponsible drug users than responsible ones and someone has to look out for them.

  27. Anonymous on

    i am mohawk from six nations ontario and am willing to adopt mark as my brother, he would then be considered a mohawk and doing trade with his brother nations, since we have the jay treaty we can cross the border and trade our goods.


  28. urbhead on

    i love the U.S. but our personal freedom which we hold so dear is a ppl really believe most of the U.S. citizens wanted alcohol to be illegal?yet it was banned for 13 yrs!gays getting married has zero affect on other ppl like heteros getting married but its not legal.when i smoke a joint after a long day of work does that put a burden on someone else?these are personal choices that have jack shit to do with anyone else yet a portion of our society deems this wrong.if the average person really could change these things it would have been done long ago.sure,medicinal MJ has come very far in a few states but what does that matter when the feds can still send you to prison?i wish someone could tell me what is so bad about an adult smoking a joint.

  29. Anonymous on

    To put a perspective on the stupidity of Marc’s situation…
    Why is the USA not extraditing the Canada Post workers that had a hand in, what was essentially DRUG TRAFFICCING? (Since the USA views seeds as the equivalent to the “drug” itself)

    Rally for extraditing the drug trafficking postal workers? I think so!

  30. Dave on

    Go ahead Jim, if you think you’re up to it, you can be our hero. I don’t think you have what it takes though to be entrepreneurial! And besides, I don’t think your boss would let you.

  31. REAL growers know the truth on

    Marc Emery is a Bullshit Artist.

  32. backward brim Jim on

    My boss said if I call in Monday, he’ll know why.
    I said ‘go ahead.Fire me.Marc Emery will take care of me.He’s my hero.’
    Who cares about life, as long as there’s dope!

  33. greg williams on

    whoops. nu’f said. my sfs is acting up. embrassing is like embracing but with more umph.

  34. greg williams on

    Marc didn’t thumb his nose. Marc lives his life according to his beliefs. Marc embrassed the truth more than he would allow lies and fear to embrass and control him.

    As an American there is plenty we can do, and are doing. Hop in and join us.
    A healthy government is one that fears its people. We obvliously need more Americans like Marc.
    My hopes are his family gives us his address so we all can write him. He is a P.O.W. in an American prison and needs our love and support. Neither of which the government has control over.
    No person in any land should be torn from their loved ones over a plant/seed. Especially when the reasons they are being torn from their families are based on known to be lies and propaganda.
    We should never willingly and or passively watch our brothers and sisters be fed to the lie-ons.

    I aint saying this to change any persons mind about anything.
    I aint saying this because i think i am right. science proves that.
    I’m saying this to ease my own mind about everything.

    peace, love, anarchy
    greg williams sfca / usa

  35. sober8yrs on

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. He kept thumbing his nose at the big guys for years what did he expect would happen upsetting the powers that be. And now that hes going to jail for a couple years he says potheads owe him something because of all he did? He was making good money selling seeds at ridiculous prices and now they should be thankful that he sold them the stuff as if he was doing it for free? There was great pot being grown long before his seed business he has no business taking credit and expecting that anyone owes him anything. This just goes to show that you dont piss off the american government because they’re the ones in control and theres nothing any of us can do about it.

  36. systematick on

    I met mark a couple years ago in the shop. He’s got a beautiful vibe and was such a cool guy. Even though he was obviously super busy he took time out to talk to me and my wife with firm handshakes and a warm smile.

    It goes without saying that this prison sentence is a travesty and I hope with all my might, for both Mark’s and Jodi’s sake, that this whole ordeal is over much sooner than expected.


  37. issues on

    Old harry hippies didnt invent cannabis use. Old harry hippies were the targets of those who have issues with the truth and antiwar demonstrators.
    As for the ” Dead Heads”

    Nothing on earth i’d rather be.

    Marc, like many who oppose usa style imperialism have been kidnapped from their countries to serve time and be punished by the iperialist government of the usa.The Canadian government is proving itself to be no better than ours.

    You said you use cannabis but don’t support legalization, which in my opinion is nothing more than showing support for the governments you seem to suggest you despise.

    You say you dont like the music or support the culture. Not violent enough for you? Those who use pot were playing Jazz way before deadheads came along. My point being, the likes of one music has nothing to do with pot. Like the hippies were associated with pot to promote war and violence toward them, certain styles of music do the same.
    You should really try removing your head from your butt.

    You also said that right now you were ” trying to think”.
    Good. It sounds like its about time. I wish you all the luck in the world on your new adventure.

    Let us examine some of those old hippie dead head tunes you cant relate to.

    ” Sugar Magnolia Blossoms Blooming
    Heads are empty and i dont care
    i saw my baby down by the river
    i knew she’d have to come up soon for air

    Sweet Blossoms blooming under the moonlight
    we could have hightimes if you’d abide
    we could rediscover the wonders of nature
    rollin’ in the bushes down by the riverside”

    Gosh, beautiful songs and beautiful lyrics are too far out for some. Lets play the star mangled banner instead.

    I have a song for you to look up.
    U.S. Blues.

    ” A pothead band playing to about 20 dead head types”
    sounds like a great place to be. You should of stopped.

    When Jerry died just about every radio station in America was playing a dead tune. I listened to this lady who was in her late 70’s when she heard some of the songs being played after Jerry died and she said…” Growing up were were taught that their music was the devils music. It had all the skeleton symbols and other symbols of death that we associated with the devil and evil, but when i heard the songs and understood the meanings of the songs, well, they were just beautiful songs about our planet and its beautiful people and wildlife, etc etc”
    The birth of a new ” Dead head”, 70+ years in the making.. I just love it.

    Marijuana doesnt scare people these days. Republicans and democrats. Thats what scares people theses days. That and completeley ignorant people.

  38. Dave on

    Sounds more like supersad.

    Didn’t the pharisees say the same thing about your Profit, Jesus?

  39. Anonymous on

    very sorry to see that the DEA’s reach has grabbed mr emery but just remember that this is not american people doing this we love smoking pot just as much as any canadian but our government is growing out of control and strangling our liberties and it seems that the have become world police i wish that this wasnt true i just hope that this government sickness isnt contagious if so get your paper masks out and fight your own government from changing into anything remotly looking like the usa. im an american and i am very ashamed at what they have done to mr emery. lets all smoke a fatty for him

  40. f8te on

    fuck… 🙁

  41. dragon8me on

    We’ll miss you bro. If not for you we wouldn’t be as far as we are in this fight. We’ve gota keep fighting to legalize here in the US. Hopefully we can stop this madness soon and hopefully they’ll release the political prisoners. Peace Bro.

  42. Anonymous on

    This is really sad, I’ll be thinking of you often. Be strong. We’ll all be waiting for you.

  43. Anonymous on

    Please show up for Marc if you live in Seattle! I can’t because I’m in Texas but I mailed a letter to the judge! Our government and the DEA is corrupt!

  44. Tennessee Bob on

    All people from every country in the world should wage war on the U.S. DEA. We need to stop them by force and stealth. Hit them all the time everywhere. Maybe free people can be free again. It’s time the Dea learns it’s not the God of anything and it needs to be destroyed!

  45. Quest for freedom on

    Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance. It is a species of intemperance within itself, for it goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man’s appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded.
    — Abraham Lincoln

  46. Anonymous on

    How can it be that Canadians can let one of their own be taken to a foreign country and imprisoned for selling SEEDS of all things. Something is very wrong with this picture. God gave us the seed and a lesser power (DEA)thinks that they can tell a grown person what they can and cannot do. screw you DEA. I can understand that a foreign goverment should have the right to ask for a person to be sent to trial for serious crimes. One of the things that does not surprise me is that the RCMP are helping the DEA as the RCMP are Canada’s biggest street gang. But I am shocked that the Canadian legal system has not told the DEA to piss off and get out of our backyard and play in their own yard.


    We need straight looking people in order to be taken seriously. People should not live up to they’re sterotypes. If you can be profiled not only will the police profile you but, the straight and narrow citizens will as well. Prove to everyone your average pot smoker does not draw attention to themselves. Sometimes hippies are very hippycritical. I made up a new word haha. They talk about not being materialistic but, yet sport fancy new digital camera’s. Wear a suit and tie sport a briefcase with your stash in it. Don’t let people profile you. Thats how you’ll not be harrased by the police.

  48. Foam on

    I have to agree but not sure what the answer is. I like colorful people. Being a civil libertarian I like Ron Paul Obama and Kucinich but some of the people that show up to rallies make me uncomfortable by association.

    Go Marc Go!! We ain’t giving up or going away and we will prevail- hopefully sooner than later

  49. Anonymous on

    Well, I am from the State of Oklahoma, USA where a person can get 20 years for one marijuan plant. I support Marc 100% and hope to write him while he is in prison. The DEA are Nazi pigs, and all freedom loving Okies dislike the DEA too. Keep your head up Marc, this fight will continue until the govenerment pulls every joint out of every marijuan activist’s cold, dead hands! Will not stop this fight! Our children will not stop this fight to take back LIBERTY. Write everyday Marc, we still need your faithful leadership.

  50. supercool on

    Last Saturday I went out on my weekly drive around the Twin Cities. There was the annual Hempfest over at the capitol, just so happened to coincide with Marc’s big protest weekend. There was a pothead band playing to a crowd of about 20 Deadhead types and I didn’t see any Marc Emery signs. I didn’t stop because I didn’t feel like I could relate the the culture that was represented in that crowd. I drove away thinking, wow, this “movement” has issues.

    But I am a moderate cannabis consumer and do support legalization. I’m right now trying to think about how I might find some relatively normal people like myself who enjoy cannabis and start my own local legalization effort aside from NORML which just seems like a bunch of old hairy hippies and Deadheads. I just don’t get that culture and I hate the music. It’s just way too far out, man.

    I respect Marc Emery’s bravery, but I don’t think 5 years in a US prison is going to help much. I’m sure we’ll see him on a new edition of 60 Minutes, and his biography is sure to be on shelves at Barnes & Noble. (Get a good editor to work with you, Marc. This book needs to be an amazing read if people are to receive your message.) I’m just not as optimistic as some people are. I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

  51. Luc on

    That simply and only makes me sick …

  52. Anonymous on

    I met Marc on holiday in Vancouver he was extremely nice and generous. I am from America but, the outrage here is still the same the DEA who arrests peaceful marijuana users for felonies is sickening. Although I think this is horrible that Marc will be forced to spend 5 years in a prison for a small fine in British Columbia. Like Marc himself said though “If it takes me going to prison to push the cause to the breaking point i would gladly do so”. Marc is giving a huge sacrifice. No matter what country we are in we need to do this for Marc and push the marijuana cause to the point of legalization. I would also like to give my condolences to Jodie who no doubt is going through a hard time. We cant let Marc down.

  53. Thanks on

    Thanks for everything you have done for me, the movement, and our culture as a whole. You started this whole thing and it won’t be for naught. And like the previous person said sorry about the conservative nut jobs in America who wage wars on ideas.It is kind of retarded. Well good luck friend

  54. Ryan on

    I feel sick when I think about my country right now. America is screwing up the whole world. Im sorry you have to go through this sentence for no reason Marc. Just want you to know that I’m supporting you and not all americans are like the DEA, you have much support in the U.S.

  55. Bradleyson on

    How someone gets Extradited for a crime that yields a small fine in Canada is kind of a kick in the nuts to our country’s sovereignty. People get bigger fines for traffic violations! I think this shows how brainwashed people really are. For politicians, Canadian & U.S civilians to just stand there and watch the D.E.A RAPE our country and think its OK is SICK!!! Even if you don’t support marijuana you should be angry. A foreign country is coming into our country, on our soil and dictating their policy! But.. because of the taboo around marijuana use and the unfounded fears of legalization by the government, a harmless Canadian who hurt nobody is going to rot in a U.S prison with killers, child molesters, rapists and actual drug dealers for selling seeds. That’s right seeds. The D.E.A isn’t going after the millions of people who bought marijuana seeds from Marc with intent to grow them, nor are the D.E.A going into any other country that ship seeds into the U.S.A. The D.E.A is going after Marc because of his Status among the legalization movement. This is not a war on marijuana this is a war on culture & on our freedom.

    R.I.P Canadia