Free the ‘Prince of Pot?’ You Be the Judge…

Next week, Canadian political activist, publisher and businessman Marc Emery – known by many as the “Prince of Pot” — will be extradited to the United States, where he will likely be sentenced to five years in federal prison. His crime? Selling marijuana seeds.

That’s right. The U.S. government will be extraditing a Canadian citizen to our country, trying him in our federal courts, and holding him in one of our federal prisons for five years, all because he sold some seeds… that could have been grown into plants… that could have produced marijuana – an objectively safer substance than alcohol.

Never mind the fact that Emery operated his seed business entirely in Canada with no American branches or employees… or that he conducted business openly in Canada without ever facing charges of manufacturing or distributing marijuana (as did/do many other seed distribution companies — some even on the same block as Emery’s business – without any interference from Canadian or U.S. authorities)… or that Canada’s public health agency recommended that its medical marijuana program rely on seeds from companies such as Emery’s… or that local and federal tax agencies in Canada accepted more than $500,000 in income taxes from Emery, who listed his occupation as “marijuana seed vendor.”

None of that matters to the U.S. Justice Dept., which somehow considered Emery one of the 46 “most wanted international drug trafficking organizational targets,” despite the fact that his entire career of seed-selling resulted in less harm done to people and to society than a case of Labatt Blue or a bottle of Canadian whiskey.

So now Marc Emery will be hauled across the border to spend five years in an American prison. All the absurdity aside, that’s not such a bad deal for someone considered to be one of the most wanted international drug traffickers in the entire world.

This Saturday, rallies will be held in all 50 states, across Canada, and around the world, calling for Emery’s release and a more rational approach to marijuana (and marijuana seeds…). Along with my fellow coauthors, I will be sending a copy of our book, Marijuana Is Safer: So why are we driving people to drink?, to the judge who will soon be sentencing Emery. If you are as outraged by this case as we are, I encourage you to contact him as well.

CLICK HERE to watch a 60 Minutes segment about Marc Emery that appeared in March 2006.

Honorable Judge Ricardo S. Martinez
U.S. Courthouse
700 Stewart Street, Suite 13134
Seattle, WA 98101-9906

Dear Judge Martinez:

We are writing to implore you to read a copy of our book, Marijuana is Safer: So why are we driving people to drink?, prior to the upcoming sentencing of Marc Emery. As you know, Mr. Emery is being prosecuted by the federal government for selling marijuana seeds to Americans.

We can only assume you believe criminal sanctions should be proportional to the harm caused by the person being sentenced, and by that measure, Mr. Emery should receive the barest minimum sentence. In fact, the most appropriate sentence would involve no time in prison at all, seeing as the use of marijuana is not associated with any significant negative health effects and does not contribute to any significant social problems, such as violence and crime. Indeed, you would be hard-pressed to discover any harm caused to the individuals who purchased seeds from Mr. Emery or consumed the marijuana they produced.

Further, as we describe in great detail in the book, marijuana is far less harmful than the one other widely popular recreational substance in this country — alcohol. According to all objective scientific research, alcohol is far more addictive, far more toxic, far more likely to cause serious health problems and far more likely to produce violent behavior. Yet, under the law, Americans are steered toward alcohol and the harms associated with its use. What Mr. Emery was doing was helping adults who want to grow their own marijuana so that they could make the rational, safer choice to use a less harmful recreational alternative.

Canadian citizens engage in the act of selling a very dangerous drug – alcohol – to Americans every day, and many Americans are in the business of importing alcohol from Canada into the United States. Yet these people are not punished. Regardless of the current state of the law, Mr. Emery does not deserve to be punished for selling Americans a far less harmful substance. After all, he was doing these people a service and helping them live safer, healthier lives.

Before you sentence Mr. Emery, please consider the information contained in our book. And, please, do not allow the punishment in this case to exceed the harm caused by the man accused.

The Authors of Marijuana Is Safer: So why are we driving people to drink?
Steve Fox
Paul Armentano
Mason Tvert

– Article from The Huffington Post.



  1. David on

    My government should be extradited to every where in the world for trying to tell everyone what to do.

  2. Anonymous on

    I think Canada should extradite Barack Obama to Canada instead for letting his people buy marijuana seeds LOL!

    And because Barack Obama is two faced admitting to smoking pot and using cocaine himself while at the same time throwing everyone in jail for it but himself.

    In Canada our cops break the law taking peoples pot from thier yards when they are evactuted by forest fire and then don’t charge anyone for it because the cops broke the law entering peoples yards without a warrant. The cops came back later to warn these people that their pot was taken and that they won’t be charged but that the cops will be watching them in the future. What a horrible thing for cops to do … kick them when they are down! Our own government should be extradited to the US to face their sentence instead of Marc Emery going down there!

  3. Arrested Development on

    This letter is appalling!Obviously written by stoners!
    No judge is going to take this letter seriously!
    Written on a fourth grade (if that) level,this only perpetuates the burn-out myth as fact!

  4. Anonymous on

    You’re a lame freak.

  5. Dawn on

    I would like to appologize to Marc.E. I am from his time period and I let him down. I believe in what he stands for. If your young its all about “give it to the man, or let me show how cool I am”. Well as you get older, you sometimes realize its about the actual truth. I do not smoke pot, “anymore”. The only reason the police go after marijuana is because of their allotment of the budget. They have been doing it for so long it is just easier to do the paperwork. I would love to see them stop drunk(drinking) drivers, or the cocaine/hard drugs. Hell they would get more money. Anyways I digress. Marc does not deserve to go to USA, and our country should have the balls to stand up to them.
    Hell we have the best stuff right here in BC and the USA is now legalizing it because they understood the financial aspect of the product.
    The only reason they are taking Marc is because they are flexing their muscles.

    Again we do appolgize to you and your wife Marc.

  6. Diamond in the Ruff on

    Fair….to be fair…laws are created with words that are put together by humans…let’s be fair…people can change laws at anytime..besides they are just ‘words’…people can also go and vote to have laws changed..fair so far…America and the international community as a whole have been discussing this subject for awhile now…fair…directing discrimination against one particular breed..not promoting RESPONSIBILITY…disregarding voters that agree that the current laws are not reflective, efficient, or effective…are we still talking will never happen that people will go to the polls and vote or suggest that we legalize ‘speeding on any of our roadways’..this is because that specific behavior would be a danger to society…fair…a person sitting on their porch in the evening after work, smokes a little cannabis…he goes no where..stays home and does his chores, takes care of his responsibilities, goes to bed, gets up and goes to work…fair…this person, by law, is a danger to society…fair…or not fair….if a person drives well, they are not much of a threat on the road if they are responsible with their actions…fair….if a cannabis user is responsible…they are still a danger to society…fair…or not fair…gangs do not push alcohol…it is legal…fair…gangs push marijuana…it is illegal…fair….or not fair.

  7. Diamond in the Ruff on

    When millions of millions of millions of people are in agreement backed by history, science, and experience and are bringing to the table their evidence and suggestions to create a better, more peaceable safer world…and you think it is time for the reform effort to quit…when we got people, teenagers, dropping like flies from alcohol and/or prescription overdoses..It is time to accept that the human condition needs to be de-stressed from time to time..should we not suggest cannabis as a safer alternative?? an example that will be fresh in my mind for a lifetime: I am an older woman, who knew of a troubled child. This was not my child and I was limited to what I could do to reach this individual. As he got older, the loss of his parents, he just could not handle it. He was not a pot smoker, but instead took to prescription pills for his de-stresser. He accidently overdosed two days before his 20th birthday this year. Do not tell me or anyone not to use cannabis, when the alternatives are literally deadly.

  8. Diamond in the Ruff on

    Mr. Emery, You are a free man. This court orders you to go home to your family and to keep having a good life!!!! If you choose to smoke it up and pass it around, you have the world’s permission. 😉

  9. Diamond in the Ruff on

    Apple recently came out with a phone app to locate medicinal marijuana worldwide .. imagine that .. someone somewhere .. respecting cannabis users ..

  10. Diamond in the Rough on

    aren’t worms usually stepped on, squashed, or exterminated. I am not going on a website I have no business of going onto and threatening people for speaking their mind. If these anti-pot smoking junkies would give up their violent manner, maybe someone somewhere would actually listen for a split second. THERE IS NO SHAME IN MY GAME .. when we got bank robberies up ten fold, thefts up 100%, cop killings on the rise, and your ding bats want to incarcerate 850,000+ people a year for nothing but possession…that is 850,000+ people that could be used in crime fighting to keep our cities, counties, and states safer…and it is the cannabis users you want to rid the planet of, like Hitler did the jewish people way back then..Cannabis legalization will be the start of the end of HUMAN RIGHTS VIOATIONS world wide..

  11. Diamond in the Rough on

    I agree with Annah…Florida loves the Prince of Pot, too!!! In the Bible it says ‘Thou shall not lie.’ Marc was a chosen have the save lives..he heads a humanitarian mission…will we ever be able to repay him for his sacrifices…in time this will all come to pass..Marc will be more popular and world reknown then ever before..laws will continue to change..the truth about cannabis will be will be good..the unnecessary Nazi discrimination against cannabis users will cease..the world will see that it was so dam wrong about cannabis users all along…and maybe just maybe we will all be part of the same team again….I praise Marc for putting everything about himself on the line for this cause in a non-violent manner to right a wrong and help make everything right. It would be a lie to incarcerate Marc..may my spirit guard you as you journey along, my friend..the Mermaid

  12. happy 420 on

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  13. Redlightz420 on

    Nice retort Tintala,

    I agree, take it in the ass “Anonymous”, you right wing bitch!

  14. Anonymous on

    To be fair, Marc DID break the law, a silly law, but still a law that is in effect. But let’s give perspective here… Hundreds of thousands of people are killed each year because of excessive speed on the highways. Are they jailed for 5 years for each speeding offense? By contrast, as we’ve heard a thousand times…cannabis kills 0 people each year. Laws really should protect people. Who was harmed by Mr. Emery’s actions? Did the buyers not actively seek his product? Have any of them claimed victimization and proven it? Show me a victim and I’ll you a pile of bullshit.

  15. Brandon morin on

    I think the government is just blowing smoke because they only go after the people who are making a difference marc emery was just preeching about a utopia for marijuana users he helped alot of people and he still is even with him locked up we wont stop fighting we need to speak so we use the Freedome of speech and if u believe in what you preech well then preech let them kno wat we think let them kno were we stand we gunna take a stand till we make them under stand. FRREEDOME FIGHTERS FIGHT ON

  16. tintala on

    BULLSHIT, we all know what the fuck you meant. We all know that your probabaly a conservative CHRISTIAN FUCK, that breathes christianity down little boys necks, you prob also push your little pp down little boys bung holes. What, you get paid too by the lobbyist? How in the HELL does this NON VIOLENT action desrve jail time>???? waste of MY fucking tax dollars douche bag, but your probably still licking up the after cum of the BUSH ADMINSTRATIONS drug policy orgasms ,exploding into each and every non-violent offenders home and family. Ever been busted for speeding? ever ran a red light? IT was a legit business, he paid alot of money to the canadia government.

    IN any aspect, perspective of this case, PUTTING PEOPLE IN PRISON for anyting relating to cannabis is an archaic,k nazi way of thinking, and if you still think this way, your as stupid as the cannabis policy was in the first place.

  17. Anonymous on

    I don’t think the judge will have much choice but to give Marc a rather harsh prison term no matter what anybody does or says. Why? Because Marc made himself perhaps the world’s most visible proponent of uncontrolled Cannabis cultivation, which not just the US but the entire UN apparently frowns upon (see the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs). The UN convention excludes seed from the definition of Cannabis but it is completely against cultivation for other than medical or scientific purposes. If you are careless enough to sell the seeds to people for the express purpose of cultivation without first making sure that it’s is for those purposes, you run a real good chance of being prosecuted for conspiracy to manufacture, which is as bad as growing it yourself. They don’t bother the other sellers probably because they don’t show up on American TV and say hey look at me, I’m conspiring to cultivate narcotics in America and I’m making millions doing it and I ain’t gonna stop until somebody throws me in prison, so there.

  18. Anonymous on

    I meant “Cannabis” by the US law definition, which includes viable seed. To them, seeds are the same as bud, just like shwag is the same to them as Dutch. Marc must have read the US laws before he decided to export Cannabis seeds there, right? He made 4 million, no matter what he did with it. There isn’t a clause in US narcotics law that says if you give your profits away to charity then drug trafficking is okay. I forgot to mention in my original comment that when the US news media start doing programs about you it’s not just free advertising, it’s a really, really good time to quit because the heat is soon to follow, which is exactly what happened. How could the DEA and/or Canadian police not go after him after that? That’s kind of their job after all. Now if Marc had simply saved up the first 2-3 million and used that to start a legit business, in which he could make hundreds of millions to give to the marijuana law reform movement, then that might have made some sense. Blatantly flouting US drug laws all over TV and other news media is not usually an occupation with long term potential.

  19. Annah on

    Marc – I just want to say that we love you here in the US. All the folks I know in Arizona, Texas, California and New Hampshire support legalization, and I and many others deeply appreciate the work you’ve done, the courage you’ve shown, and the heart and soul you’ve put into our cause.

    From the deepest reaches of our hearts, we thank you, and we love you Marc!!!!


  20. Anonymous on

    What is the idea behind telling judge(s) to change the way they think? Are you kidding? So we don’t have twats like you breathing down their necks 24/7. “I don’t agree with the laws but thats the way this country works.”
    I don’t even know what to say to you but if you have so little hope, shut the fuck up and enjoy your misery personally.

  21. Anonymous on

    He broke a law, This is plain and simple. What is the idea behind telling a judge to read a book? marijuana may be safer than booze but it still is illegal, i dont think this will have any effect on the judge. i dont agree with the laws it but thats the way this country works. what he did was illegal and now he has to go to jail. end of story

  22. adam on

    buddy, you are misinformed. Marc never sold cannabis. He sold seeds. You can’t even get them from cannabis that is worth selling.

    And you quote the 1,2,3,4 million crap as if it were money he kept. He kept only what he needed to live with. Someone obviously told you otherwise to make him sound greedy. Whoever is telling you lies about this guy has figured out which ones make you angry enough to send you here and rant at us.

    you think he was selling cannabis, and that he kept millions of dollars from selling weed? You have no idea what this case is about, and you have had YEARS to learn. This isn’t what you think it is.

  23. Anonymous on

    All Marc did was SEND seeds. The real criminal here, according to this IDIOTIC law, is GOD.

  24. Worm on

    You will also be charged with trafficking.


  25. Anonymous on

    GUILTY! by reason of sanity. And seeing as I am a progressive judge who believes in alternative sentencing… Mr. Emery you are hereby ordered to sit at that table and smoke that whole bag of weed! Well… not by yourself…pass it!