Free Marc Emery Rally Birmingham, Alabama

On September 19, 2009 cannabis activists rallied in cities all over the world in support of The Prince of Pot Marc Emery who will be extradited to the US on September 28, 2009 to be sentenced to a minimum of 5 years in a US Federal prison for selling pot seeds from Canada.

Make sense to you? No? Well, it doesn’t make sense to us either.

Marc Emery will be a political prisoner.

Here is video from yesterday’s protest in Birmingham. The weather was horrid. Pouring rain and 9000% humidity. Many, many thanks to the dedicated activists who didn’t let a little rain stop them from being heard. The two songs I used in this video have special meaning to Marc and me. Every time I used to visit him in Canada he would pick me up from the airport and he would play “We Are the Champions” on the way back to his place.



  1. Anonymous on

    We have over 3 colleges alone in Birmingham. Some of the greatest Dr’s either come here to begin their education or comes here to do their residency. The best one of it all is all our politicians are at least smart enough when they break the law and embezzle money they go for the big amounts.

  2. Anonymous on

    Hey I and my family are in Alabama and by far am I saying everyone here is that intelligent but we know how to Google dummy. Oh we also watch TV and follow the process of trying to legalize marijuana not just because it gets folks high so to speak but also has true benefits. Yet once again Education is something you’re lacking and stereo-typing is a form of discrimination. Wake up!!

  3. Anonymous on

    I think it is not anyone’s concern of how anything makes it onto you-tube being there is a fight right now for the protection of our constitutional rights. Whether it is morally correct for you-tube to post porn no-one questions so why a peaceful rally on a strong subject is questioned is really the question to be asking. What the US is doing is a true violation of all human rights in this matter. Educate yourself before you start typing.

  4. Anonymous on

    Maybe some people just like to alternate between beeing serious and chilling out while having a laugh at themselves.

  5. Anonymous on

    Some people just stir up trouble, it’s all they know how to do. Isn’t that right Loretta?

  6. Anonymous on

    It’s Alabama remember, they probably sent-out for the signs.

  7. Anonymous on

    At some point in the clip i saw it all wrong, really thought one of the activist held up a board reading: End Masturbation!


  8. Anonymous on

    Yes, people in Washington knew who Hitler was.

  9. Anonymous on

    I also don´t think anyone in Washington or Alabama knew a flying fuck about Ghandi or Hitler in their days, still they contributed to society rather significantly.


  10. Anonymous on

    From the looks of it Loretta, you rounded up a couple of Nephews. You pay em?

  11. Anonymous on

    No one in Washington State knows who Mark is. I seriously doubt anyone in Alabama does. They don’t even Google down there, they Oogle.

  12. Anonymous on

    Or Tina Turners “we don’t need an other heroe” would have served the purpose as well.
    Don’t take that as criticism, just try and understand the deeper meaning of the lyric.

  13. Anonymous on

    Not sure how it got past the YouTube protocol. They sent me a warning email but left the video up. Maybe since I am not trying to profit from the video they won’t have to take it down. If they do then I will send a copy to Marc & Jodie and upload the original to my website.


  14. Anonymous on

    Tears to this.

  15. Anonymous on

    How did that video make it past YouTube’s copyrighted music detector? Appropriate music though.