SATURDAY: Worldwide Rally for MARC EMERY, the Prince of Pot!

CANNABIS CULTURE – This Saturday, September 19th 2009, people all over the world are rallying in support of Marc Emery, the “Prince of Pot”. Over 75 cities around globe are hosting demonstrations to protest against Marc Emery’s US imprisonment — you can be part of this global show of support! Take part on Saturday, September 19th!

Go here for the list of cities and links to posters!

Free Marc PosterFree Marc PosterIf there isn’t one in your town, you can hold a protest of your own! It’s easy to do, and you don’t need a lot of people. At the very least, just get two or more friends to go with you. On Friday afternoon, have a little session and then get creative making signs!

Here are some sign ideas:


On Saturday at any time (probably sometime between 12:00 noon and 5:00pm), go to the nearest busy intersection, Canadian government building, US government building, or even your local court house. You want people to see the message!

All you need to do is hold up your signs and tell the people passing by about Marc Emery. Explain that he is a Canadian activist and political party leader who sold marijuana seeds in Canada, using all of the money for political and activist causes, and the USA and Canadian governments are having him imprisoned in the USA for 5 years. You should even tell them to look up Marc online when they get home!

You can find more information about what’s happened to Marc at and — that way you know what to tell people if they ask questions about his case.

If you love Marc Emery and believe in what he’s fighting for, you can join the rest of the world in this global demonstration!

Please spend at least one hour on Saturday to stand up for the Prince of Pot!


WHAT: Worldwide Rally for Marc Emery
WHEN: Saturday, September 19th 2009
WHERE: Cities all over the world!




  1. Anonymous on

    Marc Emery is a very important person, We need leaders like Marc to get this world back on the right track,The presedent of America needs to put a stop to Marcs incarseration today, then ask Marc to work with him on how the world will accept Medical Cannabis. The world will suffer every day Marc is in prison, When they should be useing Marcs skills, so the world is a better place.

  2. Anonymous on

    American jails and prisons are overloaded to the breaking point. The majority of them are filled with drug offenders, usually for possesion. It will be of no suprise when they erupt, sending scores of criminals into the streets. The small time offenders, now hardened criminals, are smarter than when they went in.
    There will be a breaking point when all aspects of this prohibition crash head-on. The public opinion for legalization is over 50%. The economy is in dire need of new taxable revenue. Marijuana being a renewable comodity, can yeild multiple harvests a year. Creating more taxable revenue. The only way to stop drug cartels is to Legalize every aspect of it. Take their profits for our own, re-invest into health care education and infrastructure.
    The profits from hemp fuel, hemp seed for food. As composit materials to replace oil-based plastics. Like the dashboard onm the Ford model T. Farmers would benefit greatly from it, returning America as the leading farming nation.


  3. Anonymous on

    ACCEPT,,”Stands for” All cannabas cultures erraticate prohabition together. America,Australia,Africa,Afganastan,Asia,Alaska, “ALL”
    The world was a better place befor the police arrested Mark Emery. The world was a better place befor the twin towers where destroyed.
    The world was a better place befor Gods law was replaced by the law of the land. The world was a better place befor the Americans used genicide to wipe out the native indians.The world was a better place befor John Lennon was murded.
    America has a lot to answer for, “To the world” we all need to sit down and pass the peace pipe around.Put our heads together to prevent another American fuck up! All Americans will suffer for what they think they can get away with,we are on to you lot of no good bunch of WANKS! Australians supports MARK EMERY,all the way!! IF the new presedent has a brain I would advise him to speak to Mr Emery as soon as possible, because he needs the best people around him to run that country, Mr Emery is one of those that he needs to make this world a better place to live for us all.For gods sake!!! G.W.G.

  4. Tennessee Bob on

    Whatever! No one deserves to be locked up for selling seeds. It’s all a big corrupt game full of hypocrisy. I’d go to jail if I did something bad that hurt someone but I’m not going just for any old reason. I say fight hard and do anything to stay out cause your a good guy. Best of luck tomarrow with the ralleys!

  5. Anonymous on

    Marc buddy face it, you’re going to prison. None of these people will do shit to change the judges decision. Just man up and accept the punishment for what you did, regardless if it’s immoral or not.

    I think you should have kept fighting the extradition