Kopbusters Strikes Again: Second Sting Lands Kop Behind Bars

Michael Meissner, the Korrupt Kop busted by filmmaker and marijuana activist Barry Cooper.Michael Meissner, the Korrupt Kop busted by filmmaker and marijuana activist Barry Cooper.Texas Attorney General Candidate strikes again with his reality show, KopBusters. Barry Cooper assisted the Combine Police Department with the execution of a felony search and arrest warrant for recently fired Chief of Police, Michael Meissner.

Several citizens filed complaints through KopBuster’s website detailing Meissner’s willingness to violate citizens’ civil rights while on patrol as Chief of Police for Little River Academy, Texas. Barry knew of Meissner’s suspicious work history noting he had worked for over ten different agencies in the past six years. Coincidentally, the busted kop had applied for a job with Barry for KopBusters a year earlier.

After learning the complaints were legitimate, Barry contacted Combine Police Department’s Investigator, Jay Hoskins, to report KopBusters had opened an investigation on Meissner because Barry knew Detective Hoskins had investigated Meissner for wrongdoings in the past. The detective advised Barry he was currently investigating Meissner for other crimes so Barry went undercover as a journalist and befriended Meissner and began relaying information to Detective Hoskins.

During the joint investigation, the Little River Academy fired Chief Meissner because of a large number of continuing citizen’s complaints.

Cooper acted as an undercover journalist informant and aided in the investigation by befriending Meissner and pretending Cooper was going to place Meissner on the reality show as a good cop.

On Monday, September 14, 2009, Detective Hoskins obtained seven felony arrest warrants for Meissner and a search warrant for his home located in Arlington, Texas. Barry was asked to assist the Combine S.W.A.T. team in locating Meissner who was placed in custody late Monday night.

One of the Internet’s top news sites reports in their Raw Story Exclusive:

“Tactical officers, who had set up a staging area just one street from Meissner’s Arlington, Texas home, raided the residence at approximately 1:45 p.m. on Monday, but the suspect was gone. He was arrested later that evening after returning to his home. Meissner actually called Cooper to warn that his home had apparently been raided. Cooper then called police and relayed Meissner’s location. A judge has set Meissner’s bond at $1.5 million.

For the man whose living is paid for by a DVD series on how to grow, sell and smuggle marijuana without being detected by the police, he certainly seemed to have a natural rapport with the officers on-scene. One of them even asked Cooper how his former law enforcement mentor in Odessa was doing. “Oh man, he was a legend back in my day,” Barry replied. “Unfortunately, he planted meth on an innocent woman and I had to bust him.”

Steve Allen, police chief in Combine, Texas, called Cooper’s brand of law enforcement activism an “excellent resource.” “Police officers need all the help they can get,” he said. “There’s a lot of things, for example, [Barry] may have drawn him out of the woodwork for us — something that we couldn’t do that he did. So, I think [KopBusters] is an excellent resource and tool for us.”

Cooper noted the Combine S.W.A.T. action was a model of what police can do right when serving an arrest and search warrant.

Sources say Meissner was arrested for sexually explicit text messages sent by Meissner to an underage high school boy. The texts suggests Meissner had an ongoing sexual relationship with the minor. Meissner was charged with the following crimes and booked into the Tarrant County Jail:

Dallas County Warrants

Engaging In Organized Criminal Activity–2nd degree felony
Obstruction Or Retaliation–3rd degree felony
Misuse Of Official Information–3rd degree felony

Tarrant County Warrants

Aggravated Promotion of Prostitution–3rd degree felony
Sexual Performance By A Child–3rd degree felony
Engaging In Organized Criminal Activity–2nd degree felony
Criminal Attempt Possession or Promotion of Child Pornography–1st degree felony

Barry states, “This is a wonderful case of KopBusters working with good police officers to catch a krooked kop.” Barry promises to continue busting korrupt kops to bring attention to his campaign and states he is “restoring the Texas criminal justice system one kop at a time.”

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  1. T-bay guy on

    I paid Never Go Hungry Inc. for the Kopbusters pre-sale almost a yr ago and still have not got my merchandise (autographed copy of the vid w/credits) I would really like what I was promised… AT LEAST get back to me when I email! I think it’s a great idea…otherwise I would not have sent my cash to help w/ production costs. Carl, Thunder Bay, Ont.

  2. Anonymous on

    So, it’s OK for a crook to expose an “alleged” crook. What a joke.

  3. Anonymous on


    I was a kid I dreamed my Leather Jacket was completely made of Hash..

  4. tekhead on

    Yeah, guy, I’ve liked your work up until this recent granstanding. Texans aren’t the favored breed in California and probably most places where people have more than two fingers of forehead and this recent work against an already fired(!)police officer may have been appropriate but offers the public nothing. No activism, no interesting ideas.
    Unlike the house you rented in Odessa, where a lot of intricate planning was involved, this current episode where you nailed a tarnished badge for nefarious doings was mostly just cheese. What? Are you out of ideas? Move out of Texas.
    I’m looking forward to the rigged up car you’ve got in the works. That would be fun to watch. Get some guy smoking a joint as he’s driving and record the police interaction when he gets pulled over. Use your know-how to inform, entertain and change pot policy, not yuck it up with your cop buddies. That leaves people cold, as well it should. Your recent hijinks are nothing to be proud of, sir. You can do better and I’m looking forward to it.

  5. Anonymous on

    As a native West Texan I’m overjoyed at Barry’s success in kopbusting, Texas has a major problem with its crooked/for profit judicial system. We need honest officers that get the image of police back to “helpers” instead of “arresters.”

  6. Anofoam on

    Bust them bastards!!

  7. str8upstoner on

    Nice job Barry,way to expose the frauds,I have alot of respect for the police afterall they are just doing their jobs and when you have a problem who are the first people you call The POLICE,and they have a hard enough time without these korupt kops making it harder for them to do their jobs,way to keep them honest Barry.

  8. Dan on

    Unlike many people in the cannabis community I have much resapect for law enforcement officers. Being a cop can NOT be easy. Most of them are doing a necessary and dangerous job. The bad apples taint many peoples opinions of the whole lot and make the job even tougher and more dangerous. For Mr. Coopers work he deserves a huge: Thank you!
    Guys, they are just doing their jobs. Even the honest prohibitionist cops deserve a thank you, their lives are on the line too, and you never know when you may need one.

  9. Anonymous on

    keep up the good work Barry!