Brutal Tactics Employed in San Diego Medical Marijuana Raids

San Diego police force a man out of his wheelchair and into the back of a police car.San Diego police force a man out of his wheelchair and into the back of a police car.According to the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office — the agency that led yesterday’s multi-jurisdictional raids on local medical marijuana providers — warrants were served at 14 dispensing collectives and six associated residences. So far, 23 people have been arrested in connection with the raided facilities.

The D.A.’s press release attempts to justify the actions using an extremely narrow interpretation of state law relating to the role of a “primary caregiver.” It does not address whether or not the facilities in question were operating as “collectives” – a more common state-legal model for dispensing medical marijuana.

One thing that’s clear about this case is that San Diego would have been better served if its leaders had moved to properly regulate medical marijuana facilities rather than resisting any effort to do so before resorting to brute force to shutter legal access to local patients.

If you’ve had any doubt that these raids are being carried out by heartless thugs, just look to the image below from video captured by San Diego’s KFMB News showing an officer manhandling a wheelchair-bound patient into the back of a patrol car. Remind me again, how is this serving the interest of public safety?

– Article from Marijuana Policy Project Blog.