Pot-TV Removed From YouTube

On Tuesday evening, our webmaster decided to upload all of the old videos from www.Pot-tv.net (or www.Pot.tv) to our YouTube account at YouTube.com/PotTV, which had more than 10,200 subscribers and over 300 videos since 2006. Our webmaster had a computer doing batch uploads and some old videos have copyrighted music in them, so after a number of videos got posted online, YouTube disabled the account for violating the terms of service.

We’re very upset about this, as our presence on YouTube was very strong and we had hundreds of thousands of views. We’re going to try and get the old account reinstated, but it doesn’t seem likely once they go through our content (they could say we’re “promoting illegal drug use”) and that certainly isn’t going to help us out much.

So, for now, we’ve started a new YouTube account for PotTV at http://www.YouTube.com/PotTVNetwork — please go there to subscribe and get the new videos as they are added in the coming days, along with older videos that are now unavailable from YouTube.com/PotTV.

Subscribe to http://www.YouTube.com/PotTVNetwork for the PotTV YouTube channel!

It’s so sad… there were SO many views and supporters; that 10,200+ audience was really eager to hear what was going on, and they would have been contacted in the coming weeks about Marc’s US federal prison sentence that begins on September 28th. Now we’ve lost a major method of reaching out to our many fans and fellow activists, and at the worst possible time, too! I can imagine a lot of people out there are very disappointed too… we had years and years of material there, hundreds of videos… all gone. This experience makes me want to say “Fuck copyright laws!” but anger accomplishes nothing.

Maybe someone can start a Facebook group or online petition for YouTube to bring back YouTube.com/PotTV … or maybe even a flood of videos about it being removed and how unhappy subscribers are to hear this bad news!

Jodie Emery
Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, politician and business owner. She is the wife of activist Marc Emery, and owner of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, Cannabis Culture Lounge and Cannabis Culture Headquarters.



  1. cx420ns on

    LOL so ok everyone, lets go take down every single video on youtube that has music in it that doesn’t belong to the person who posted. we’d have 12 videos on youtube.
    we need a new youtube that hasn’t been corrupted by corporate-ness. every time i hear something like this it makes me go “FUCK YOU YOUTUBE” even more. my friend jim had a vid removed of him doing a cover of a song at a bar…. how fucking lame is that? i don’t see how these ‘artists’ are losing income from some dude singing a cover. i don’t see rush or BTO living in cardboard boxes in toronto because people sing covers of their songs. these so called ‘artists’ seem to be in it more for the money than the passion of the art, and can’t see someone using their music as a compliment, flattery, or even free advertising, they just see 10 cents that they could have had in their already stuffed pockets.
    best of luck to you guys, you’ll need it….

  2. Eva Jovovich on

    Okay did they say why you were violating the terms of service? This shit happens. First your webmaster should have refrained from partaking until business was done. Lol, a batch upload?!? LOL ROFLMFAO!

  3. David Malmo-Levine on

    I had my Obama show tossed from YouTube – it had hundreds of copyright violations in it … then I had my friend Adam challenge them on “cultural archive” and “educational” grounds and they put it back up – it’s still there:


    If you want his phone number let me know.

  4. Smack Jack on

    You should be unbanned, I’ve seen fascist terds getting unbanned.