1. Anonymous on

    He was being cynical. Newt doesn’t think anyone should go to jail for pot. I’ve watched him for years and don’t agree with everything he stands for, but overall he is a good and honest man. Quips and quotes can be distorted. Read his words with objectivity, not what you want to automatically infer.

  2. Terry on

    This kind of hypocritical garbage is what the worst of the politicians in the world are trying to do to all intelligent people. This crap is a big part of what keeps children trying things that could possibly harm them. They know their leaders are lying to them and come up with the rational thought, “Hey, they just want to keep all the good stuff and fun for themselves and not lets us have any.”
    This is just total dishonesty and no one in power that has been as hypocritical (a big liar) as Newt Gingrich has can possibly be “a good man”, and it takes and idiot to think he is such.

  3. Anonymous on

    No joke, he is one of the good ones. And nobody’s perfect.