FOX News: Marijuana Plants Found In City Flower Pots

CANNABIS CULTURE – “Big pot plants found growing along a busy street in a South Jersey town. But how did they get there?”

That’s the question asked by Fox News in this unlikely TV News story from Millville, NJ.

Watch the video on Clip Syndicate.

It’s great that people are planting pot in public places – every little bit helps to Overgrow the Government.

So why not plant your seeds on city streets, in public parks, and on the lawn of government buildings? Who knows, maybe a Fox News crew will show up to tell the world.

Why is Fox News covering this story? I think this video is more proof of the mainstream media’s growing love affair with pot, itself a result of the large-scale pop-culture acceptance of marijuana.



  1. Caber1 on

    If I could get hemp or schwag seeds I would plant from here to the moon.

  2. Johnny Cannaseed on

    I just wanted to encourage everyone to put thoughts into action. I am planning a planting protest next spring and welcome all who can participate. Overgrow your neighbourhoods, municipalities, towns, cities until Mary Jane becomes a citizen of our great country and doesn’t have to hide anymore.

    If we are not supposed to have these seeds and grow our own.. then we should dispose of them. SEEDS TO THE WIND!

  3. Brad Dean on

    i remember this happened at a coffee shop in vancouver a couple years ago, it too with a corresponding news story like this

  4. Hahahaha! on

    “Overgrow the government” I LOVE IT!!!! YES!!!!! 😀

  5. One12alpha on

    Ouch, man, 50/50 seeds? Probly even less bud when you count in the stem weight too.

    See if you can find some cheap shwag weed around. If you do that’s a definite source of “bunk” seed. If you do, ask for the shake, lotsa seed in that too. I’m sure your supplier wont have a problem handing over shake and seed for cheap.

    You may even be able to find a source of industrial hemp seed. Granted its not good for smokeing, but it still gets the point across.

    In fact, even industrial hemp is illegal. I think that is the the biggest casualty of the prohibition. Look up an article by “Popular Mechanics” in the Feb, 1938 issue titled “new billion dollar crop”, on the industrial potential for hemp…. Remember the numbers in there are from 1938, so consider the inflation of the industry, and monetary system over 70 years.

    Here is a link to that article

  6. One12alpha on

    This story, and an earlier one where the army accidentally grew some herb, remind me of some of my missadventure in the military.

    I would basically throw around and plant seed every where I went on base. I never saw any sprout though. The base does have a decent population of deer and other wild life. I guess they became food if any did grow, or they got mowed over before I could spot any. It was never my intent to harvest any of the plants…I just wanted to make top level brass have to answer awkward questions. I imagine if a hand full of male and female plants were given a chance to mature to seed, it would create quite a problem with over growth. Marijuana does after all grow like…well…weeds.

    If any one decides to follow suit. I would suggest planting close to building walls, and fences for maximum exposure. Around trees and decorative planters like these guys do is great too. Along the road, where the mowers stop and the tree line begins, is a good spot as well. Look for a place where your plant has a chance to grow up and be recognizable, and not get mowed down immediately.

    This is great, I should continue my misadventure into my civilian life….over grow!

  7. Anonymous on

    Hmm I wonder if there is any place online that sells random “bunk” seeds for real cheap. Just to do this with them. I have not had a seed from a bag in a long time. Used to get bags just littered with seeds. remember one bag was 50/50 by weight in seeds.

  8. Anonymous on

    Catharine I think youre a genious.Me too I think its hilarious and I will for sure follow in your footsteps and do the same as you.

  9. Irish reader on

    Plant seeds everywhere:OVERGROW THE GOVERNMENT,where ever you are!

  10. Anonymous on

    there were actually plants found behind a DEA headquarters too a year or two back.. if you have spare seeds just plant em everywhere.. overgrow the government!!!

  11. Catharine on

    I used to work at a gas station and there was always baby pot plants growing in the planters! HA! I loved it.
    Throw some Kanaf seeds along the highway, in city flower pots, and so on. Wastes their (DEA) time thinking its weed…I just think that is hilarious.

  12. Always_High on

    I was just wondering what to do with my extra 30 seeds that are kicking around, now I know, next spring im going to plant them all over the city of Montreal!!! Maybe i’ll put one in front of every cop station!