Canadian Election Could Kill Crime Bills

The Conservative Public Saftey Minister thinks a federal election would kill the Harper government’s nasty new crime bills. This is exactly why we need an election.

From Canadian Press, “Federal minister warns that election would kill tougher crime bills“:

HALIFAX, N.S. — Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan warned Wednesday that a federal election would jeopardize efforts by the Conservative government to get tough on crime.

Van Loan said if the Liberals force an “unnecessary vote” it will kill several bills currently on the order paper.
“What is of concern with an election looming is the number of pieces of legislation that we have on the tackling crime front that would be at risk,” he told a news conference shortly after announcing almost $2 million in crime prevention spending.

Van Loan cited several examples including legislation to increase sentences for major drug crimes and tighten the rules for parole.[…]

Liberal justice critic Dominic LeBlanc called Van Loan’s comments hypocritical, noting that it was Prime Minister Stephen Harper who dissolved Parliament last time, killing his own proposed legislation.

LeBlanc said the intent of comments like Van Loan’s is clearly to scare people.

“It’s fearmongering of the worst kind,” said LeBlanc.

“This is the first government where if you ask a question about any criminal legislation you’re in favour of drive-by shootings or grow-ops.”

LeBlanc accused the Conservatives of being the first party in a couple of generations to politicize public safety and criminal law reform.

“It’s a race to the basement with this government.”

I hope Peter Van Loan is right. I hope we have another election and it kills all of these ridiculous bills including Bill C-15, which would impose mandatory minimums for non-violent drug crimes. Unfortunately, C-15 has already passed the House of Commons but still needs to be voted on by the Senate. Click here to find out more about Bill C-15 and help kill this bill.

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.