Rocky Mountain High: U.S. Military Didn’t Mean to Grow Marijuana!

Military marijuana? The U.S. Army planned to cover a chemical weapons site with grass and weed – but not the kind of grass and weed that’s actually cropping up – the kind that’s illegal.

The Army made the unwanted discovery during the cleanup of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal northeast of Commerce City, Colo. Part of the cleanup includes reseeding some areas. But when that seed started to grow, marijuana popped up.

It isn’t commercial grade, but it’s still an illegal drug. Known as ditch weed or feral hemp, it grows wild in some places.

The army’s Charlie Scharmin, who’s in charge of the cleanup, was caught off guard by the discovery.

“Not something you expect in an environmental cleanup job,” says Scharmin. “It was a little surprising.”


Scharmin says the army was finishing containment of two large contamination areas at the former chemical weapons production site, when they laid down rock and clay, and then put vegetation on top. But it wasn’t just any vegetation.

“The specification is that we acquire weed-free mulch from the supplier,” explains Scharmin.

Weed-free? Not exactly.

The military blames the supplier for the snafu, saying the mulch for ground cover was purchased from a place in Kansas where the low-grade weed is common.

Some of it apparently got mixed in with the grass. So to speak.

The Army made the first discovery of hemp on the property in June. So far they’ve picked about 100 plants that Scharmin says are low-grade. He says they plan to mow, burn or maybe even have bison eat the rest.

“Fish and Wildlife Service does not seem to have any concern about having bison out there,” Scharmin says.

Pass the buffalo wings?

– Article from CBS News.



  1. Adimus on

    Uh ok Scharmin let me get this straight, you found some weeds growing and you were surprised? What’s a matter didn’t they teach you about how plants grow in elementary school? Its called weed because it is one (unless ur trying to grow it on purpose heh). It grows places. Deal with it. The fact that it normally grows as a weed all over the place kinda incidates to me the sheer lunacy of trying to eradicate it. But hey I guess some people are always trying to ice skate up hill.

  2. Anonymous on

    Why don’t they take a minute and study the location and discover that this “weed” might be exactly what is needed, the roots will help break down the earth, rendering much needed oxygen and nutrients to the contaminated soil below, as well as all the rich nutrients that are to be realeased by the plant matter as it decompses. Im sure if they let this “evil weed” just grow naturally it will benefit the earth and environment much more than we can ever imagine. Don’t believe me just look in Russia, they have been succesfully using hemp to eliminate toxins in the ground and encourage new growth after the Chernobyl accident.
    It grows wild for a reason!!!

  3. greg williams on

    We have over 2 million Americans in prison.
    We had over 850,000 Arrested for using a non-toxic plant.
    Our pee is demanded for a job
    The contents of our urine now determine our contributions to society.
    Our phones are tapped
    They know where we shop, what we buy.
    I’d dare say that the terrorist have already invaded our nation disguised as Americans.

    I’m sitting in my underware
    watching the 6 o’clock news
    I’m sitting in my underware
    watching the 6 o’clock news
    they tell me homeland security is protecting me from folks like you
    They’re watching your computer and they know what books you like to read
    They’re watching your computer and they know what books you like to read
    I’m less afraid of terrorist and more afraid of fatcats and greed

  4. Brad Dean on

    oh no! the horror! somehow ditch weed seeds got mixed in with their normal vegetation. burn it quickly because something horrible may happen and before you know it the united states will all become burnout dopeheads and terrorsts will invade the country

    big fucking deal. let it grow. seriously why is this such a huge concern.


  5. reggae on

    I feel for the guy who has this common weed pop up in his backyard one summer and ends up getting busted for cultivation. I wonder how often something like that happens???
    Hard to ignore the absurdity of that

  6. greg williams on

    As some of you may already know, Cannabis Hemp is being used at Chernobyl Russia where the Accident was at the Nuke Plant. Cannabis hemp actually cleans the soil and rids it of radioactive contamination while releasing fresh air into the atmosphere.

    Why the military is apologising for finally doing something right and useful is unknown to me. They know what the truth is, and so do we.

  7. Jacob on

    Just let it grow!!!