Ontario’s ‘Land and Air Sweep’ For Marijuana

Helicopters, ATVs, Emergency Response Teams, and automatic weapons are very expensive. Could this money be better spent?Helicopters, ATVs, Emergency Response Teams, and automatic weapons are very expensive. Could this money be better spent?The Ontario Provincial Police and a number of its special forces units are in the midst of their annual marijuana eradication program.

In the late morning of August 31, a helicopter was spotted circling an area near Loon Lake Road, off Hwy 118, between Haliburton and Essonville Line.

A few kilometres down the road two members of the Central East Drug Unit reported that they were investigating a marijuana plantation of 1,000 plants with an approximate street value of $1 million.

Aboard their ATVs, the two officers were uncertain whether the plants were found on private property or Crown land.

Before the officers could begin removing the plants, the area was first cleared with the help of the police helicopter, an OPP Emergency Response Team (ERT) and members of the City of Kawartha Lakes’s canine unit.

By 3:30 p.m. officers from the ERT, dressed in full camouflage with painted faces and armed with automatic weapons, had filled a Discount rental van three-quarters full of marijuana plants.

Each year police join forces for an annual land and air sweep for marijuana grow locations using information, technology and resources.

Some of those tips, said the anonymous officer, come from Crime Stoppers, concerned citizens and informants.

The officer explained that the marijuana-planting season begins around the end of May and its peak harvest time between the end of September and end of October.

“But we’d like to get to them before that,” said the officer, adding that a fully harvested plant can yield about $1,000 worth of the THC-laden drug.

– Article from the Haliburton Echo.



  1. Anonymous on

    It’s like a witch hunt, getting all the officers from around the area to hunt down all the grow ops.

    Let’s just hope that in the next couple of years, this horror will end.

  2. dex on

    i’m in London Ont, last week they had an army helicopter circling the city, i’m betting looking for plants in peoples back yards. its illegal and unsafe for them to use this practise over populated areas, but it seems they make the laws to suit themselves. just remember this fight for them is all about money. they know pot is not addictive, but will someone prove to them that money is, please before they start killing in the name of it. Oh wait to late, seems they already are.

  3. Hamilton, ON on

    I have seen the cop chopter around the city more than a few times already. How sad 🙁 All this unnecessary “force” for such an innocent herb.

  4. man4cannabis on

    same here in new brunswick it started on aug 24 and is still going on but they dont get that much lol crime pays

  5. bubner on

    helicopters, infra red, paint ball warriors no fucking shit a cannabis plant is worth 1k. legalise,tax,medicate,regulate.

  6. rvlover on

    I watched as 2 black limo type vehicles,each carrying 4 adult males,followed by a large rental truck, in turn followed by a flat bed truck carrying a 4X4 ATV, barrelled down my dirt road to invade a corn field and snatch 40, count ’em 40, mature plants. Along with the overhead ‘chopper, I figure, 4 in chopper, 8 in cars,2 in each truck…that’s 16 to bust 40…hhhmmmm…my math’s not too great, but I know that dough paying these guys can be much better spent elsewhere…

  7. From the 70s on

    “THC-laden drug” ?

    I am really scared now.

    Its about words, spreading FEAR and MISINFORMATION.

    And of course, after each raid, the Police go have a really good drunk, a job well done (another pat on the back).

    It is truly pathetic.

  8. 420Pug on

    I was just up there… its a pity …. fuckin narcs

  9. Jeff on

    This is happening all over Mass right know too. We are having water problems so the EPA had to come in and the DEA used that as a cover up to come in and raid pretty much all of MA. Fucking bullshit go away DEA.