Three Phases of Futility

So let’s be sure we get this right. A lengthy and no doubt expensive and time consuming police operation is being called a success because a few people were arrested and just over 10,000 marijuana plants were seized. Plants that, by the way, appear to be valued by police at $1000 per plant.

CN ON: $11.7M Pot Bust

The third phase in a major regional drug sweep has resulted in charges against eight people and the seizure of $11.7 million in marijuana.

Ontario Provincial and Belleville police released details Wednesday on the latest results of Project Industrious, an ongoing investigation in which police said public tips have been crucial.

They said city, provincial, Toronto and Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers were involved in seven drug searches Tuesday morning in the Bancroft, Sharbot Lake and Toronto areas.

“This project has been extremely successful,” said Belleville Police Chief Cory McMullan during Wednesday’s press conference at the Gerry Masterson Community Centre on Harmony Road.

“More than 11,700 marijuana plants were seized yesterday,” said Det.-Insp. Bryan Martin of the OPP’s drug enforcement section.

He said that brings the “conservative” grand total of drugs seized under Project Industrious to $22 million.

Four of Tuesday’s searches were in the Bancroft area: one on McDonald Mine Road in Monteagle Ward of Hastings Highlands Township and northeast of the hamlet of Bird’s Creek; one on Madawaska Road, north of Maynooth; and one each on New Carlow Road and Highway 28, both in Carlow-Mayo.

Marijuana plants and gear were seized at all but the Highway 28 property. Further evidence was seized from the highway lot plus one property in Sharbot Lake and two in Scarborough.

“The investigation commenced with tips from the citizens of Belleville,” McMullan said.

Information gathered during the project’s first two phases led to Tuesday’s raids, police said.

“Without the community coming forward with that information, we wouldn’t be where we’re at today,” said McMullan.

Get real. Just the cases I’m working on now involve, in total, that many plants. And I’m one lawyer in one area working for a few people. So, once again, the police spending countless (because they don’t count) dollars and incredible time results in something that can’t even be considered scratching the surface of the industry. It’s like saying you had a successful campaign against obesity because one McDonalds started selling salads. Ludicrous.



  1. Anonymous on

    This was a PR bust directed out of the Kingston RCMP detachment. The targets were Asian gangsters who got a bunch of low-level people to plant a massive, easily detected patch. Meanwhile, while they are busy and crowing about it in the paper, the hundreds of 50-100 plant patches are still resinating…

  2. Adam on

    Somewhere in my thinking I went from 22,000 to 2,200 plants… that would be much different. It’s a little over $100 a plant.

  3. Anonymous on

    They cant claim it as 22 million because it isnt profit. Its seized and destroyed. Once in the hands of law enforcement it is worthless. Much more is spent chasing after these pot growers and investigating tips. In the end they have nothing substantial to show for their work. Each year more pot is grown than the previous year. With all the helicopters, high tech equipment and thousands of law enforcement officers used in these raids, they still can not put a dent in production.

    Legalize & Regulate

  4. Adam on

    These plants if sold to a single customer would be worth 5-10% of street value. The police are assuming a yield of 100 grams per plant, which is unlikely. They are also assuming the grower is insane and will sell them from the same house as slowly as possible, instead of to a small network of trustworthy dealers. This is a fairy tale.

    I’m lowballing, and assuming the grower is taking risks and selling to 10 dealers. Remember, former narcotics interdiction officer Barry Cooper says that for every 1 person that knows about your grow, you have a ten percent increase in your chances of getting caught. So ten dealers is theoretically the beginning of career suicide.

    Before I continue to crunch numbers I will talk yields. A single plant can be given incredibly good care and, with years of preceding work going into the seed (genetics,) can produce upwards of a pound of marijuana, as seen in Cannabis Culture Magazine features. To a professional grower this is not economical or safe – only a small number of those monsters can remain undetected. So given the care a team of marijuana growers can invest into 10,000 plants during the vegetative and flowering cycles – which to my knowledge are much shorter than many, many other plants – you’re looking at an average yield of 50-65 grams per plant.

    So cut their first number in half. $500 per plant, gram-by-gram. Now factor my previous arguments into the situation and we have 60g x 10,000 = 600,000 grams or roughly 132 1/4 pounds.

    Now wherever this pot bust is happening, because of the grow’s presence it is likely this area has an ample supply of marijuana. That just isn’t happening in Halifax at the moment because marijuana has become harder to find (although I am currently “rejoicing” at the moment). I’ve talked to who I know are aware of the prices on pounds and it’s $3000 here for the best shit.

    But ten dealers will be buying 13.2 pounds from this person. At an average price of something like $1700 a pound, this is being sold for much, much less in bulk. Especially if that means the grower is cleaning out (and this cleaning up), it could be a little less than $22,440 for 13.2 pounds of product. That’s a serious amount of weed, 13.2 times more than any street dealer I’ve ever heard of will buy at a time. So it’s being further and further discounted so that by the time it gets to me, at least three more people are eating. (By the way, how is that so terrible?)

    So we’re looking at the grow producing about $220,000.
    You think they can retire on that? No. We have a situation where people are doing that every single year. It’s pretty hard to become a millionaire off of something that is sold for $10 a gram.

    P.S. Kirk, when you’re in court, do you rock a hemp suit?