Georgia Drug Cops Murder Innocent Preacher

There is a horrific news story breaking out of Northwest Georgia. A young preacher who was not the target of a botched drug raid was shot while in his car trying to get away.

The preacher had just dropped off a woman who was the target of the drug raid.

The preacher went into the store and used the ATM after dropping the woman off. He then went back outside and got in his car to leave when plain clothes cops jumped out of an SUV and opened fire on him. They shot him through the liver and he crashed his car and died. The cops told his 4 month pregnant wife that he died in an accident. They failed to mention they shot him and caused the wreck.

Here is the video.

My husband and I will be traveling to the preacher’s church in Toccoa, Georgia to talk with the members.



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  2. Terry Wagar on

    Authority’s and Shawna Wagar caught in murder


    Shawna Wagar is caught in criminal conspiracy

    with law officers to frame and poison her

    father Terry Wagar, Me.
    These same authority’s recruited Clackamas

    Walmart in 2007 to press false charges against

    me and there caught on a audio recorder
    Now they recruited my daughter to help them to

    finish me off by further poisoning me and

    framing me for there crimes.

    These people in law enforcement put a death

    threat in my daughters apartment where I’m

    staying and now my daughter Shawna Wagar is

    caught on video secretly talking to one


    The Portland Police set me up at the hospital

    so that I will be arrested if I go to a

    hospital unless it’s an emergency.

    When I go in an emergency they refuse medical

    treatment and make paperwork saying nothing’s

    wrong with me.
    I am crippled from being poisoned on 04-07-07

    and was left in E,R, room and no one bother to

    examine me yet there paperwork portrays an


    If I call 911 law enforcement pretends it’s not

    reported yet grins as I try to explain a multi

    murder conspiracy and they don’t try to hide

    the fact that they know about it and don’t give

    a damn.

    These people were poisoning my family and after

    I caught them in the act they recruited people

    to lie for them.

    This video was taken about 2 months after I

    reported to 911 that I was being poisoned again

    and the Portland Police and the Portland

    adventist hospital covered it up by refusing to

    examine and treat me.

    If nothing’s going on then why are 4 officer’s

    of the law secretly renting an apartment above

    my daughters apartment and why try to hide

    there talks from me?

    Before this was taken I was poisoned again in

    my daughter’s apartment, I called 911 and asked

    for an ambulance.

    The Portland Police arrived first and I tried

    to explain what happened and surrendered

    evidence to them.

    With a smile on there face’s they ignored

    everything I said and handed all the evidence

    to my daughter Shawna Wagar.

    Once at the hospital I was put in a lock up

    room and denied medical treatment and there was

    no examination.

    This video is law enforcement after the fact

    caught on video in a murder conspiracy with my

    daughter Shawna Wagar.

    Authority’s are renting the apartment above my

    daughter’s apartment and they are coaching her

    as to how to poison and frame me.

    They are caught confessing to waiting for her

    to return from pottying the dog and sure enough

    the forth person in the car was doing just


    The driver wanted Shawna to know how they

    covered it up at the hospital and to the

    residents in this neighborhood by telling

    everyone that I was drunk, and Shawna laughed!

    Good enough of a confession don’t you think?

    At the very end as Shawna Wagar enters her

    apartment where I’m staying I asked her if he

    went upstairs and she lied and said the other


    After I confronted Shawna Wagar about this she

    confessed she spoke with the driver around the

    corner but tried to convince me it was a fellow

    employee from Dominoes pizza.

    The driver went up the stairs where the other

    three people went, he did not have a Dominoes

    pizza shirt on and he was not carrying a pizza


    I went to Shawna Wagar’s place of employment

    and gave the discription of the driver and they

    said no one with that discription works here.

    This was taken shortly after I was poisoned

    within Shawna Wagar’s apartment and the

    Portland Police covered it up at the hospital.

    These 4 people are caught secretly meeting with

    Shawna and the driver of the car confessed they

    covered it up by saying I was drunk and Shawna


    That’s a lot of people in law enforcement

    hiding there talks with Shawna Wagar while I

    report a multi murder conspiracy over the


    Listen closely near the time before I put the

    camera down, you can hear someone warn those

    three officer’s that I was trying to catch them

    on video waiting for Shawna to return.

    So three of them went upstairs while a forth

    waited in his car.

    They have the inside of this apt under video

    surveilence and they are coaching my daughter

    Shawna Wagar as to how to further frame me and

    how to poison me off.

  3. Travis on

    I think that were me and I just got done using the ATM and some “black suv” pulled up on me and two guys jump out with guns drawn “im not about to give up my money, when im already in my car and started it.” Where I have come from living in ghetto areas and inner city crowds, I’ve known to watch out for any white or black suv or vans with windows tinted. And when people jump out, yea my first thought is run to get to a safe place. The inhumane actions we take on each other is sickening. I hope for severe consequences to those cops, destroying lives and familys, INNOCENT familys. I cant see where they did not do their homework to find out who he was before approaching him. For all I really suspect is he was helping this woman with maybe an addiction, or a teaching a better way of life, he was a pastor of a church. There is just no respect anymore for human life.

  4. Jim on

    Its true, Obama is just a shaved Osama! People are so blind!!

  5. Anonymous on

    I never looked at it that way but obama IS osama!

  6. closecall on

    This is an insane thing that happened. I’m also sure
    there is more to it than what is being seen by our eyes.
    The cops could have let the man move out and get
    away from the store that seemed to have a large amount
    of people there. I doubt seriously if this hit was over “drugs”, at least in the sense of there being drugs on either the pastor or his passenger. No, this was personal. The whole thing has a much deeper feel to it than just another drug bust gone bad, or someone not kissing a cop’s ass quick enough. These f*****s were all jacked up from the moment their feet hit the ground. Yeah, I truly believe these f***w*** had their orders in advance and were just carrying out their assignment. That they were out there firing rounds like a drunken John Wayne with that many people around, shows their utter disregard for both the citizens and the rule of law in this country. It’s just another example of amerika’s chickens coming home to roost. The shit we’ve allowed our government to do in other countries, is finally making its way back home. What I’m
    saying here is, this girl could have told the preacher
    something that could have been damaging to someone. Who
    or what? They always say follow the money, well it
    could be much more than that,way more. This is a story that cries out for some investigative journalism.

  7. Anonymous on

    if that were to happen osama obama would send out his secret police to bash and gas the stoners who stand for peace and that would quickly break up that crowd.

  8. Anonymous on

    ….and their solution would be to beef up SWAT and use them more often. Violence begets violence. I think a more tactful reaction would be a more peaceful one (ie. on 4/20 have a massive(never going to happen) protest outside the Whitehouse ,with every US pot smoker present, simply smoking weed until it is legalized). Fight fire with smoke…..

  9. Anonymous on

    Maybe the only way to get justice is to assassinate the murdering cops themselves. Just think; If the cops that killed this man were to get offed by a highly trained team of avenging angels the other cops might think twice about murdering the citizens.

    Cops get right in front of a car and dare you to move an inch…then they fire and kill you. The cops WANT you to touch their clothes a tiny bit so they can fire. They do this all the time. The cop that was ‘ touched’ by the car was not hurt….he jumped out of the way and began firing….all cops WANT to shoot…they train and train and cannot stand it when they cannot shoot…they are itching to shoot.

    We should be itching to shoot cops that kill the innocent as well. It is the only way to get the other pigs to wake up and see the light.

  10. Reverend Draco (First Pagan Science Church) on

    I am beginning to think that the only solution to these sorts of crimes, is to pull a page out of the police playbook. . . when dealing with the cops, shoot first, ask questions later (if at all).
    I really hate to think that We, the People, should have to resort to such things. . . but DAMMIT! How many grandmothers, children, and other innocents have to die at the hands of the Gestapo before we say ENOUGH!?!?

  11. riffraf on

    Another murder committed by the US police-state in their failed war on drugs, another piece of US police-state propaganda from CNN justifying the crime.

    The news story is titled Pastor Fatally Shot by Police in Drug Sting, and the story begins, “A north Georgia pastor was shot to death by police when he struck an officer with his car after he was seen in a vehicle with a drug suspect, authorities told CNN.”

    It continues in a similarly slanted vein, and CNN provides a click-link allowing readers to “Watch surveillance video of Ayers’ car hitting officer.”

    And it just gets worse, with police finding no drugs on Ayers’ person or in his car. According to CNN, police later determine “what they had seen was not a drug transaction, but ‘other circumstances were involved, and that’s part of the investigation.'”

    CNN tried contacting Ayers’ sister, but she didn’t return the call. Maybe because she knows how they’ll try and paint the picture?

    Hopes and prayers go out to the family of this latest victim of a misguided and murderous policy.

  12. Steve Bottrell on

    Undercover cops should not be allowed to arrest anyone. They should be information gatherers only. I’m sorry, but if 2 guys pulled guns, flashed me pieces of tin, and said they were cops, I’d drive right over top of them. Anyone can say they are a cop. Uniformed officers should have been there if there was any arresting to be done.
    Another death in the war against drugs. Will we ever learn?

  13. Anonymous on

    georgia is a dangerous place a lot of the police here are corrupt like just read back when the guy running for Atlanta sheriff office had his opponent ASSASSINATED

    A guy I worked with a cop shot his mom in the head in broad daylight for $10,000 dollars, no shit.

  14. Anonymous on

    seeing as he was doing nothing wrong in his mind, he probably thought they were just bad guys with guns and tried to get out of there. since when does evading arrest ( when your doing nothing wrong) mean you can be shot at? the drug war is just a horrible thing. bad guys they were, with bullets and intent. here is hoping the church people vote against the drug war. any law that seeks to harm people to try and “help” them is plain wrong.

  15. Anonymous on

    is very common in Georgia police routinely kill innocent people even for small amounts of marijuana .they are blinded by forfeiture laws and will do any thing to steal property .very dangerous .Georgia should be avoided by any tourists till these ridiculous drug laws are changed .and these despicable prof fitters in human misery are removed.

  16. sick and tired on

    I bet those asshole officers will get promoted for this murder. WHY DO PEOPLE CONTINUE TO ENFORCE INJUSTICE WHEN PEACE IS FAR BETTER!!! FUCKING CUNTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. homebudz on

    I wonder if those cops feel any guilt or remorse for killing an innocent man,for yet another stupid reason…..the drug war.Do they pat themselves on the back and say to each other”job well done”??I’m sure that they are all weasling together to get their stories straight.Who’s next?How about blowing up some old church lady to match your young preacher?Wonder how’d they feel if it happened to someone in their own family.Cops get to gun down,or beat up weak and helpless people all because they think it’s right and just.My contempt of these awful,cruel people continues to grow.