Schwag vs. Chronic

It’s midnight in Texas, the air smells of dang (hot road kill mixed with beer and truck exhaust), and as I hurry to my car I can’t help but skip. I always get this excited when I’m about to pick up a great sack of schwag, especially because this time it’s actually green and a little fluffy. A fifty-dollar investment will last for a few days and I’ll certainly get about ten fat blunts out of it. You see, in Texas blunts are quite popular, as they allow for increased sharing possibilities in a social situation, and getting both your tobacco and THC fix simultaneously.

I read my directions from a used napkin and drive through half of a Queen album before arriving at my dead end, where a person I know nothing about leans into my car and tosses in the bud. I don’t hand him the money, as I’ve been instructed to “gangsterly” toss it on the hood, so that nothing is exchanged through hands. This is all new to me and a little shady, but I was hooked up from a friend I trusted, and I really don’t have any other options.

Typically, my experiences with schwag dealers tend to vary, but most are short and sweet, with little time for inquiries on the current status of politics or the economy. In Texas, it’s important not to get attached to a particular dealer or supply, because more often than not, they will disappear one day, never to be heard from again.

It’s time to cruise home with my illegal greenery, hoping to make it. A long drive for schwag is required because there’s a drought right now, and unfortunately the county I travel through has the second-harshest penalties for marijuana possession in the state of Texas, and is well known for prosecuting to the full extent. The large amount I picked up creates a greater risk, but there’s a certain thrill in it all, a juvenile excitement in the process of tracking down buds. In some instances it’s almost sexual, a kind of turn-on you only feel from the possibility of getting caught. Maybe that’s why I take the chance with such a cheap, harsh sack of schwag.

To understand the affection for such low-grade cannabis, one must get into the full element of the Southern pot experience, including the lingo. The first question all potential purveyors ask is “’dro or reggie?” “’Dro” could mean just about anything, and from that point must be specified as either hydro, kind bud, chronic, or a specific strain. This is expensive, imported or home grown, and for struggling stoners like myself is reserved for birthdays, holidays, and tax seasons. “Reggie” is what I’m looking for; as opposed to paying $75 for 3.5 grams of good stuff, I’ll settle for the less flavorful weed with God-knows-what inside of it. I don’t know why, but even when I have money, sometimes I crave schwag. It’s strange, but there’s a feeling of bargain-hunting pride from grabbing that 28 grams for $50.

Five miles from home, my nerves start to really kick in. I’m so close to ripping the bong, and everywhere I look there are police. Police here are like Starbucks – they’re on every corner, and sometimes even parked next to each other for no apparent reason. I get this nervous feeling because I’ve been arrested for schwag before, and I still didn’t learn my lesson. The charge was for “Possession of Marijuana”, and what I possessed at the time was a roach, about the size of my pinky fingernail. My punishment would span across two years, and includes supervised probation with random urinalysis testing, home visits/searches, 50-dollar monthly probate fee, $3,500 in fines, two Texas drug and alcohol classes (an additional $300), 90 mandatory Narcotics Anonymous meetings within 90 days, and 250 hours of community service. I was not allowed to leave the county, let alone Texas, without permission from my probate officer. These traveling privileges were few and far between, and typically are only awarded to first-time offenders who test clean on urinalysis appointments. In exchange for completing all of the terms of my probation above, I would receive deferred adjudication, or a “clean slate” as they say. I say, what good is a clean slate when all you want to do is drench it in a smoky haze?
The painful truth of the South is that we have the harshest marijuana possession penalties in the United States, but we also produce/distribute some of the worst weed in the nation, with disturbingly low amounts of THC. In essence, tons of smokers are busted everyday for herb that might not even be herb at all. On a potency-level scale out of 10, schwag ranges from a 1-5. For those non-recreational smokers with debilitating illnesses, living in the south creates a problem when trying to find your medical-grade cannabis, as it typically must be smuggled in from California or Seattle. Because of the risk, the prices skyrocket, 1/8’s seem smaller, and quality goes down from improper storage and handling. Because there are no dispensaries (yet), attaining cannabis of this nature can be strenuous, reminiscent of a rat race, and end in disappointment over the quality of the product.

Eventually, many revert to the schwag out of sheer convenience, and even I wondered what it was about schwag that made it worth my while to sit in a jail cell thinking about it. Was there any possible way I could put in a plea of “not guilty” of possession of marijuana based on the fact that what I was smoking wasn’t really that good? “What”, “where” and “how” were the easy questions to find answers for, but the “why” is what interested me most. Why on earth do I choose to contribute to the perpetuation of schwag when I have tasted great buds from the heavens with my own lips? What about my toker friends who purposefully ONLY smoke schwag – why do they do it? Some say it’s because of cost, while others can find really good schwag with no problem and see little difference between it and kind bud. Some refuse to touch schwag with a ten-foot pole.

Schwag goes by many other names, including but not limited to: shwiggity, shwah, reggie, regs, Tex-Mex, junk-skunk, dirt-weed, dirties, skank, and killz, just to name a few. It’s typically brown (just like dirt) when it’s bad schwag, and a dark forest-green when it’s dough dough or shwah. Schwag has few crystals (if any), and most is chocked full of seeds with half of the weight being in stems and seeds alone. Male and female plants are mixed together in the planting of schwag, and when harvest time comes, there is little regard for typical growing methods of finer plants. In fact, they are grown in such a half-assed manner, smokers will sometimes find various other plants such as sunflowers, bluebonnets, or wild Indian paintbrush chillin’ in the bag, partying with their weed! It’s difficult to place names and strains on schwag, because most of the time it’s so compressed from cargo travel methods, identification seems impossible. In fact, travel plays quite a comprehensive role in determining what exactly you are getting when you purchase schwag.

Schwag is shipped across the Mexico-Texas and California border, compressed tightly and hidden in various parts of motor vehicles. Some bricks weigh in upwards of 150 pounds and are shaped like the giant tires they are sometimes shipped in. Instead of picking out a gentle bud to puff on, one sometimes needs to utilize the likes of electric turkey carvers to slice the bud into thin disks before smoking or distributing.

JP, a self-proclaimed schwag connoisseur and purveyor, told me, “I’ve seen schwag that’s been shipped in sheet metal, compressed between two gas tanks, all the way from the border.” JP has been a schwag-specific smoker for about 12 years now, only smoking quality buds on his birthday and holidays. Like myself and many other Texas smokers, he has also been to jail and served time for his herb-loving ways.

JP is fond of schwag for several reasons. “I’m Mexican, and I smoke Tex-Mex weed because I like to have a lot around to share with friends. It’s cultural. I can’t pull out expensive bud and share it with everyone, but I can afford blunts and blunts of this stuff,” he said as he rolled one up.

As For the quality of the schwag, JP said, “You find all sorts of shit in your weed, like dead roaches, sticks, spider webs – and one time I even found a bird feather. But I don’t care. I’ll still smoke schwag, and always will.” In addition to JP’s own found objects, I’ve heard some other wild claims of almost everything imaginable in bags of schwag: rat-tails, cockroaches, sticks, dirt, rocks, cough medicine (pawned off as a strain of kind bud), lead (for weight), gasoline, hair, beer tabs, feathers, knitting yarn, fingernails, pesos, oregano, nuts and bolts, and even a birdfoot!

Random objects found in pot are presumably for the purposes of weighing it down to spread further. JP noted that the profit lies in northern cities; because schwag still gets you high, it can be sold for inflated prices the further north you travel, and sometimes even carries a 100% markup value. Schwag in a border town will run $40 by the ounce, while it can easily be sold at up to $15 a gram in Colorado or Oklahoma. Incredible profits and markups keep the schwag industry in the south running at full force, with no end in sight.

Going from a smooth, chronic high to a thick, rough schwag high has been known to cause shock and stress disorders in visitors from the north who were unaware that cannabis also came in the flavor nasty! Having just returned from Vancouver, British Columbia, where I smoked the best buds of my life, I couldn’t help but close my eyes and try to feel the difference in the hits. The schwag is harsh and thick, similar to smoking a Marlboro Red, with the smoke settling in the back of the throat. Reggie smokers agree that the harshness grows on you, and after smoking southern “regs”, you can smoke just about anything.

There are also some people who refuse to smoke schwag. Stanley Glass, a glass purveyor and cannabis connoisseur, explained: “ To me, smoking that first bud of ’dro was like the most amazing sex, and all those years I spent smoking schwag I may as well have been jerking myself off!” As he loaded bowl after bowl of delicious buds with hints of mango, he became increasingly enthusiastic to describe how it felt to jump into the world of hydroponics, chronics, and clones after years wandering through the schwag deserts. Glass sold schwag in high school, and says that when he graduated, he graduated from schwag as well.

“I just found that ’dro was a more functional high with good flavors and very clean,” he says. He also points out that he and his friends were purchasing hydroponic buds at $240 per half-ounce, so he dedicated his lifestyle to bringing down that price and bringing up the quality. His theory is that if you’re going to risk everything, you may as well smoke good chronic. “Dank isn’t all about the money, it’s about variety of life and the wonderful flavors that come from it,” he says. “Schwag is just a negative cycle; a lot of violence comes with it, because it‘s all about quantity, not quality. It‘s all about making money, not the bud itself…you never know what’s in it, or what you’re getting. Chronic and ‘dro are just cleaner highs, more functional”.

However, it is generally agreed that most of the truly great buds are imported from throughout the northern US and California, but in order to get to it one must break through the barrier of low-grade competitors flooding the Gulf Coast with high volumes of cheap schwag. Because of the high volumes passing through, there has been an influx of sellers that don’t smoke their product and only focus on the distribution. With all these ignorant dealers, about the best salesman for schwag I can find is the shady guy at the dead-end street I just paid a visit to.

It’s understandable that chronic home-grown is hard to find, as growing good bud is not always easy with electrical companies that will not hesitate to report high-electricity readings to the local police. This creates problems for indoor grow operations because it is still highly illegal to grow even one plant, so people just don‘t want to risk it. Growers in Texas beware: spending life in prison for a couple of plants is not unheard of, and judges tend to favor incarceration over rehabilitation because of the profit-driven structure of our prison system. Also, by releasing marijuana offenders from prisons, the state would have to admit a failure in their staunch reputation for being tough on marijuana crimes.

Southerners are lagging drastically behind in the fight for marijuana reform. Not just a reform for legalization, but a reform of quality, and a change in mood among the community. Schwag is in abundance, and is quickly becoming the generic ‘fast food’ of pot. Nice buds shouldn’t be an expensive rarity; they should be bountiful, easily attainable, and identifiable. Before we can heighten quality, we must first educate ourselves and fight for the right to grow properly.

Photos by Frmrboi and Guppy Fish.



  1. Anonymous on

    Actually, I didn’t start smoking untill I was in the Army. Ah the joys of being the driver for Bn. Supply to HHC. I smoked all kinds of weed, including a few trips to Amsterdam. It’s all about tollerance levels.

  2. 420 on

    my man i agree with everything you said,honestly i do not know much about your specifics.but we are from singapore.If you want to talk about law,come here ma man.300grams gets you hanged here haha.but yeah i like what you said about ‘dirtweed’ being good for social smoking reasons.And thats all we get either way down south..way down south.but yeah,letting you all know that we’re here.

  3. budsmoker on

    im from alabama and we very realy get anything worht our wild here. ive smoked hawaaiin kush,(25 a g) seatle hash (40 a g) purp(30 a g) and just about all the swag there is…i wish the DOJ would just leagalize it and it would put alot of crime to rest people would be more willing to do more cause they wouldnt have to be scared to go out and find it or get a chance to get rob or jipped.

  4. Anonymous on

    Texas is a hell-hole.

  5. Kat Mcloud on

    So I’m completely stoked about all of the discussion going on regarding this article. When I first began writing it, I tried LOTS of different shwag (but was afraid to touch some of it…), and LOTS of different chronic. I have to say since then I’ve been educated more than ever upon having some shwag tested. I actually sat on it post article for about a year, because one of the guys I interviewed gave it to me. To be completely honest, this was the “bug” shwag, as we found a little dead bug in the bag and some doghairs compacted tightly. I’m pretty sure the stuff was compressed in a tire because of the smell.

    a chemist friend of mine checked it out under the scope, and has several litmus-like tests he does for the environment, testing for deadly chemicals in lakes, grass, pipes etc….He discovered a nice percentage of LEAD….F**king LEAD, as well as a bugspray like pesticide in the bud. He’s taking this as the reason it probably gives people insane headaches.

    Also, I’d like to encourage all of the Austin folks who have responded to this piece to please come out Saturday to the 12th st bridge to protest Marcs sentence. It would be great to see as many readers there as possible.

    Thanks so much for reading and responding…


  6. Anonymous on

    Schwag is the mascot for the recession america is in. When ya can’t afford the chronic, schwag will ease the stress on your wallet and your mind! Damn do I miss schwag, living in oregon the good stuff is cheaper, but schwag is unheard of.

  7. SYD420 on

    I love all types of green. But my most purchesed is that schwage only cause that chronic is exspencive. Those people who wont touch the schwage good for them it just leaves me more to get.

  8. rvlover on

    Nothing like waking up at 5-6 am, making a pot of tea and sitting on the patio watching the sun come up, all the time enjoying a fat bud right from the grower. Also, nothing like having another on the way to work, ‘specially when toking and you pass a black & white going the opposite direction! I do this daily,($200 per OZ), and have been for over 35 years!!
    Love reading about the Draconian laws still existing in both of our countrys, specifically the Texan way of lining the prison administrator’s pockets with new inductees to the prison system.

    I drive, work, and party with the Eternal Gift, and can’t wait for it’s re-establishment as an herb used for everything, as it did in the past!

    Is it 4:20 anywhere, oh, doesn’t matter, as I’ll make it 4:20 in my mind.

  9. kush4me20 on

    I was waiting for someone to see that! I live in Denver. Anyone tried selling me a gram of shwag for 15 i’d never talk to them again. Should be getting a quarter for that price – 15-20 bucks. Not even worth it though theres too much good chronic around here.

  10. Anonymous on

    I feel bad for the schwag you are getting. i live in good ole austin texas and i have never run into anything but seeds and stems in my bags which we get for 20 an o. Another great part is that we can find 50 to 60 dollar eights of great bud, still a high price compared to other cities but sometimes worth it for that great taste. And as far as thc goes, as any regular schwag smoker, if you can hold that shit in long enough it can get you as well off as a bowl of chron any day, just not as long ha.

  11. one12alph on

    I don’t like to associate the desire to educate and seek truth with the word “crazy” To me crazy is when your mind is not in sync with the world around you. As a result you withdraw from reality and dive head on into the rabbit hole of your mind. What you precieve of the physical realm that make up our “reality” becomes a creation of your own making, resulting in unfounded fear, and when you travel deeper into your world you begin to precieve things no one else does. It is then that you are “crazy”

    I would wrather associate the desire to educate and seek truth with the word “mad” Because that is the usual result when you find truth behind lies. And you may even think “this is madness” In fact, it is “refer madness.” They lie, we find out, we’re angry, they don’t listen to our demands, its madness!

    As you can see, we all seem to be on the same page here. We all seem to see the same things. We have no unfounded fears. We all see the same reality. So by my definition, were all mad. Not crazy!

    I was once told by someone “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” I’m sure he didn’t come up with it on his own, but where he got it I don’t know. But its definitely true, the prohibition is Insane. Same thing (incarceration, propaganda, BS science studies), same result (same demand, same supply, same science, same resistance to propaganda). It didn’t work for alcohol, it didn’t work for pot, it wont work period.

    So much for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…

  12. Cali Love on

    i like schwage as you guys call it out here in cali we call it stress just because when u smoke it you get a big headache n when your high is going down after you smoke stress or schwag as you guys call it you get very sleepy but its not hard to come bye over n smoking kush is way better even some good chronic but in cali is all good you get nothing but the best for low prices its all good in cali my man =]

    Cali Love…..

  13. greg williams on

    I am not a scholar. I didn’t go to college but i lived in a town that had one. I am every guy i ever tried not to be.

    Thought i’d clear the air before i spoke. lol

    As you may know.., the Gnostics, which is a religion as old or perhaps older than christianity believed the Cannabis Plant was the Plant of Kindness…The Tree of Life…A way to communicate with others and perhaps God.

    They knew the recipe of the Holy Annointing oil which was partly Cannabis and used the holy cannabis oil for Baptisim.
    They claimed with the Cannabis Holy Oil one saw visions/revelations.

    Christians on the other hand changed the recipe and replaced the holy oil with Cannabis.., or Kanehbosem with water and would only use water for baptism.

    The Gnostics ridiculed the Christians with comments like… .” with water one sees nothing…with holy oil one sees god and truth”

    And the Christians of course did all they could to belittle the Gnoostics, attacked them, killed them, and thought they had destroyed all their writings, until the Nag Hamadi(sp) was found with all of the original Gnostics texts, thought to of been burned and destroyed by the Christians.

    I believe, the Gnostics belived, the Rastafarian believe , that when one uses cannabis man is exposed. It teaches from witin. No outside teaching is necessary.
    Even our brains are designed to recived cannabinoids from the cannnabis plant, which leads us back the Gnostics and their belief the plant is the ” Tree of Life”.
    We used it for homes, clothing, healing, spirituality, building materials, energy, etc etc etc, and the seeds of course are full of immune system building omegas 3 and 6, 35% protein, and 30% oil. Building blocks of the human immune system.

    You are not crazy. The things that make it special are well documented. This plant has served humans longer than any plant in human history, and in more ways that any other plant.
    You seem to be thirsty for truth and disire to educate yourself. Those arent signs of a crazy person.

  14. Anonymous on

    The reason the DOJ says TN and KY have so much is because they include all the ditchweed that grows wild all over those states. It’s leftovers from the Hemp For Victory campaign that has spread. I live in Seattle and have only ever bought schwag once here. It tasted like crap and had not been flushed at all so was very irritating on the throat and lungs, but it was a pure Sativa strain and ultra potent. Since most weed is grown indoors here its almost all Indica hybrids and I rarely find any that is a strong as that schwag I had! Let’s legalize it so we can all enjoy the strong outdoor Sativas.

  15. Richard on

    I wish America would grow up. I want to be a Canadian now. Canada is a mature America.

  16. Anonymous on

    i get my product from seattle and olympia medical disp.
    candy names, amazing weed, 280$ an ounce

  17. one12alpha on

    Im not to cretin about it. But around here in NC, some people are selling on the ground of being “seedless.” Which upon a quick initial inspection seems right, but once broken up you find all sorts of little, flattened, shrively, white seeds. I assume its because the seed isn’t developed, and as I would imagine means it was harvested prematurely.

    But you’re probably right to an extent. Shwag is a product of demand. Its grown with little care. Harvested, and cured with even less. And when you press the buds into blocks or what ever shape is needed to meet needs for concealment, it sorta stops mattering how many times its squeezed, and handled.

    I think the farther away from the Mexican border you get, the better your bud market gets….hmm all the better reason for the US to legalize. Lets get this Mexican cartell trash out of the market so we can enjoy fine buds like Canada! And as a bonus we can reduce gang violence along the border! Wow, what a concept…I guess I just preaching to the choir now, lol

  18. One12alpha on

    Typically one discharged for violation of Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) article 112a, is given an Other than honorable (OTH) discharge. Now obviously this depends on the violation, since the article reads; “wrongful use, posesion, or distribution of a controlled substance.” So should one be caught selling LSD, or crack, there could be a chance for a worse discharge. However in order to do so, they would have to charge you by at least a special court martial.

    Typically (at least from my experience) if you just pop on a pee test for THC you get what is called non judicial punishment (NJP), or sometimes summary courts martial. It is usually repeat offenders who receive a summary courts martial. Or if you deny an NJP and they decide to continue with the charges, it goes to special courts martial(though its not uncommon for charges to be dropped in the event you deny NJP, due to the amount of work it takes to set up a special courts martial)

    With an OTH discharge, and given you meet the requirements, you are still entitled to VA benefits, because the VA is a separate entity from the DOD. About the only thing you lose in the ordeal is the GI bill, and the possibility of being called back from inactive reserve.

    As far as civilian record? Nothing! None of what you do transfers to your civilian criminal record unless you commit a capitol crime (rape, murder, etc). In fact, as long as you’re on base, even your traffic violations remain on base…except in the case of DUI/DWI.

    The Laws regarding the UCMJ are so completely different from that of the civilian court. In fact, you don’t have constitutional rights as a DOD member, you get UCMJ article 31 rights (which are essentially the same…essentially). Also, agreeing to NJP means you will go before your commander and he alone will be the judge, jury, and executioner. Generally he has already determined your guilt, regardless of your plea, and your punishment (though he has guidelines he has to follow in doing so) I wish someone would publish something like Berry Cooper does, pertaining to the military. I say this because the military legal system is so vague, and once accused you basically get no help from anyone. You are allowed a lawyer, and they will give one to you if you cannot afford one. And like the civilian world, the appointed lawyer is rarely worth his weight in shwag.

    I hope this has been helpful to you, and anyone interested. And please, if anyone with experience finds fault in this, correct me.

    Now, for those of you who didn’t recognize it, you know why I post as one12alpha…

  19. one12alpha on

    I dont know what to do anymore. I feel like I’m turning to Dale Gribble from King of the Hill…I imagine that’s what I was intended to feel like.

    I keep coming up with theories that I for one cant seem to prove otherwise…

    I feel right on the same page with you guys on 9/11…what about this?

    Fires in CA? No cause found? I think its DEA burning down MJ crops and everything along with it. I for one have never been able to start a fire with a cigarette, how about you?

    Also, I notice that there aren’t to many recreational MJ users who fall for the gov’t BS. Is there something about MJ that prevents us from being brain washed? Is that a small piece of the very large puzzle that keeps it illegal in spite of the overwhelming support to legalize it, or at the very least reschedule it?

    After you guys are done musing over the fine content here on CC, check out some of the interesting stuff on I have no affiliation with them, just want you all to check it out. I think if any of us are going to get anything done, including getting Marc Emery out of prison, we ALL need to work TOGETHER. I think “pot smokin’ hippies” should, of all people, be able to put aside our differences.

    And to the ‘Nam vet…. I’ve the greatest respect for you. Its hard not to after you go through a similar senseless war. If I hear of Vets marching in mass on DC again, I’ll do what ever I can to be by your side. You’re right, they do need to fear us!

    Oh, and sorry to get this Post so far off topic…

  20. Anonymous on

    How does it look on your record? Is it considered dishonorable?

  21. i live in ontario on

    I live in ontario canada and our shwagg is probably a Texans dank, believe it. you go to the shadiest dealer here and he’ll offer some decent buds, it’s actually hard to find shwagg

  22. Anonymous on

    Everyone has a different opinion about it. One thing is for sure, its quality is certainly getting better. I haven’t had schwag in a while (probably have had it in 2009, just can’t remember when) and it was decent, not really any seeds, just a bit of stems. You can get an Oz for about 75-80 dollars. I usually end up just getting three dimes for $25. But 75 for an 1/8? Thats insane. In STL, MO quality goes for $50 (last strain was unknown indoor, but Mango and haze are real popular). One thing puzzles me, the US DOJ says most marijuana in the country is grown within the borders especially states like TN and KY, does this mean they are producing schwag in these states or is sinsemilia more common? I live in Memphis and showed a guy that used to sell me schwag at a gas station a purple nugget and he fucking flipped!

  23. p_light420 on

    $15 a gram for SHWAG in Colorado? No way. I’ve seen people selling QP’s of it for $120. Whoever is paying $15 a gram, I want to meet them! Theres LOTS of great homegrown around the front range, you can find Chronic for $10 a gram.

  24. greg williams on

    Take a look at cheneys past. He was involved in the 60’s as well.
    He didn;t go to nam because in his words..” i have better things to do”

    IMO, any person that will torture others, plan to kill Americans and blame it on others, and hide and steal and destroy American Records and documents, is capable of doing what we saw in 2001. Unfortunately this time he got away with it.

    With the pentagon ” plane” it is very intersting that when you listen to those who were closet to the pentagon they all said… ” we didnt hear anything jet or loud noise”

    I can tell you this right now without batting an eye that one does not stand near a jetliner and not hear it coming.

    The wheelbase found that they paraded around? much smaller than one that would be on a jumbo jet, and there was only one.

    When 9-11 first happened all media said one thing and the next thing we know they all backtracked and said something totally different. Fire(wo)men Police(wo)man etc etc all witnessed something other than what we were told. Mnay still speakout to this day only to be ignored by the mass media that promotes war and lies and misinformation campaigns. They parada military and other government officals before us to verify what their bosses are saying. WTF ever happened to investigative reporting? Our media/reporters have become wealthy millionaires.
    They are cheerleaders for the government. FOX, MSNBC, CNN, and others do nothing but divide us. We all know what happens when peole are divided. We fall.
    Our urine is demanded for a job
    our urine is demanded for an education
    they steal our homes, our wealth, our children and hand them over to thier wealthy donors
    We are spied on
    we are lied to
    those sworn to uphold our constitution are destroying it.
    We have warcriminals running loose and obama promising not to seek charges, but instead to just ” look forward, not backwards”
    gosh, let us empty our prisons out now, eh? Just dont do it again. good grief.

    Monsanto kills blackwater kills bush killed obama kills wealthy tobacco ceos live lavish lives while selling poison, alcohol industry sells poison steals our water and pollutes our rivers and streams and live lavish lives.
    Marc emery sold seeds and goes to prison.

    Talk about intimidation and protection for the corporate drugs/ legal drugs?
    This war on pot is funded by the alcohol and tobacco commissions. It not so much they care about people being strungout on drugs as much as it seems to be whos drugs people are strungout on.

    Look at John McCains wife and where she got her hundreds on millions.

  25. Lionel on

    Very well stated on all points, Greg.

    Because I cared about what happened, I began looking into 9/11 on the day and the credible evidence is overwhelming that it was an inside job.

    Bravo for your response.

  26. greg williams on

    I believe the usa knew what was going to happen.
    Building #7 fell and it wasnt hit at all. Why did it fall? thats where all of the survellience cameras were that over-looked the WTC. All evidence gone. The site was cleaned up in record time and all of the steel was shipped to china or we made other ships out of it. This was suppose to be a crime scene. It wasnt. Firemenr who were there talked of being knocked down by elxposions coming out of the basement

    The ” plane” that hit the pentagon? was a drone. No cameras survellience around the pentagaon? 1 wheel found. Pices were no bigger that a chair in all the evidence. no bodies.

    The ” plane” that crashed in pennsylvania? i have seen the aftermath of a plane crash and what happened in penn didnt come close to resembling a plane crash. Bodies everywhere, body parts everywhere, luggage everywhere. In Penn? none of the above. It was just a hole in the ground.

    Those ” pilots” couldnt fly straight according to their instructors, but they managed to turn a jet aircraft around and find their targets?

    Those buildings were imploded. Look at the film in slow motion and you’ll see the explosions as they go down the building in the form of gray smoke puffing out ahead of the fall.

    Again, building 7 was never hit and fell.

    9-11 was an inside job. IMO the biggest conspiracy theory is that 19 people took over a jet aircraft with little experience in flyinga small plane with boxcutters while 200 people on board looked on and did nothing.

    We did the same thing with Cuba in the 60’s. The CIA wanted to shoot down an American Jet Plane full of people and blame Castro. They were caught painting military planes to look like civilian aircraft. Logos and all.

    Our governemt cant tell the truth about a fricken plant, so dont expect them to be honest about anything else. Thats what all governments do. They lie, steal, kill, etc etc, to get their way. Americans are being threatened by Al Queda. We are being threatened and attacked by our own government.
    As you all know.., we are told we are the ” most free nation on earth”. Sounds pretty good, eh? Well if thats true, how did we ened up with the most people in our prisons in the history of the world? We’re only free on paper my friends, and paper burns.

    Support the troops?. I am a Vietnam era vet. We never had people spit on us and call us baby killers at the SF airport. It was made up.
    We actually had vets at antiwar demonstrations and speaking out against that illegal war and refusing to fight.
    many of us said ..” The next time we fight take over a nation, we’ll beigin with our own.” The next steps we walk up will be in DC to take back our buildings and government.
    Our government should fear us, not us fear them.

  27. Anonymous on

    Canada is different.. Good good chronic is everywhere.. I haven’t ever seen swag here and only seen it once on vacation in Dominican. Huge fruity buds and good stuff is always around. most paying 200 oz.. Crazy laws are so harsh in Texas and surrounds states.. Need to keep the fight going over there ! One day it will be better.. Denver just reduced there marijuana possession fine to 1$ if caught with under 28grams.
    Live love Smoke !

  28. Mellow Fellow on

    Most weed sucks because it aint properly cured and flushed, and people keep touching and squeezing it before it reaches the customer wich further deteriorates it. The fact is most weed is schwag, some scwaggier than others. I’ve only had perfect weed once, it was sensimelia, pure sativa, and it was just so tasty and good!! I’ll never forget that stuff, the person who grew that sure knew what they were doing, I’ll tell you that. Fuck I miss those Times.

  29. one12alpha on

    I got a question for you. What do you think of all these theories that 9/11 was staged? It tends to be a sore subject for some people, and I dont mean any offense… It’s just that things dont add up for me.

    Like you said, not enough evidence, right? What ever happened to innocent till proven guilty? And they supposedly found Saddam hiding in that little hole? It doesn’t even fit his profile. I would think such an extremist would put up more of a fight…he probably did on his real capture by black ops.

    Ya, I smoked pot after my first tour to Iraq. It just took them about 3 years to catch me on a pee test. I did it because I think the pills the PEZ despencers they call doctors give you cause more mental problems than the reason they give them.

    I was a corpsman with a marine infantry unit, I got much respect for marines….at least the fresh ones before they become so en grained with the corps bs that they are corrupted away from being human. Support the troops, not their boss. Thats the motto to go by in my opinion.

  30. Anonymous on

    completely agree.

  31. Anonymous on

    This article reminds me of a hobo reveling at a bottle of mad dog 20/20 or Schlits ice…. who in the fuck would get excited to put that shit in their lungs. Poor growing/curing/transportation practices on top of poor genetic material, what a score. End this drug war and stamp out shit weed FOREVER.

  32. One12alpha on

    When it comes to shwag weed, I’ve always said, “marijuana can only get so bad before you’re smoking oregano.” If you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll be dooped. Don’t let someone tell you what you’re buying is cronic, while he breaks off a piece from a brick. From my observations, if your dude doesn’t keep his cron in a jar or something like that, it aint cron. Cron is something you store carefully, not in a brick in a trash bag.

    If only there were some simple way of determining the THC content on the spot….oh wait there is! SMOKE IT!

    I got a host of hook ups for ganja. I think its funny when one will say “this is just reggies” while another selling what is appears to be the same shwag will say its cron….Don’t be stupid, know what you’re doing. Know what you’re buying. Dealers tend not to try and rip you off when you know more than they do about pot.

  33. one12alpha on

    Oh hell ya! Discharge for 112a violation is far better than a discharge for being “no longer serviceable” as a result of losing a limb or two in a senseless war.

    Interesting tid bit for ya. I went to the brig on my 4 year 20 day mark of being in the service. This was while my unit deployed to Afghanistan shortly after, leaving me behind with a legal battle to deal with…..if that aint some sort of divine intervention, I don’t know what is….

  34. Anonymous on

    if it’s brown turn it down but if it’s green it could be mean. The dark green is the super shwag and I tell you it’s more potent than the dank purps and kush or any of the overinflated taxed stuff, sure it looks bad and it don’t taste good but my oh my it is strong as hell it would make a noob hallucinate

    Weird thing about the south is how many people here smoke considering how draconian the laws are on the books but then we still have paranoid schizophrenic christians running the place I’d be outta here if I could leave not that I think that the west is so great but hell I think Arizona is right up the kind of place I think I could live the good life there

  35. JayDawg on

    I like this shwag vs. cronic! Im from austin tx and lived here all mylife i am 21 now when i was 12 started smokeing in 6th grade back then we only had cash for shwag and like the article said i also granduated from shwag to dro. Dro can be called for anything diff from shwag. ak,trainwreak,purp,sweetisland,etc. in austin it isent hard to find shwag or dro back in the day we would buy qp’s of shwag and found rocks chicken feathers etc. But like the article dro is the best.

  36. Anonymous on

    well technically then you have two small bricks, the number of buds is unknown.
    although from the tone of the article, “brick” to you in the south may explicitly mean an original shipment..
    I mean you basically just bought hash half-done. Not that it’s worth any less than what you paid for it, I have just never seen this with my eyes.

  37. Anonymous on

    probably the best kind of discharge you can get from using a drug 🙂

  38. Anonymous on

    Possessing cannabis in Texas, ks, or Ok, is a felony, I have been the victim of the archaic laws in TX. Facing 12yrs in Tarrant county for possessing an ounce of schwag, i thought i was done for.. I will never go to TExas again, one good thing is they have barry coopER trying to make a difference there, ODESSA probabaly one of the most backwards places is the center of neverget busted and Barry Cooper change in attitude from DEA to bong ripping with stoners. Kansas ain’t no better. I was born in Ks.

  39. Anonymous on

    Hell yeah! I too traded the big green killing machine for a small green smoking machine.

  40. Anonymous on

    I just picked up a little regginals in lawrence kansas. Two buds the size of a quarter and a half inch thick, weighed over a half ounce. When I broke it up it just crumbled with the twist of a finger. It looked to be already cleaned and then just compressed. Someone had a qp the size of small cell phone. Weird, never see this before usually it is just crappy looking buds but rolled a shit ton of joints! Schwagerty is surly fun sometimes but the stuff gets old after a a few days! Happy smoking

  41. levelnext on

    hey One12alpha: glad Mary Jane helped you out!

  42. Anonymous on

    I’ve had inexpensive Mexican cannabis that was comparable in quality to very expensive pretty pot. I grow a few plants in my yard every year and have found that even the upper leaves and tops of some strains can have a surprisingly good effect. It’s great to have premium buds but the benefits are there even at lower potencies.

  43. One12alpha on

    You’re right on the money. I’ve come upon those who wont touch the bag of shwag. I typically find that those who don’t seek the cron, haven’t tried it either. The few who have would go to almost any length to get it. I my self have driven two hours to myrtle beach to find some good quality buds. The very same buds which resulted in my discharge from the military….thank you, Mary Jane, for freeing me from that wretched establishment.