Smoke Medical Cannabis, Get Evicted

There will be a memorial protest for Marilyn Holsten on September 2, from Noon-6 PM, at 951 East 8th Ave, Vancouver. Marilyn died shortly after being eviced from her home for smoking medical marijuana.There will be a memorial protest for Marilyn Holsten on September 2, from Noon-6 PM, at 951 East 8th Ave, Vancouver. Marilyn died shortly after being eviced from her home for smoking medical marijuana.CANNABIS CULTURE – How would you like to be evicted for doing something completely legal, just because someone else thought it was unsavoury?

The federal government of Canada gave an elderly, disabled, sick woman permission to use an illegal flower. That means Marilyn Holsten could legally use cannabis in the privacy of her own home. She even used an odourless vapourizer to inhale cannabis, which does not produce smoke because the plant material is heated, not burned.

Marilyn Holsten has been written about extensively in the Vancouver Province newspaper. Read the news articles here.

Long story short: Marilyn was a diabetic half blind double amputee in a wheelchair who went to the hospital almost every day, several hours a day for dialysis. She lived in supportive seniors housing for eight years. Marilyn died of a heart attack shortly after the Anavets Senior Citizens Housing evicted her because she was smoking cannabis to feel better.

If your health is failing, the worst thing the landlord could do is evict you for something as trivial as using cannabis to feel better. The stress and expense of eviction, finding housing, packing, moving, etc. is unbearably cruel when you have precious little time left to live. Anavets stole her last few days because they have a problem with a disabled woman using a flower.

The same thing happened in 2004 to Eric and Marlene Young on Vancouver Island, a couple with government permission to use and grow a flower. Eric has Multiple Sclerosis and his wife, Marlene grew his medicine. They fought the eviction in court all the way to the BC Court of Appeal and lost. Read about it at

Medical Cannabis users in Colorado are being evicted from federally subsidized housing. In America, The conflict between federal and state laws is creating a lot of hardship and suffering for sick, disabled people. Read about it in the Denver Post.

A friend of mine got evicted from his New Westminister apartment for smoking cannabis. He was a good tenant. He was quiet, always paid his rent on time, but he likes to smoke cannabis to relax after a hard day of working to take care of the disabled. He also uses cannabis as medicine for various aches and pains. His doctor won’t sign the medical cannabis forms because she cares more about her insurance, liability, and practice than her patient’s health. He doesn’t have government permission to use a flower, nor should he need permission.

In 1967, Pierre Trudeau said “There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.” Everyone who values their personal freedom must stand up and tell our politicians that there’s no place for the state in the gardens and greenhouses of the nation. If we don’t need government permission to grow and eat our own vegetables, why must we get permission from the government to grow and use cannabis? Why would you bother asking the government for permission to use a flower when you can be evicted at the whim of your landlord, just because you are using an illegal flower with the explicit permission of the Canadian government?

There will be a memorial protest for Marilyn on September 2, from noon to 6 PM, at 951 East 8th Ave, Vancouver – click here to find out more.

Please remember Marilyn by doing whatever you can to prevent disabled people from being evicted for using cannabis as medicine.