Gov. Schwarzenegger’s Twitter Idea Sees ‘High’ Times

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is trying to convert the collective intelligence of Twitter users into real-life ideas that would help the revenue-starved state.

Schwarzenegger announced this week the launch of, a Web site that indexes ideas for California’s state government submitted via Twitter. The governor is asking people to “tweet” their ideas with the hashtag identifier #myidea4ca.

During a conversation Wednesday at Twitter’s headquarters with company founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone, Schwarzenegger said Twitter has “tremendous power and insight.” He said the idea came from a Twitter user that he should autograph some state-owned cars and bicycles for sale at the Great California Garage Sale on Aug. 28 and Aug. 29. The governor said the Twitter-generated ideas also could be used for issues like solving the state’s water woes.

“Even in bodybuilding, I was always interested in what people want,” Schwarzenegger said. The governor is a frequent tweeter. He has nearly 1 million Twitter followers. scoops up tweets tagged with #myidea4ca, and people can then give a thumbs up or thumbs down to each idea — a function that’s commonplace on social bookmarking Web sites like Digg and Delicious. Users also can submit comments about the ideas, which are searchable by keyword, Twitter username, category, most popular, most commented and most recent.

Early results suggest that the public’s most popular idea is legalizing and taxing the sale of marijuana, a possibility Schwarzenegger himself floated earlier this year as state legislators struggled to close a multibillion-dollar budget deficit.

– Article from Government Technology.



  1. Anonymous on

    It won’t be $1.30 per gram as the proposed tax is (an incredibly high) $50 per ounce (28 grams)…so that means the retail price per gram will be $2.30 ~ $3.00.

    but like the Middle East has done for centuries, with much lower prices and the need for healthier lungs, hash will take over from bud. I wonder what the proposed tax for hash will be?

  2. Anonymous on

    and the police and other uniforms shouldn’t worry too much about their loss of jobs due to the end of cannabis prohibition as they will be used to crack down on those avoiding taxes levied on cannabis…..see, everyone wins

    the other problem is long term, CA will make lots of money in the short term, but soon other states and countries will follow suit and the so called billions of tax dollars that everyone is trumpeting will dry up.

  3. Anonymous on

    “Likewise people will not start paying $13 a gram for what is legal when they get it for $10 while it is not.”

    $….get real

    When it becomes legal, it won’t be $13 per gram, it will be $1.30 per gram, including tax.

    think tractors, not shovels and you’ll get the idea.

  4. Anonymous on

    That would be a part of MJ legalization, guy

  5. Anonymous on

    what …..about………hemp? or just keep DUPONT as king of the world.

  6. Adam on

    Well let’s see. We’re already breaking the worst and harshest laws they dare to pass to stop us. Now that growers are only breaking tax laws, there will be even more tax-free bud available. Supply increases, state revenues do not.
    If passing taxes on (and therefore legalizing) pot meant those who grow it will allow the government to dictate their price, it would be presently unavailable simply for the fact that it is illegal, and there are already far worse penalties in place for producing it.

    Likewise people will not start paying $13 a gram for what is legal when they get it for $10 while it is not.

    Personally I can’t wait for California to tax pot. They won’t make a cent! 😀 Let’s see how long before the lawmakers figure this one out.

  7. DublinGreenTumb on

    Well if he Doesnt like the Response from the Public,
    he can Always Do What Obama Did!..(Oh Those Crazy Pot Heads)
    Hands up who Really Really Really Beleaves he’ll Listen?.

    Me Personaly Im Going To Roll up.

    Twiter that Mr Terminator.. Screw your laws, we;ll do it Anyway Game Over,

    Free Marc.Peace and Love.

  8. Annah on

    It’s pretty funny when you look at all the suggestions on that page… most are for legalization… and then look at the picture of The Governator, all smily. Man, he’d better take the response into consideration and not do what The Obamanator did in his “Online Town Hall” fiasco.

    Why the hell do politicians ask for our opinions if they’re just going to ignore them anyway? Twits.

  9. Mojojojo on

    Well he may get some flak over the ‘Twitter Idea Generator’ theory, it personally sounds like a solid way to get input directly from the people with whom he is charged to govern. I applaud Mr Schwarzenegger’s idea and I hope it produces exceptional results..

    If it does indeed lead to the legalization and taxation of cannabis my thinking about moving to CA, will I believe change to actually -doing it-.

  10. George Lenard on

    The cash flow from the growing licenses, the retail sales tax, increase in tourism? The positive change to enforcement budgets? All would be marvelous effects on any state budget. If the greed and need of government turns out to be the reason for a correction in the denial of my right as a mature consenting adult to enhance to quality of my life, through the consumption of cannabis, thank you Arnold! It is long overdue!