Argentina Decriminalizes Marijuana

This is the third Latin American country to see the light this year. Brazil was first, followed by Mexico and now Argentina.

Argentina Court Ruling Allows for Personal Possession

They keep this up and they just may see white people streaming across the other way at the border. I doubt they would build walls to keep us out either.



  1. Anonymous on

    brazil haven`t decriminalized marijuana as long as I know… and I live here

  2. Anonymous on

    dont cry for me argentina i was yor sister i was your brother

  3. Anonymous on

    rooting for the cartels .give em hell boys

  4. David Malmo-Levine on

    … unless by “seen the light” it’s the ones they keep on all night long in your cell.

    The amount that is legal to carry is tiny – five grams or less. If you get caught three times you get mandatory treatment.

    Plus if you’re a grower you’re probably going to jail – this new reform includes mandatory minimums for most growers.

    They’re building 12 new prisons in anticipation of all the growers they’re going to be throwing in jail: