Farewell Tour Back on The Road

I’m back on the road for the final leg of the Farewell Tour.

I was in Owen Sound on Sunday, then in Kitchener-Monday, Swift Current-Tuesday, Regina-Wednesday, Prince Albert-Thursday, HEMPFEST in OPHIR, Ontario on Saturday & Sunday next week.

I really had a great time in Owen Sound. 130 people came to hear me at the Kelso Beach amphitheater. I thought my presentation was very sharp and tight. We sold many Prince of Pot DVDs and met many nice people, some who traveled far to see me.

I’m is speaking at Kitchener City Hall (outside) at 200 King St. west TODAY (Monday) from 2.30 pm to 6.00 pm.

Then Jodie & I are in Swift Current, Saskatchewan on TUESDAY speaking at MEMORIAL PARK from 4.20 pm to 7.00 pm.

Then in REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN on Wednesday, August 26 at The Green Canvas, 1621 11th ave. from 5:00pm – 9:30pm Thanks to sponsors Head2Head and James Domanski.

Click here for photos and info on The Farewell Tour.

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. Tokin' Terry on

    when did california legalize pot was the question, taxing it is not what i would call legal, Marc Emery paid taxes on pot seeds and they are not legal.. and look at the shit he’s in..

    So California is taxing doobies, so who pays that tax and to whom ?
    Really this doesn’t make any sense at all, unless you are saying fines are taxes. Do you consider a Compassion Club being raided as proof of marijuana legalization ??

    Why hasn’t this sensi- sational story been all over the news then,
    ” California legalizes pot ” would be at least equal to
    ” Man on the Moon ” but its not even on the CC website,,

    Show me proof and I will applaud,

  2. Anonymous on

    In response to the past two messages, they, Cali, just passes a law to tax pot. Also they are working towards putting a Bill into congress that will completely legalize pot in Cali. It’s suppose to hit congress in January or something. Also Arnold was on the news pro pot calling it just a leaf and that by taxing it, it could generate billions for the crumbling economy.

    And for the feds busting compassion clubs, Obama said at the start of his term that they would leave places like this to do what they are doing and we are all very baffled why recently it has happened so much.

    And I also think everyone should legalize pot. Sell it just as cigarettes, tax it, like smokes, and use the money saved, and earned to educate.

  3. Tokin Terry on

    when is california going to legalize the herb ?????????
    I thout that Schwatnegir is dead against that option , at least last I heard but maybe he is fixed to surrender, who knows? I don;t maybe you have a special TV set that transmits news from the future

    How can California make pot legal if its still very much against US federal law, or did Cali separate last night and is now their own nation under Arnold
    still busting all the compasisson clubs and helicopters taking out bales in Humbolt county . Its nothing to make fiction up about please unless you know this is actually happening. It would be front page news all over the world if Califiornia went legal like mexico and veniswala.

    BTW why do you want to tax someone elses pot? what are you, asocialist ? There, you have been informed, mail on your own pot tax money to head office, don’t drag the rest of us down please

  4. Anonymous on

    No it’s not too late, mail a letter to the Honorable Ricardo S. Martinez in seattle. I am sure the adress is somewhere on this website. Get your frineds to send mail. Send more than one. He’s from seattle where they had hempfest, he’s got to have some sense of reason. Also email your members of parliment (if your from canada) and let them know how you feel about this and bill c-15, which is requireing mandatory jail time. Also Sept 19 attend your local protest and tell others to send their mail. California is going to legalize it. Argentina just did, mexico too, so we are getting closer. LEGALIZE, TAX, INFORM! LEGALIZE, TAX, INFORM, LEGALIZE, TAX, INFORM!!!! And Marc doesnt need to hide, He’s doing this to spread the word, now show your thanks and send mail, and get others too to send their mail!!!!!

  5. Tokin' Terry on

    less than a month and Marc Emery will be in captivity.
    There is still timne to run Marc. BC is a big place and
    your many friends you sold seeds to who are well established wealthy growers should be able to hide you, no problem,.. if they can hide huge grow opps from the RCMP they should be able to hide you and Jodie for the rest of your lives.

    How soon we forget Sadam Huseins people hid him from the Americans when they invaded his empire til he was unfortunately discovered and hung., its high time for the marijuana community to hide their prince of pot from those who seek to box him like a common hog caged and fattened for pork chops., his ass a slab of bacon for the evil ones to fry for breakfast

    Activists get active! its almost too late with the new dope laws about to hammer down. the next piece of federally inspected bacon might well be you

  6. same person on

    The post about free talk live is gone since the spam filter came back up… the first half of the above isn’t relevant, readers, my bad.

  7. Adam on

    I have been listening to Free Talk Live ever since your fine magazine pointed me and your readers to their program the first time Marc was arrested for this and interviewed in 2005. I’ve been listening ever since, lately more than once a day as the stream doesn’t stop anymore. 🙂
    http://freetalklive.com:8000 < -- Listenable 24/7 That was around the same time I began to smoke and learned of CC as well. I just wanted to share that because the last time I read a short piece like this article on your website my life changed forever. PEACE AND POT Can I add that the young man from Halifax wearing a red IV:XX shirt is really, really sorry for his TACTLESS remarks at Victoria park. I can either hope you forgot them or say something now, it took me a moment to realize to whose wife I was speaking… but I heard about the same subject on the interview that night so I know I have to apologize to Jodie Emery; I’m very sorry!

    I will be calling Rob Nicholson when it is appropriate and I will think much harder about what to say. He doesn’t even know the MEANING of the word elocution (no, really, he doesn’t.)