Marc Emery ‘Farewell’ Event Tonight in Vancouver

Photo by Eviloution Photography: http://eviloution-media.deviantart.comPhoto by Eviloution Photography: http://eviloution-media.deviantart.comCanada’s “Prince of Pot” and Leader of the BC Marijuana Party, Marc Emery, will deliver a two-hour “Farewell” speech on Monday night at the Vancouver Public Library at 6pm.

Marc Emery’s Farewell Tour: Vancouver, Sponsored by the BC Marijuana Party and

Vancouver Public Library, Alma & Peter Room, 350 West Georgia Street

Monday, August 17th – 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Marc Emery’s fans and supporters have raised money to bring him and his wife Jodie to cities across Canada on a “Farewell Tour”. Vancouver is the 22nd of 30 cities holding an event, with attendance ranging between 30 and 300 people in various venues.

Marc Emery’s motivational and educational speech discusses the uses and benefits of cannabis hemp, the failure of prohibition, and the Conservative government’s Bill C-15, which implements American-style mandatory minimum prison sentences for marijuana and drug convictions. Bill C-15 already passed through the House of Commons, so Emery is rallying Canadians to contact their Senators urging them to prevent it from becoming law.

Emery also encourages people to help bring him back to Canada once he begins a US prison sentence this fall for selling marijuana seeds. He has agreed to a plea deal with the US Federal Justice Department for a 5-year prison sentence, and expects to begin his incarceration at the end of September.

The alternative to a plea deal would be to continue with the extradition process and ultimately be forced into the USA to be tried and sentenced to a minimum 30 years – or possible life imprisonment – in US federal prison based on three conspiracy charges. Emery is hoping for a prison transfer but may need supporters to petition the Canadian government for help, as the Conservatives are refusing to transfer Canadian drug offenders from US prisons based on so-called “national security” concerns.

Emery sold marijuana seeds through the mail and in his store in Vancouver, but never went to or operated in the USA. He declared and paid $600,000 in Income Tax over the years he was in business selling seeds, and ran in numerous elections at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.

The US Drug Enforcement Administration admitted in a press release the day of Emery’s arrest that it was “a significant blow to … the marijuana legalization movement … Hundreds of thousands of dollars of Emery’s illicit profits are known to have been channeled to marijuana legalization groups active in the United States and Canada. Drug legalization lobbyists now have one less pot of money to rely on.”

Marc Emery: (604) 689-0590 – [email protected]
Jodie Emery: (604) 818-4201 – [email protected]
Jacob Hunter: (604) 803-4085 – [email protected]

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  1. Anonymous on

    SO LONG, $UCKER!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous on

    I agree this Government is fucked up but you don’t have the balls to do anything

  3. Tokim' Terry on

    Its a fact that feeding prisoners and mental patients nitrates makes them passive and destroys their sex drive and ambition. Ha guess who smokes a ton of nitrates every day? the half gay passive downtonw hydro pot smokers, no wonder they just get=y-=t stoned and none of them will fight for marc Emery or any of their freedoms. its disgusting they won;t grow their own pot outside in the sun like it is supposed to be done. They shit bricks about organic food but smoke the most chemically poisoned weed on earth..

    girlie men with pot boobs wasting their lives watching YouTube and bitching about everybody else. When Marc gets out of jail several years from now nothing will have changed.. it will be useless drugged up downtown girlie men doing nothing except run away from police dogs stay in jail marc, don;t witness this weakness in the brave good society we used to love

  4. Tokin' Terry on

    So what if marc Emery sold 15 million dollars worth of pot seeds into America? Thats not a real crime.. uts not a crime if h confesses to it and he did, and see where that got him? five years in jail..coming up soon. It sucks our Prince of Pot has to spend five years from basically now till 2015 in some rotton over crowded racist hole full of shit and violence just for making money. like what is America all about except freedom & making money??????? Sure he’s a braggart asshole but thats not a crime in canada all his so called loyal people let him down, all of them don’t deserve their peace drugs to be hassle free after that kind of betrayal. Lazy selfish stoners get what they deserve and thats nothing

    I for one am still mega anoyed that his seed partners Greg and Michelle got off scott free after ratting Marc the DEA inside America !! thy just drove down and had lunch with the enemy singing their guts out

    thats totally unacceptable You never see them around anymore.,. I guess not, maybe marc fired them or had them bumped off. Funny you never hear anything from them at all these days and thy were all there once wearing their precious No Extraditon T shirts and going to court with Marc & Jodie

    People will do anything for money is the lesson here

  5. Richard Vanderkolk on


  6. Richard Vanderkolk on

    People should not fear there Goverments ther gov’s should fear them, they should be doing all they can to keep the peace not brazenly crossing the ppl’s wishes , not walking right over our freedoms and libertiys , ther job’s are to serve the ppl not find ways to put them in cages for the sake of power greed if they dont here the peacefull wonts and needs of the ppl that alected them to ther place of power them we remove them by force beet up a couple cops and over throgh the basterds and put someone in office who will do ther job for the ppl not against them

  7. Richard Vanderkolk on

    There must be a way to get all the ppl that have been wronged by the wiked anti freedom gov to stand together and fight for our lives, I mean what is life without freedom its worth dieing for. Better to die on my feet then live on my knees. thats why I love Marc he has gone all the way and some for everyone but who will do this for him. all the prison system around the world should riot untill they here that we will not take there anti freedom shit any more, till they free Marc Emery , and legalize our freedom and never cross the ppl again !!!!

  8. Richard Vanderkolk on

    I just cant understand how canada could puss out and let USA bully them around, and let them do an act of war cross the border and arrest someone who isant an american under american bushit greedy pothetic laws that americans dont even beleave in, there are no free countrys all goverments are out to use there ppl for all there worth. someone should put air in the heads of the basterds and be done with it, seams like the onlly way to stop the teriny is to kill ‘am they only speek the talk of death maybe it time we speek it back we do out number them

  9. Tokin' Terry on

    Keep fighting the fight Marc..maybe your time in freedom is short and your speeches sort of sound all the same, but the point is nobody is really listening to your message and they should. We will all miss you when you are gone into captivity for who knows how long? Sadly your skills at public yakking can’t be matched by anybody else in the 420 community, which is a fact- so we will have to hit replay on your speeches for inspiration after you are gone. This is the final month of hope pot and freedom and then some short haired indifferent jailer steps in to fuck that all up/