Freeman Activist Arrested For Public Pot Sales

Vancouver police arrested an activist who was openly selling marijuana as a form of protest. (Photos by Jeremiah Vandermeer - Click pictures to enlarge)Vancouver police arrested an activist who was openly selling marijuana as a form of protest. (Photos by Jeremiah Vandermeer – Click pictures to enlarge)Bud the Oracle was positive he wouldn’t be arrested.

“The police will not arrest me,” he told Cannabis Culture on August 10, “and yes, I was advertising marijuana to the Council members and anyone on the Vancouver Police Department staff who might use this vegetable. That’s part of my activism, I’m just boldly being a marijuana seller out in the open, I have nothing to fear and they have no claim on me. I am not a person under their authority.”

Bud is Chief Justice of a group called The Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society and has claimed the sovereign right to sell marijuana as a Freeman – and he had been doing just that: openly selling marijuana on the streets of Vancouver while ringing a bell and shouting “Marijuana for sale!”

Bud and his cohorts believe that since they have declared themselves Freemen, the laws that govern Canadian citizens do not apply to them, and that somehow, the laws of Canada actually make allowances for these claims – though it is all kept secret by lawyers and the establishment. (Go to Bud Oracle’s blog, Sunshine Soup, to watch videos and find out more about being a Freeman.)

On the morning of August 10, Bud sent a letter to Vancouver’s Mayor, Police Chief, and City Council Members thanking them for their non-interference into his protest action, and declaring his intention to continue selling marijuana openly in the city streets:

Greetings and peace to all,

I am thankfull of your non interference with the Marijuana Guild’s assertion of our Claim of Right during it first Sale on the Art Gallery Commons, August 9, 2009.

As you can see by the Youtube videos Most people are happy with the news that they can purchase this pleasant and beneficial vegetable from non criminal sources without having to pretend to be sick enough to recieve permission for their diet from the federal Government. You will notice the quality and general happiness of the people who do purchase Cannabis many of whom are tourists to this City. These are the kind of people we need to come here in droves to keep our economy thriving.

In the future you will see me everywhere on the commons selling my wares peacefully. Again, I expect there to be peaceful discourse, rather than armed agression by your policy officers, if there are any specific considerations that you wish me to take into account. I am very ammenable to reasonable compromise and would rather enter into it than violent conflict over any issue which could be settled by communications.

Yours assertively

Bud the Oracle
Chief Justice
The Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society
Member Marijuana Guild

Later that day, Bud told Cannabis Culture by telephone that he had quit his job and intended to sell marijuana full time.

“My idea is to get a storefront somewhere and open a little smoking room and sell marijuana to anyone who comes through the door,” he said.

The next day, on August 11, Vancouver police arrested Bud in a park on Hastings Street after a skirmish with disgruntled locals who, it is rumored, called the authorities. During the arrest, Bud told police officers repeatedly that he was not a citizen of Canada, but was a “Freeman on the land”, and had a sovereign right to sell marijuana. The police listened politely, and then put Bud in the back of a police van.

Another member of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society who was using a videocamera to film the standoff was also arrested at the scene after refusing to give the police his name or date of birth, but was later released without charge after finally giving his name. Bud’s dog was also taken by police.

Bud the Oracle is an avid Podcaster and blogger whose style of activism and legal philosophy has been the subject of debate in the marijuana activist community (and in the Cannabis Culture Forums), with many critical of the legal logic used by the Freeman to arrive at their conclusions.

De-crowned: Bud the Oracle robbed by police of his marijuana headpiece.De-crowned: Bud the Oracle robbed by police of his marijuana headpiece.This is not the first time Bud’s has landed himself in hot water with police. In June, at a public playground in Vancouver, Bud was arrested after a run-in with bicycle police who eventually found a small amount of marijuana on the activist. The incident was even covered by the CBC (Click here to watch the video on Pot-TV).

When pressed by Cannabis Culture in our Monday interview, Bud finally admitted there was a chance he would be arrested.

“Should they arrest me,” he said, “here’s what I’ll do: After six hours, it is the law that I must have in my hand the instrument of my arrest – the warrant – all filled out. If after twelve hours I don’t have it in my hand, the law is that those people arresting me will have their commissions will be forfeited. They may arrest me, but they won’t be keeping me long and they won’t be charging me.”

CC contacted the Vancouver Police Department inquiring about the case, but did not received a call back by the time of posting this article.

Though Cannabis Culture wishes Bud and the Freemen the best of luck, we do not advise others activists to emulate their actions. Though you are undoubtedly Free to do what you please, selling marijuana openly (especially while in the streets, waving a bell) will probably get you arrested.



  1. aKleiss on

    i do not think that i am the only one who thinks that all this arguing is not doing an ounce of good for the legalisation movement. talk about divide and conquer, u hotheads should put ur minor differences aside (e.g spelling mistakes) and band together. power in numbers dudes, not that i need to tell you (i hope)

  2. Anonymous on

    You can find out all about how this all works by buying the Freeman Information packages and giving these fraudulent con artists some of your hard earned cash !!!! If you don’t believe this view point have them show you in court documentation a case that they have won using these supposed valuable information packages that they are willing to sell you out of their undying love of their fellow man.

  3. Anonymous on

    like Covey noticed the movement is worldwide and i’m not a native to the english language, (gouvernment, government, man what a fuss about nothing)
    I too have got a courtcase running against me Chriss, one of wich the outcome is not certain yet and is related to a smaller case of wich authorities decided to let me have my peace.(iow they never wrote me back to issue their demands.)
    so far they are only postphoning it all the time and i wonder will I get a trial at all.
    But when the outcome of the court is final, i will bring out my report on the thinkfreeforums and acknowledge it simultaniously here on thisone.

    you might have become disenfrenchised because of your own initiative going wrong, but imo there is not such a thing as something going wrong.
    everything serves a purpose, no matter what.

    it’s all about having guts and believe in what’s right to me.
    It,s somewhat like playing a game too but one I cannot loose cuzz i don,t have nothing to loose.
    The initial outcome is uncertain but since everything is inter related, nomatter the initial outcome the endresult will create a domino effect of wich i have good hopes it will stirr the country where i live.
    It,s all just a shitty job chriss but someone ‘s got to do it.
    Hence my appriciation towards Bud O and could I only wish for you chriss to not give it all just up but consider looking at it from a different perspective.
    (and no I won’t give thisone a spellcheck either 😉 )

  4. Anonymous on

    Sorry you are right their is no way I could know you are a Cop, maybe your just an asshole who has nothing better to do than increase stupid negativity on any cause. Show me any conversation anywhere where you were not attacking people negatively and inciting unrest as you Cops would say.. 🙂

    Copy and paste one conversation made since this conversation started that you had anything to offer in a forward movement. NOTHING eh?

    If you do, I apologize for my assumptions and will never say anything negative about OFFICER Tokin’ Terry, kidding. I will take back my stupid conclusions and realize you are just having a bad day and are not really so bad.

    One thing that you do have is some negative connotation constantly showing itself berating everyone and everything around you. I’m starting to think that either your a Cop or you just Hate yourself, Which One Is It?
    I Don’t Know but perhaps it’s simpler than that; Perhaps, our heads are butting and you’re really not so bad and was having a bad day..
    It depends on your response now to answer my conclusions; the balls in your court.

  5. Dave on

    WOW, come on folks, lets be civilized here. All ideas are good; so lets learn from each other. It sounds like most are interested in the Freeman concept but don’t know how to go about it.

    If you read between the lines, everyone seems to be asking, ‘how it’s done’. Why don’t we just all get a bong and watch Bud; maybe we can learn and some might be able to help in their own little way.

  6. Only time will tell on

    PFFFFFFT? Are you a 12 year old girl? Seriously thats best you can do? You are indeed a hack. Your worse than your CC counterpart who wrote this increadably biases, factually wrong article.

    PFFFFFFT? LOL your lame response is only surpassed by your even more lame physical appearance in your Avitar. You are the gay of the gay, you put the ass clown in prohibition. Leave it to a balding mamma’s boy to jump to assuming… Well you definatly put the ass in assume that is forsure.

    I am not a freeman on the land, just somebody with a higher level of education on the matter then yourself, and somebody with the realization that eventually with enough pressure the government will back off on one front or another.

    For legalization of decriminalization to respectively occure, the government will need to be bombarded, and pressured, and these nobles are helping do just that. It’s another finger on the poking stick. If we keep gathering new techniques to poke at them eventually there will be too much and they will concead to something.

    Your right I am no more free than you are. However I don’t pretend to matter, unlike you. Unfortunatly for you, you have seemed to carve out a fake existance on the CC forums instead of actually doing something with your life, you are just a simple Mod for a Pot website. How proflific your life must be. Your just one more brick in the wall, a wall that seperates actually people from internet do gooders. Keep up the useless internet fight, and stay indoors that pastey complection looks prone to sunlight there Vlad.

  7. Tokin' Terry on

    hey Cory-oh divine insense salesman DIY pot shaman + 40 year old crybaby

    when you get a chance, be sure to mention to JODIE EMERY that she is actually a cop in your opinion because she uses the term” WAR ON DRUGS ” in her recent speech at the Seattle hemp fest.\ If you get any more psychic flashes of psychedellic altruism, bring them on.. till then, maybe go easy on drinking all that bong water before sitting down to type your latest brain fart


    Go do what your mama should have done and abort yourself you silly git! Or at least learn some proper grammer you dotard cunt.

  9. Covey on

    //stop whining about how your rules are being broken and do something about the drug war, you blog like a 12 year old girl//

    At least I know how to piss off a COP, eh?

    Listen to how angry you get when you can’t get a rise out of me. I bet your steaming hotter then your Coffee Mr. Cop.

    Ahhhahahahahaha lol

    And you can’t deny it can you unless you get your fellow buddy cop to type next..

    I bet you’d love to tazer the shit out me, eh?

    Keep it coming, I’m just starting to enjoy this, MR. COP!

    I see your treachery MR. Cop and I am immune to you.
    Though I would love to see the look of pure unadulterated hatred you have for me right now….lol

  10. Covey on

    This is your title, is it not..

    //don’t you have a drug war to fight ?//

    I am right….lol

    Only a Cop would say this.

    So do they pay you in doughnuts when you’re doing this and of work, try and not to spill your coffee, Mr. Officer.

    Here let me save you the trouble..

    Cut and Paste

    // Only a cop would say this//
    You you must be the cop

    Cut and paste


  11. chrisbennett on

    “I doubt very seriously he was arrested for selling pot and if he was he will not be charged, he was most likely arrested for causing harm which is forbidden under COMMON LAW of Canada. ”

    Bud was charged with selling cannabis – shows how much this “freeman” knew.

  12. Kale [character traits] on

    this is amazing……..
    I am now a reader of your blog Jer,
    hope to smoke with you soon……

  13. Tokin' Terry on

    // Who the hell says Drug War, except a Cop..//

    everybody but you

    last message

  14. Tokin' Terry on

    At least you have an imagination Covey
    but a lot of time on your hands
    stop whining about how your rules are being broken and do something about the drug war, you blog like a 12 year old girl

  15. Anonymous on

    Ring that bell louder man.It should be in every park across north america………Till its all been done…

    A fact justmight be that having the pot on the bell ringer is not in the best intrest of the bell ringer.Have many many different dealers that the bell ringers send them to like A GATE .BUT RING THOSE BELLS REAL LOUD AND SCREAM IT OUY LOUD POT ,MARIJUANA ,SENSI HASH ITS ALL GOOD.

    The man would be running in circles even if it was just a bunch of bell ringing.

    A circus for the flat foots but a media frenzy for all.


  16. Anonymous on

    i don’t agree with only the police being allowed to have guns, but i am glad you dont have one.

  17. Covey on

    I’m right aren’t I, Mr. Cop.
    Who the hell says Drug War, except a Cop..

    You are so damn obvious, lol…

  18. Covey on

    The more I see your name and read your opinions the more I think you’re a cop. lol
    Keep trying to incite your riot MR. Cop.
    You bring nothing to the table except ways to engage in negative argument, Cop.
    If you’re not attacking any ones beliefs, you’re attacking their wording.
    Stop dragging your heals and speak of something that can bring logic otherwise I think you’re here for nothing other then separation and dividing.

  19. Tokin' Terry on

    // clearly it is a voice of anger of difference my friend//dude i would hate to be your friend.

    if you ever get a mind, be sure and make it up someday

    // Maybe you should keep your thoughts to yourself //

    this is a discussion forum – where people bring their thoughts
    is that ok with you Mr Out Patient ???

  20. Covey on

    I look into the past and I find things like this.
    This is from a law book I downloaded;

    MAY 9, 16, 17, 20, 21, AND JUNE 13, 1974
    Printed for the use of the Committee on the Judiciary

    The epidemic began at Berkeley University at the time of the famous1965 “Berkeley Uprising.” Not only was pot-smoking embraced as a symbolic rejection of the establishment, but, together with the “dirty speech movement,” the right to pot became an integral part of the catalogue of demands of the uprising. From Berkeley, the marihuana epidemic spread rapidly throughout the American campus community. Then it spread down into the high schools and junior high schools and within the last year or two it has begun to invade the grade schools. It has also spread into the ranks of professional society and of the bluecollar workers, so that all sectors of our society are today affected by the epidemic. Today it is estimated that there are some millions of regular marihuana users in the country, and the evidence indicates that they are graduating rapidly to the stronger hemp drugs, hashish and liquid hashish.


    Do Any of you understand what was happening back then??

    There wasn’t the huge stigma that all activist have on their backs that they have now. These peoples minds once freed were not only focused on changing the laws of Cannabis so much as changing the laws and the constrictions already being applied and the many lives being lost in those wars at that time, Now we focus on changing minds for smoking but people are being healed from Cancer , Diabetes etc. when consumed as Essential Oil. They created more laws in which to control us The People, More and More, Why do wonder was it they considered it an Epidemic do you ask, at least I do?
    Cannabis from all through century changes you’re behavior in a negative way first but if you pass the Holy Baptism of Fire, everyone of us first smoked and wondered why we would do it again, it was so damn intense it knocked you to the ground and the effects the first time if it was really good Cannabis could send you into the physical waves of torture and punishment.
    You have freed your mind and you cannot be controlled at the level others can, you question authority but first you question, Why In God’s Name is this harmless plant so hated?
    It does free your mind but they the powers that be are very good at what they do, they can deceive us simply by diverting us so we should be busy in conflict with one another and never see what the magician is doing with the other hand.
    Change really does begin at the end of the trail of money, better put would be the beginning of money and who controls it.
    I want change is this world and it has to be, WE THE PEOPLE!
    Look at France they seem to have a lot of comfort especially being the medicare on top, it’s because their Government respects the people who they KNOW in number Could squish the Government, the one WE Create for US.

    Anyway so uh um interesting weather eh?

  21. FUCKUchrisbennett on

    and its government dummy not “gouvernment”

  22. FUCKUchrisbennett on

    FUCK YOU CHRIS BENNETT YOU CUNT! and i think this whole thing is fucked if everyone sold ganja on the street they would fill up their jails and it would be to expensive so theyed have to free everyone for this harmless crime so why not advise other activists to do the same! we need thousands of people to do this!!

  23. Covey on

    Wtf is wrong with you lot?
    Of all the negativity crammed down your throat Chris from closed minded thinkers that you have had to confront and here you are attacking in the same manner you hated to have to face everyday. You Chris might be becoming THE MAN!
    Why are you screaming for evidence, Why are you so negative?
    Just a little while ago you were trying to tell people who were closed minded why Cannabis is a free choice and why it has medicinal properties.
    This so called movement is reaching Worldwide and must have some merits.
    I think the biggest belief I’ve seen is why are we paying Taxes when we don’t have to?
    Why is it our society is in a debt that CANNOT be paid out of?
    Why are we giving up our rights more and more everyday with no say?
    I am for the Pot movement, that is and will always be my first but this other movement has educated me in a way that has blown my mind. I may never try some of these choices but I have learned we are born and our birth registration creates money and this money is taxed.
    Why can’t we create our own money?
    Because their probably is a secret society controlling us all.
    I have learned enough to question my having to even allow myself to be treated this way, Could we all stop paying taxes?
    I know how hard the Pot Movement is and how much negativity and the slow to change minds but you can get the masses to change everything you want changed so their has to be some middle ground we ALL can find common, like WHY DO WE PAY INCOME TAX, when it goes directly to pay the interest created by the money they print for our Country?
    If we all stood together on one common ground The Corporations Would Crumble, that is the ONLY way to make true change for us and them.
    Ignore the proof of this and that and just learn and you will have YOUR proof, Stop talking to these Freemen and read about things that will help you understand that the chnage you want will never be until the change happens on top. If you have time check out Marie Elizabeth Croft
    Their is no change the Government does now that is for our benefit, each and every time if you look you will find the Ungodly Dollar in the forefront leading the charge.

    Just My Opinion

  24. Covey on

    It’s sad that you actually think yourself a voice of reason when clearly it is a voice of anger of difference my friend.
    This guy doesn’t even know you and you’ve already made three assumptions, dude i would hate to be your friend. I imagine everyday they are reminded that the reason they are the way they are is becasue to much pot, we need more free thinking people such as yourself fighting for us. (70 show sums it up, DUMBASS!). Damn thanks for the help of the movement. Maybe you should keep your thoughts to yourself and stop trying to help us with you’re so elegant reasoning.
    If you have learned anything you should be increasing it and turning it into oil for healing.

  25. colorado eagle on

    chris – please gain some perspective. we need everybody in all of this, all roles to be played. its really up to the individual person which role they choose, the main thing is to be consistent.

    if ron paul did what Bud did, i would be like, what in the world is that guy thinking. but Mr. Bud is not Ron Paul.

    go ahead and test the waters for us, and more power to him for having the balls to do something real.

    and i dont really understand why you think somebody’s comment is more or less valid if they leave their real name. isnt it enough to be a human being and type a comment in?

    and have some fucking respect in general.

  26. Anonymus on

    Canada is a corporation/artificial person/artifice/LIE.
    This fact may be difficult for many to accept, but it is true. Canada is incorporeal, same as the “abstract location” of which Bud is a member, to wit, The Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society of which he is Chief Justice.

    Bud is also the Clerk (Cleric) of the Marihuana Guild, so there is also at this point the issue of obstruction of his that office.

    Remember, kids, the bigger the lie the less inclined people will be to disbelieve it. Who wants to believe that not only has he been duped into believing he’s the citizen of a makebelieve ship (does the 49th parallel exist corporally or incorporeally?) but that he’s voluntarily indoctrinated his children, if he has any, into believing the same rot?

    Land is corporeal. Societies/Governments/Etc. are incorporeal—they are lies designed to control others; the question here is whether or not you believe that lies are necessary for the sake of preserving your precious little industrial way of life.

  27. chrisbennett on

    Actually, Bud and I are quite friendly when we meet as human beings. What I have issue with,are all the Freeman claims of success, with no evidence of that success, and most often coming from anonymous Freeman users like you. There has yet to be a “freeman” on here that uses their real name or can identify a court case where this Freeman rant has been used with success. At this point I think you anonymous Freemen are subverting the movement and missleading activists.

  28. chrisbennett on

    Re: “I myself also account for at least one act defying the gouvernment”

    Sure you can, I mean a good spelling anonymous guy like you probably has all sorts of unidentifiable acts against the “gouvernment” under their belt.

    This is typical of a Freeman example.

    Lets see some proof.

  29. Tokin' Terry on

    Ease up Chris- Marcs’ big noise Overgrow the Government didn;’t exactly work out to a successful conclusion .Neither did his one man war against the DEA– The Prince of Pot is off to jail; Chris just like Bud the freeman.

    Maybe a better way of putting would be ” both Marc Emery & Bud Oracle have a lot on common” they will both end up as well meaning famous Vancouver culture heros behind bars for trafficking pot. Its a shame but thats the activist business for you- everybody effective ends up in serious trouble

  30. Tokin' Terry on

    /// I hate it when people make comparisons of themselves against others.
    We truly are so very different, /// thats a comparrison right there

    I guess you hate yourself.. You also are irrational and spooky
    maybe cut back on your pot intake till you make sense again
    unless you are mentally ill and none of that would help,
    if so thenmy apoliogies then brother/ sister whatever your orientation is

    but for sure stop pot for a couple of weeks cause you seem close to be checking out of the human race and joining the pointless floaters.

  31. Anonymous on

    That most others can,t comprehend the mindset of a freethinker doesn’t mean we´re off the hook.
    Most others are just manipulated towards mass indoctrination.
    Find a huge Rock with a nice plain view somewhere OUT in Nature.
    Spread your hands towards the sky for a while, AND FIND YOUR INNERSELF!!!

    (eg. The sweet truthfull mindset of the Human child )

    It ll teach you how to become a freethinker once again.

    Thanks Bud Oracle for taking this verry initiative.
    I myself also account for at least one act defying the gouvernment with a succesfull outcome.
    Others interested on the matter I reccomend to check out Robert Arthur Menard on youtube (bursting bubbles of gouvernment deception & Rob’s verry cunning plan.)
    more info on
    Have a nice day and a good laugh 🙂

  32. Anonymous on

    As someone who has read a fair bit about this “freeman” business, I’m curious how this pans out. Regardless, kudos to “Bud” for testing the waters so the rest of us know one way or the other…

  33. Covey on

    I think the difficulty here is these are untested waters, no doubt. It depends how well researched and understanding of what is the best method to deal with things. Obviously it helps if you have someone standing with you to guide you on how to deal with this as many Freeman seem to have but in this case this man will be in a new area. No experience in this particular area but others have succeeded in writings that kept them out of the defacto courts system, their are many options but now is the time for study and help from experience and a little of wisdom.
    There are options, I hope he can they can gain experience from the other brother and sisters who have experience to share.
    Experienced shared gives option to wisdom, should you want it.

  34. Anonymous on

    How can I tell you, “You have a thorn in your eye”.
    When I have a log in my own.

    I hate it when people make comparisons of themselves against others.

    We truly are so very different, I’m a doubter but I still wish we could have definite knowledge we all agreed; was true that intelligent life does exist.
    When that day comes we will no longer be Asian,Caucasian or African etc.
    We are The Human Species of The Planet Earth, in the Milky Way Galaxy.
    We will then stop dividing ourselves and be Brothers and Sisters once again.

  35. Anonymous on

    What going on with you Chris, I’ve never seen you so adinantly closed minded on a subject.
    Did you even truly study any of this?
    I always looked at you as a fellow researcher who ONLY led from your own informed opinion but from what I’ve seen you are adamantly opposed and that freaks me out. This is just another tool for a greater movement if you look at it this way.
    Why are you so hating the Freeman movement?
    I see it as a new possibility to throw a wrench in this what we call society. It seems they have a ingenious method and many, many people have come forward with positive outcomes and learning lessons. No ones forcing you at gun point we are only sharing knowledge that we believe can maybe save someone you care about.
    I keep hearing show me the money from people about this but from what I understand it’s the money that’s the problem. Do I have a miraculous answer, hell no. If we all work together we might find a solution. It takes work and learning to see any kind of possibilities, you know that.
    I guess I’m surprised becasue I always seen you as the person who meets in the middle where we are supposed to. All I can say is since I last met you 8 years ago, the Man must been wearing you down and doubting you’re where about, maybe.
    I’m worried about you brother because you are a great voice of reason but this seems purely personal.
    You need to close the world and get away, if you haven’t in awhile. That beautiful Vaporizer and quiet… 🙂

  36. Anonymous on

    cannabis should be available all the time everyplace anybody wants it.

  37. Tokin' Terry on

    so if this guy Bud is not a citizen of canada but ruler of some abstract location he made up, and is breaking the dope laws of canada by opening vending weed in the open in downtown vancouver and gets busted for trafficking-my question is- where do the cops deport him to when he’s done? Mars ?

    Is there any possibility this guy is just mentally ill from huffing ganga 24-7 for years on end and all he needs is some quiet time in the Martian Embassy? i seen some of his videos and he sure seems to qualify as somewhat irrational and a little spooky.

  38. chrisbennett on

    Apparently Bud is bruised and beaten and in jail,
    778 329 3955 is the Line for the Jail–feel free to call them and enquire as to Bud’s well-being.

  39. chrisbennett on

    Pfffffffffft. Buddy you are so unfree you don’t even use your real name. Its advice like yours that has put Bud in jail…. again.

  40. Only time will tell on

    Being a freeman on the land does not ensure you will not be hasseled by police. You can still be detained for 24 hours as is the law for all citizens…

    I think its also important to remember that Bud still is defined under the COMMON LAW of CANADA, however he as have all freemen abandoned their SIN cards, and established LETTERS OF UNDERSTANDING and CLAIMS OF RIGHT. Bud is indeed held liable under the laws of Cananda that bind all citizens. However where freemen differe is that by abandoning your SIN you are no longer a GOVERNMENT AGENT and cannot be held liable for any offense that relates to a person more simply put. Any STATUTE that is an ACT only applies to GOVERNMENT AGENTS which by having a SIN you techincally are.

    Bud cannot Harm, Threaten Harm, Damage Property, Steal, or use Fraud as those are governed by COMMON LAW, and the canadian penial code clearly states ANYONE who does these actions is liable to an offense… Where ACTS differe is that they claim ANY PERSON is liable.

    A PERSON is a legal entity created for you (LEGAL FICTION) when you become a government agent. By filling out an application you are in essence begging to be a member of the government. And only ACTS can be applied to the Government or to those who volunteer or beg to be restricted by them. A perfect example is the MOTOR VEHICLE ACT. You have to sign the documents to apply to be governed by their STATUTE


    That being said, Bud is a CANDIAN CITIZEN, just not a part of the “society” of Canada, as the legal code says for something to exist it must be named.

    I am not a freeman, I have researched them full force, and we will see soon if he is charged, and my suspicion is that they arrested him not for selling weed, but because the Vandels claimed harm, which he can be arrested for. Technically he/We/You could be arrested for anything, but getting charged and held is a completely differnt storey.

    I doubt very seriously he was arrested for selling pot and if he was he will not be charged, he was most likely arrested for causing harm which is forbidden under COMMON LAW of Canada.

    I am surprised Cannabis Culture is so grossly ignorant to the real facts of this issue. Just an example that EVEN our beloved CC is a media conglomerate willing to release wrong information to get attention.

    Which sucks because I had higher hopes for this franchise.

    The freeman on the land willing to put their freedom at risk to test the waters of intolerance are indeed the same types of people as Marc Emery. They are pioneers. Much more contributing to society than the likes of the person I am respodning to. We are more likely to get LAWFUL MARIJUANA THEN LEGAL MARIJUANA. Just remember that.

  41. chrisbennett on

    Bud compared to Marc Emery, give me a big break. So far all that Bud has done is demonstrate how the Freeman arguement doesnot work. Where is the proof to the otherwise? Put up or shut up.

  42. Roundhousekick on

    This article is biased… Bud was assaulted by thugs and theyre is video evidence of what just has happend they arrested him because plainly police dont know any better I hope he has a fee schedule in place.

  43. Anonymous on

    Though Cannabis Culture wishes Bud and the Freemen the best of luck, we do not advise others activists to emulate their actions. Though you are undoubtedly Free to do what you please, selling marijuana openly (especially while in the streets, waving a bell) will probably get you arrested even though it is a great and noble cause for the greatest attempt at a huge possible added movement for the cause
    I mean if they were to let him go, as he says, and shows that he’s thwarted the law then he has created the greatest movement ever.
    He is a pioneer who is way out on a limb risking to see if the waters are shark infested. He is another Marc Emery who is trying to share more possible knowledge to defend us who would like non-other then to live our lives peacefully in cohabitation with our own spiritual divining, mind opening, natural healing medicine and uncontested balance in Omega’s required for human standards is not duplicated. People have lived (not just endured) on nothing more then the meat within it’s shell for long periods, healthily.
    I hope this man shows us their is a way to thwart the illegal unfair Commerce Defacto Courts.

    That is how I would of ended your news article.

    I am one who does not one day end up finding myself that conditioned, that for me to just walk out of my home and to the store; I am geared up with an assortment of body protective elements the Acts require so as not to inflict a tax or cost to our already underfunded medical health care system one day. First it’ll sound great for our children and elderly until it’s best for all of us.

    We are being conditioned and a lot of us are already sheep.

  44. Anonymous on

    Good Ol’ Police protection racket, serving Gangsters and the pharmaceutical industry since Prohibition. Not to mention eroding public respect and trust.

  45. Jack Pot on

    Word on the Pot Block is that the same gangstas who roughed up Bud, called the cops on him!