Emery correct – Ferry should learn to use Google

Regarding “Prince of Pot should read prince of studies” in the August 7th, 2009 Province:

I believe it is Jon Ferry, not Marc Emery, that needs to do some reading.

If Ferry Googles the words “she admitted that there are currently no legal limits to heavy metal content in either cannabis or tobacco in Canada”, he will come accross a Canadians For Safe Access review of Heath Canada’s cannabis, proving that Compassion Club cannabis is high quality and Heath Canada’s cannabis is low in potency, dangerously high in metals and microbes – and then irradiated for good measure! Perhaps Ferry will rethink calling Health Canada a “trustworthy” source of information.

If Ferry Googles the words “This concurs with other reports indicating that increases in population cannabis use have not been followed by increases in psychotic incidence”, Ferry will come across plenty of evidence to debunk the “cannabis causes schizophrenia” myth.

If Ferry Googles the words “He showed how marijuana smoke seems to push pollutants towards the outer lining of the lungs” Ferry will learn that cannabis-only smokers do not go on to develop lung cancer or brown-lung or anything worse than bronchitis.

Finally, Ferry should keep in mind that Marc Emery is facing a minimum of five to eight years in a US prison for – essentially – the moral equivalent of selling grape seeds from Canada to people within the US during alcohol prohibition. Both cannabis and alcohol may be misused, but prohibition increases the likelyhood of misuse. These facts might account for Emery’s justifiable rage against an obvious injustice.

David Malmo-Levine
Curator, Herb Museum

David Malmo-Levine