Emery correct – Ferry should learn to use Google

Regarding “Prince of Pot should read prince of studies” in the August 7th, 2009 Province:

I believe it is Jon Ferry, not Marc Emery, that needs to do some reading.

If Ferry Googles the words “she admitted that there are currently no legal limits to heavy metal content in either cannabis or tobacco in Canada”, he will come accross a Canadians For Safe Access review of Heath Canada’s cannabis, proving that Compassion Club cannabis is high quality and Heath Canada’s cannabis is low in potency, dangerously high in metals and microbes – and then irradiated for good measure! Perhaps Ferry will rethink calling Health Canada a “trustworthy” source of information.

If Ferry Googles the words “This concurs with other reports indicating that increases in population cannabis use have not been followed by increases in psychotic incidence”, Ferry will come across plenty of evidence to debunk the “cannabis causes schizophrenia” myth.

If Ferry Googles the words “He showed how marijuana smoke seems to push pollutants towards the outer lining of the lungs” Ferry will learn that cannabis-only smokers do not go on to develop lung cancer or brown-lung or anything worse than bronchitis.

Finally, Ferry should keep in mind that Marc Emery is facing a minimum of five to eight years in a US prison for – essentially – the moral equivalent of selling grape seeds from Canada to people within the US during alcohol prohibition. Both cannabis and alcohol may be misused, but prohibition increases the likelyhood of misuse. These facts might account for Emery’s justifiable rage against an obvious injustice.

David Malmo-Levine
Curator, Herb Museum

David Malmo-Levine



  1. David Malmo-Levine on

    …. is they end up getting nailed.

    The internet – and the mass media in general – are big places. More than one letter can appear in more than one newspaper. More than one interview can be given on more than one TV show or documentary.

    I think the movement appears to be more reason-based and less a cult of personality if we have more than one point person. The more the better.

    Plus I am an anarchist and hate the idea of people abdicating responsibility onto me. I would rather inspire people to be speakers than hog all the glory.

    Having said that, I have been doing lots of homework on this issue for quite some time … and if and when it is my turn to go up to bat for the movement, I will be ready.

    Call me the “court jester of pot” – the one who they always underestimate … the one that always pulls a surprise out of their sleeve.

  2. Tokin; Terry on

    So if there will be thousands of stoner culture spokespeople, then everybody is prince or princess of Pot- and marc emery is out of a job. maybe I should have put it who will be the KING of Pot- someone with some knackers who will negotiate the surrender of the government troops.

    you don;t want 1000 stoners all talking at once on that job Dave. Would you stand for that position – King of Pot ?

  3. David Malmo-Levine on

    This movement has room for more than one spokesperson. The gay rights movement had more than one spokesperson – so did the civil rights movement.

    I’ve been to Surrey Pre Trial for three days after a three day lockdown in Burnaby … but sitting in a jail cell does not a spokesperson make – otherwise there would be tens of thousands of us.

  4. Tokin' Terry on

    So is David Malmo Levine going to be the new spokesman for the 420 world after Marc goes away to jail? He certainly has the balls for the job, and selling pot openly makes him a good candidate to keep our side of the war going,

    But has Dave here ever been to jail himself ?
    If so, and he has breathed hero air filtered through steel bars
    he’s got my vote for the new Prince of Pot

  5. colorado on

    yeah, i know, and i especially love how the guy, whatever his name is…he just grins like a wild pitbull chasing marc emery.

    well i take personal offense to him, and also the host of whatever interview…guy says “pot smokers arent put in jail”. yes they are, dickhead.