Oh The Delectable Irony!

Remember Principal Ricky Nichols from Moulton High School? You know…the one who put a NARC in his small high school and caught a teen boy selling dime bags to his friends?

Nichols even participated in the raid at the boys home. That boy was Webster Alexander and through my efforts and the efforts of magazines like Cannabis Culture, High Times, and Rolling Stone and local media coverage his sentence was reduced from 26 years in an Alabama state prison to one year in the local county jail.

After that former sheriff deputy, part time national guardsman, and sometimes high school principal Ricky Nichols went off to serve two tours in Iraq. When he came back he decided that high school kids smoking pot were terrorists and instituted Operation Bounty Hunter where he would pay students $100 to snitch on each other. He even had a scary poster made.

I mean this guy has a real hard on for kids who engage in a little youthful indiscretion and dabble with pot. So, its no surprise that I find it absolutely HILARIOUS that his estranged wife, who was a clerk at the high school where they worked, has just been arrested and charged with giving alcohol and marijuana to a 16 year old student she was knocking boots with…..in Ricky Nichols bed.

Oh it’s absolutely delicious!

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  1. Anonymous on

    The rotten son of a bitch got what he deserved. It really couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy! Hope this teaches you a lesson Ricky, I’ll leave the money for your wife next to your bedside table like always.

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  3. Anonymous on

    That is AWESOME! I guess MR. Nichols should have stuck to Dimes. Maybe his marriage would have lasted longer. But its always nice when one of these “drug warriors” gets some of the pain they cause right back to them. I hope he gets married again and she becomes a meth addict/prostitute.