Ask Ed: Grow Questions and Answers – Hot Weather Blues

CANNABIS CULTURE – Ganja Guru Ed Rosenthal explains how to take care of your plants in the heat.

Question: During the last couple of weeks I over-watered outside for two weeks during a heat wave that hit temperatures over 105° F (41° C). Besides letting the ground dry out, do you recommend adding anything when I water now?

Hal Phoenix, California

Ed Rosenthal: When you overwatered, the irrigation water seeped into the ground and headed downward, carrying available soluble nutrients with it. The soil may be depleted of nutrients, so soluble fertilizers should be added to the irrigation water. The main nutrient that was probably lost was nitrogen. If the plants are still in the vegetative stage, make sure that your water-soluble nutrients have a high ratio of N.

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  1. Anonymous on

    I’ve used led lights for vegetating and flowering. The lights work pretty well vegetating, but not flowering. The buds are about a third the size when using hps lights.

  2. Anonymous on

    im about to start my first indoor grow and i heard led light are equivelent to lets say 400 watts but will only show on my national grid as way less of useage is this true?? if not is there anyway i can have a lot of lights without anyone knowing that i do

  3. Anonymousss44 on

    If you buy water soluble nutrients, fertilizers with EDTA are less efficient than fertilizers with just humic and fulvic acids, and EDTA leaches heavy metal toxins into the ground water which is bad for the environment and anyone drinking the water. You can get humic and fulvic acids from worm castings. Composter worms are also very easy.